August 31, 2007

My quarterback is in blue! (1st pic he is the middle helment, 2nd and 3rd pic he is on the left)
Scrimmage went well last night, the boys did good and it was good for the kids who are playing for the first year to be able to go up against other boys, otherwise some of them freeze at the first "real" scrimmage (next weekend). Afterwards we went to the Dux game, the Dux won!
Elliot went to bed last night without more than 2 ounces of his bottle so I figured he would wake up at some point hungry, but no, he didn't wake up til about 8! I was just telling Matt we needed to start breaking the bottles, he is almost one and all of my kids have been done by one, but we didn't know which one to start with, the night one or the morning one, well I think he showed us where to start... so we may try to forgoe the evening one again, just give him a glass of milk maybe!

August 30, 2007

Did you know...

1. Michigan law prohibits walking, riding, driving or being present on the right-of-way of a railroad or a railroad yard. The law lists a number of exceptions, such as legitimate passengers, railroad employees and authorized representatives of the railroad. A violation of this section is considered a misdemeanor and is punishable by imprisonment for not more than thirty days, a fine of not more than one hundred dollars or both. Mich. Stat. Ann. § 22.1263 (273) (Law. Co-op. 1999). Also see § 257-1515 for a right-of-way exception for a demonstration snowmobile trail.

Ummmm, we walk across the tracks all the time to get to the restaurant or stores behind our house. Guessing it's not so much across as it is walking on... but Nina has taken some SWEET pics on tracks and I wanted to try, but I'll have to rethink... we live in a busy area, ZPD get's bored sometimes, who knows what could happen, me in jail... for 30 days, that's FUNNY!

2. Insurance companies suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had another problem with our insurance company today. Here's the story in a nutshell and maybe someone has some good ideas of what my "Grevience letter" should say... since I'm terrible at writing letters. I have been getting breast exams once per year for about 15 years now because of family history (sorry if that's a bit much information), never had any issues getting those bills paid, always been billed as b/c of family history. So today I get an explanation of benefits in the mail from my insurance for about 5 appts they aren't going to pay for because medical necesity hasn't been established. Three of them I expected (although didn't realize at the time of appt), I'm very upset by them, but I've already argued and argued and cried and yelled and cried and yelled some more to no avail. One of them was for one of these breast exams. They find no medical necesity. I'm sorry, but I am not going to let myself go and find out one day that I've had cancer and it's been growing for a year now. They also won't let me get a mamogram. With my family history, my genetic proof how is this not medically necesary?????? I owe it to my children to do everything I can to prevent this disease from taking over my body, you would think that they would understand that this is a necesity! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!!! So, I need to appeal this whole thing, but we are planning on switching at least myself to a different carrier. I have never had so many problems in my LIFE!!!! My Life... something I plan to have for a long long long time! (Can you tell I'm a bit emotional right now??????!!!!!!!!!)

3. Football Scrimmage Tonight
Landon has his first football scrimmage tonight, should be fun, he's looking forward to it! Afterward we are going to go to the Dux game!

4. I visited Grandpa today
I think the seriousness of this is starting to sink in. I took the kids and he was very happy to see them. He was very talkative and happy, when I said we were going to have to leave he started stuttering a bit more and getting a bit emotional, I think he just realizes that things aren't great. I should find out about the liver biopsy today!

5. We have very few plans for Labor Day
But that's good, Matt is going to (whether he likes it or not) work on the bathroom/kitchen/entryway floor! We will probably go out with some friends one night and spend some good family time together! We will go visit my grandpa at some point too!

6. I was going to save this to post later, but for now I will just post and update whatever I missed tomorow. Matt hates when I post a blog entry when he's here. He thinks this is the stupidest thing ever! Off to make dinner... have a great labor day weekend, I'm sure I'll be back, but those going away will not be either! Stay safe!

August 29, 2007


So the kids have been begging all summer to do a lemonade stand... ALL SUMMER, SINCE THE BEGINNING. Well, this being the last week of summer and a VERY VERY VERY hot day we decided to do it! We went to the store, I purchased supplies (lemonade, suckers, cups), the kids made the lemonade, I drew out the letters for the sign, the kids colored it, we got the table to the front yard and they were off! Landon decided 50 cents was a good price and wanted to charge 25 cents for dum dum suckers, but I talked him down to 10. Two years ago the kids did one and Landon made enough money to pay for half of the bike that he wanted, granted, Grandma payed way more for a glass than the price tag said, but he did it! This year they did pretty well too, but not as good as last time. The neighbor kids helped for a while so they each made $2.30 (3 of them) andmy kids made about $6 each! Landon was standing on the corner of state street with his sign for a while even! They had a good time!

Tonight was school open houses. I am so not a fan of school papers. Trying to keep them organized is quite a chore! When it was just Landon it wasn't so bad, but two kids added so much! So tonight we got two piles of papers! And that's just the beginning! Bailey liked meeting her teacher. We already knew her from Landon so that was easy. I wanted to make sure that she was completely comfortable b/c I remeber very clearly the first day last year! YUCK! She seemed to be doing so much better and I talked my neighbor into helping her find her locker and stuff on the first day since Landon won't be there. Meeting Landon's teacher was ok too! He is still just not excited at all, hopefully that will pass, but if not that's ok, I'm totally open to sending him to Roosevelt! No PROBLEM!

So yeah, that's our day! Oh and we just rode bikes to Capt Sundae to spend some of the lemonade money, we took the neighbor kids too! YUMMY!

August 28, 2007

And some layouts...

As always if your interested, credits can be seen in my gallery... link on the right!

This one was done for the Lilypad challenge and Nancy Comelab's guest blogger challenge...

No pic today... just way to tired!

It has been a long long day. I'm exhausted! We skipped Shipshewana b/c of the heat and humidity (so I still haven't experienced it), instead we just did Michigan City outlet mall. I did well... actually the kids did well, I didn't do to great, I actually ended up getting a few things from Gap (which we have here) and Banana Republic, but that's it! Elliot made out the best. I was excited to see $1.99 racks at Chidrens place, so he is close to set for Spring Break! Landon and Bailey got quite a bit too, Matt only got two things, but that two things more than he needs according to him!

We made it home by 5:15, just in time for Matt and Landon to head to football practice. Bailey, Elliot and I went for a bit to watch, but in this heat it didn't last to long! Right now I sit here annoyed and crabby at everyone. I just tried to let the phone company know that my Grandpa's bill was on it's way, but b/c he has been sick it is late (he got a notice in mail), but I can't even tell them that b/c I'm not authorized on the account, so they can't even make a note of it. I argued that last year I was able to make changes on the account without question, but now I can't notify them of something, I'm not looking for information, my name is on the check... what the heck????

Bad news on the Grandpa front, his PET scan came back (this is the second one, the first one was good and showed that the cancer hadn't spread), this one unfortunatley showed the cancer was in his liver which isn't good. They are going to do a liver biopsy to find out more. Not sure what action will be taken after that, they may in fact discontinue treatment, just giving him enough chemo to keep him comfortable. Basically at this point the way I understand it there is nothing they can do except let him go comfortably. Very sad!

So, hoping you all had a good Tuesday! Back tomorow with pics of some sort!

August 27, 2007

Grandpa Update

Two posts, one day... sorry, I really am trying to keep it to one/day (I say that like it's a stuggle, but really it isn't, I know some of you use feeds and it's probably annoying to see that I've updated once again...)

Anyway, this is mostly for family... Grandpa is still in the hospital tonight, they will start feeding him through the feeding tube tonight and see if he can keep that down. If he does he may be able to go home tomorow evening, if not they will keep him. His doctor was suprised that he only made it less than a week without going to the hospital, normally people can last two weeks. He anticipated Grandpa being relased for a few days (if at all) and then being re-admitted shortly after because with the continued radiation he would continue to get sicker and weaker. He did have a few ice chips this afternoon and that seemed to go ok I hear. He has an appt with a lawer this week, so we need to pray that he is able to make it to that, otherwise I think we have all of his papers in order, I'm so very thankful for his brother and sister-in-law for the role that they have taken on in all of this. This time in his life is one that I've worried about for a while, knowing that I was one of the most responsible people in his life and one of the closest people to him, I assumed that the responsiblity would all fall to me, I was worried about how that would all work being so far away with a family of my own, but they have been there the whole way, taking on much of the responsiblity themselves. I am so very thankful! I definately couldn't do this by myself!
This morning we ran to Gap quick to exchange a few things, I found a shirt I liked and tons of stuff for the kids, but I think I'll wait til I go to Michigan city tomorow! After Gap we went swimming at Sarah's pool. The kids had a great time, I'm suprised Elliot made it as long as he did. He didn't get a morning nap and then we were at the pool like 1ish. He fell asleep on the way home and poor buddy kinda woke up when we got home, but never opened his eyes. When I got him out of this carseat he handed me his blanket (eyes closed) and then was feeling around for it so he could cuddle with it, laid him right down and hoping for a few hours sleep from him!

Oh look, Elliot has on a BLUE swim diaper instead of the pink ones we have! Sarah had all blue ones and I had all pink ones so we traded the ones we had with! Lucky Mr. Elliot!

Tonight is Football again, then tomorow I'm shopping, Wednesday or Thursday I have to get to St Joe to visit grandpa, open houses at schools Wednesday night, football scrimmage on Thursday night and I think there may be a varsity football game on Thursday too so we may go to that as well! It just never stops I tell ya, but I try not to complain because truly I can't imagine my life any other way!

What is this you ask... well it's a headlamp of course! Matt got this for Christmas, he wanted it to use for cleaning fish at night, well come May it was missing, so he hasn't used it really ever! But lo and behold, I just had to find it on accident, so now I get the absolute pleasure of seeing him wear it! Lovely huh?

August 26, 2007

Today was such a quiet day here... Elliot made up for Friday night by sleeping until 9:30 this morning! He went to bed around 9 last night, woke up once at around midnight, I cuddled him for a few minutes and put him back to bed, he fell asleep and slept until 9:30! I have to admit that I woke up at 8:00 and was a little worried about him, but I couldn't risk going to check on him either, if he was sleeping, he wouild have woken up when the door opened, you just can't sneak up on that kid! But my mind was put at ease when he finally made a noise!

I thought church was going to be awful with him. I really don't like to put him in nursery, every time I have he has gotten sick in the days following, so we really try to keep him out. I normally just take him in the back of church and let him crawl around (or Kate does it for me!). Today he was sick, so nursery wasn't really an option (although it's really just a cold), he was making quite a few noises in the beginning of the service, but fell asleep eventually, which is something he NEVER does anymore!

I talked to my grandpa this afternoon, he hasn't thrown up at all today and he said they would let him go home tomorow if he didn't throw up, but here's where I see a problem. He won't even sip on water or put ice in his mouth, he says it doesn't sound good, but my theory is that if he isn't putting anything in, how do they know that nothing is going to come out when he does? He was really dizzy from some meds they gave him for upset stomach when I talked to him. There is an appt that he was supposed to be at in the morning with his oncologist that I think is Sister-In-Law and brother are going to go to anyway so that they can talk to the doctor and try to get a better idea of what the future holds (although we all know that the future is in God's hand, we also know (and were reminded of this this morning in church) that miracles DO happen if we pray for them and it's God's will). I was going to try to go to that, but the only person that was able to watch my kids (w/o being totally overwhelmed by 15 kids at thier house, Mary) was my Grandma, which means that myself and my three kiddos would have had to leave the house by 7am. I can't imagine getting them all ready that early in the morning or what it would do to Elliot for the rest of the day, so I'm staying home.

Matt took the oldest boy and girl fishing this evening, so with Elliot in bed, here I sit, typing away and enjoying the peace and quiet!

Not for sure what tomorow will bring, kinda depends on the weather, but on Tuesday I know that I'm going shopping. Mary and I are heading to either Shipsey (not sure on the spelling of that) or Michigan City or to both, depends how ambitions we feel in the morning! Hoping to find some GREAT deals on summer clothes for spring break and maybe some fall clothes too. I'm desperately short on clothes!

August 25, 2007


Yesterday was a good day. Elliot took two very good naps, within just one hour of each other, which sould have been a clue to the coming events (more on that later). In the morning we had one of Bailey's friends over with her 2 sisters and brother, at one point in the morning I had eight kids here, but as usual, it really wasn't bad, the more the merrier! (For mom's who don't quite get that yet... I promise you sometimes it's just easier to have more kids than less kids, temporarily at least). The morning went fast because of that, then it was nap time for all the kids in the afternoon (just my three), I got more laundry and cleaning done, put lot's of furniture back etc.

I had to put the furniture back after having the carpet cleaned, it was still not dry 36 hours after having it cleaned though, I don't think that is normal. I also feel like there is a film on the carpet, I almost feel like it needs to be cleaned again. Anyway, live and learn! It at least looks a little better! The major stains are gone!

AFter naps we were off to Target to get a few necesities (Diet Coke and stuff)! In the evening Landon and I had an open house to go to for one of Landon's friends that is moving away. The boys had a great time and got nice and sweaty playing football and jumping on a trampoline. I got nice and stinky sitting by a campfire! It was a nice relaxing time! Landon ended up spending the night with three other boys and they were up very very late, but he was happy to be able to spend time with his friend before he left!

I got a call from Matt toward the end of the party and he informed me that my Grandpa was on his way to the emergency room for dehydration and throwing up (which he had been doing all day non stop). I didn't learn any more about that until this morning. He was admitted and they still can't control his vomiting. He can't even swallow a drop of water without it coming back up. (Sorry if you have a weak stomach, I'm trying to make this "clean", but not sure how to say it without being blunt). He is getting fluids from an i.v. and will probably be there until at least Monday when I will return to hopefully meet with his doctor to get a better idea what is going on.

Matt also ended up having a few people over for fantasy football drafts, so we were up pretty late last night, Elliot had woken up at 9:30 and 11:30 (again, this should have been a hint). I finally got to bed around midnight (really quite late for me), but by 3:30 I was up again, shortly after I was watching middle of the night cartoons with the boy (which are not good by the way, in case you ever wondered), I finally got back to sleep by 5, but I'm exhausted and will be heading to bed SOON! I think it's a combo of a cold (which made him take good naps on Friday) and teething. Poor guy! Praying for better sleep tonight! (Oh, yeah, and Sarah if Sadie needs a new video I'm pretty sure I can get her one in the next few days... :)

We headed down to see Grandpa this morning and then had a birthday party for my Grandma too, her 76th! Here is a pic of her and I...

Enjoy your Sunday!

August 24, 2007

For Sadie...

Sadie thinks Elliot's tummy hurts, I know that Elliot just has a bit of a temper when things don't go as he thinks they should! So this is what we get on a daily basis... sounds fun huh? (I know the quality isn't great by any means, sorry about that)

August 23, 2007

Rain Rain go away...

...come again in a few weeks! I'm so so so sick of rain! Today actually wasn't bad, it only rained quick in the morning, but in the afternoon it dried up pretty quick, but then was hot and humid. Luckily it was windy and we were all able to go outside! At one point I had four extra kids here so being outside was a necesity! My carpet is still damp... is that normal? I'm not sure I'm all that thrilled with L&N, there is a slight film on the carpet that I only notice b/c I'm barefoot, but it's kinda sticky. Not sure I would call them again. (I think I remember thinking this last time I used them too... but thier prices are good...)

So today the little boy that I used to babysit came over to play. He is the same age as Bailey and I watched him 3-5 days per week from the time he was 9 months until he was 3 years old, so him and Bailey kinda grew up together. The kids (both Landon & Bailey) were so happy to see him, he had so much fun playing with both Bailey and then with Landon too!

This evening we met Sarah downtown Holland to watch the street performers (the ones that never showed up). When we got down there the skies were getting dark so it didn't look to promising, but we decided to walk a bit but still stay close to the cars. We ended up spending a bit of time (and money, some of us spent WAY more than others) at the Peanut Store, then we found a few people singing, but that was about it. It sprinkled a little bit so we decided to go to Treehouse books to see the "Games, Toys Etc", they probably didn't like us to much, we basically just wasted time visiting there, looking at Chet and Puddles and playing on the bridge thing. Oh well, it was shelter from the rain.

While we were doing all this Matt and Landon were supposed to be at practice, but that only lasted about 5 minutes because it started lightnin, so they were home long before we were. We had a good time, it was good to get out of the house! Nothing to big planned for tomorow, Matt may start to tile the floor, but we'll see, it always sounds like a good plan, but rarely get's done!

August 22, 2007

Clean Carpet

So, the carpet is clean (and soaking wet still)! I can't really tell if it looks great yet or not though b/c it still is wet, we'll see in the morning though! I think I'm happy with it! Stupid me though, I fell for an add on... arghhhh I hate that!

Check out this listing on e-bay! It's hilarious! Her blog is here too... I haven't looked at it to much, but from the item description on ebay I'm sure it will be great!

I'm amazed at how far cameras and developing (or lack of) have come! Looking through old pics I'm amazed at the clarity (or lack of) and the way pics were developed!

Here is another old pic... it's my grandma at her first job... as a phone operator!

And for my picture of the day I have this yummy one to share...

Matt is out right now buying tile for our bathroom floor and entry landing! I think I may have mentioned that Carpet Bonanza wanted almost $1100 to lay the linolium that we already own, we can tile the floor for way cheaper than that! We happened to go look at Lowes for some cheaper stuff and found some on clearance. We bought one and brought it home to see if it matched... and it was PERFECT, so Matt headed right back to buy it! Now he just has to lay it! This weekend maybe! Then we can FINALLY have an open house!

August 21, 2007

Old Pics...

Nothing really great today... just trying to get my life, or I mean this week, in order! I just feel like I'm being pulled in a lot of different directions, but I think I'm in order now, I just have to be ok with not doing a few things.

Remember I said I was going to scan a few old pics... well here ya go!

This is my mom's grandma, Irene! Unfortunately I was never able to meet her, she passed away before I was born!

These are pics of my mom and her brother, not sure what all the occasions were, I think one Christmas, the third was a wedding and I think the second could have been my mom's confirmation maybe, or maybe she was in a wedding, who knows.

Here's a 'Special' one... I played basketball one year... yes, me! So not an active type, and so wasn't any good. I remember my coach telling me to play a position and I pretended I knew what she was talking about, but really I had NO clue whatsoever! She finally explained what she wanted me to do... stay away from the ball is what I did though!

And a few layouts I've recently completed...

You can see credits here.

Just a quote...

"...made me realize that I needed a reminder. Maybe you need the same one, which is why I am posting it here. That reminder is how often I miss opportunities to tell people around me how much I love and appreciate them in my life. Or even simply forget to look at how fortunate I am from day to day.
I feel like I do a pretty good job of loving my life and the people around me- but then again I know there is always room for improvement. It takes little effort to compose a three word email saying, "I love you" or "I miss you" or "I care alot"- and even less effort to hit 'send'. Yet I go days at a time without sending little notes or being thoughtful and sometimes I am even critical to people around me."

This is from the blog Nitty. Gritty. I was just doing a little evening blog hopping and came across this comment and found it to be a good reminder. I know some of you already read her blog so may have already seen this, but for those that don't I wanted to share her same reminder!

August 20, 2007

More food...

Yesterday or a few days ago I saw some recipes for salads... more importantly Taco Salads and they started to sound really good to me... and you know me if you are a regular... IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION! So we had this amazing taco salad for dinner tonight! Here's the recipe... although there are no measurements b/c a)I don't measure and b)there were none in the original!
Ground Beef (w/ taco seasoning)
Crushed Doritos (we used Spicy)
Corn (I used a can of white corn, drained, and I didn't use the entire can, just "to taste")
And whatever else you may like on a taco salad (i.e. beans)

Dressing: (this is where the goodness begins)
In a Food Processer** blend 1 smalish avacado, some sour cream and some Green Chile Sauce. Truly I have no idea how much I used.

COmbine in a bag and shake to coat all ingredients (although I don't like wilted lettuce so I put the meat on top after shaking, warm things tend to wilt lettuce)

Serve! AMAZING! We all loved it!

**Look another use for a food processer!!!!!

This morning we headed down to visit Grandpa again while he was receiving his chemo treatment. We went through a bunch of old pictures together so that passed time quite quickly! It was so fun to see these old pictures. I love the look of old pictures and the old school glamour look of the women. I will have to scan a bunch in soon and post some of them! My grandpa really enjoyed seeing them! As of this evening he was still feeling really well so that's a great thing! Prayers appreciated that he would continue to feel good and be able to eat regular food for a while! I am going back on Thursday to go to an appt with him for an endocronologist to discuss treating his diabetes. And then I'll be back on Saturday too for a birthday party for my other grandma adn to visit him again! Definately putting the miles on the new car... not a good thing considering it's a lease!

So remember my "Daily Something", well that didn't work so well, so now I'm trying to take at least one pic per day, ideally one of each of the kids! But I will post a pic each day... or that's my goal at least!

Today's pic is our Webkinz! Both kids wanted to buy one with birthday money today, so they were so excited to head to the flower shop and pick one out! They put them all on one account so that they can share money and rooms etc! They really do play really well together! They have to read for 1/2 hour every day before they can watch t.v., play game system, or play computer! Once they do that they are still on time restrictions, but like every terrible parent sometimes it's easier to let them play computer while I clean or get things done! And really I'm very blessed, my kids get along wonderfully, they could play together for hours and hours! So the new ones are the monkey and bulldog! The other two were Bailey's from her birthday and her dance recital!

Thier names are: Top Row: Dexter, Taylor Bottom Row: Tappy and Lilypad

And, Elliot was so mad this evening (mostly b/c he was so tired but it was way to early for bed), in his anger he opened his mouth and... I got a picture! Of the tooth! So, here it is, and yes I realize now after posting it here that you can barely see it in this pic, really in the original you can see it better!!
Oh yeah... and I called L&N this morning and they are coming on Wednesday between 3 and 6 (gotta love the span they give themselves) to clean the ENTIRE house! We will have to evacuate that evening until it dries a bit! Thanks for all the tips! We've actually used them before (along with a slew of other's), but decided to try them again! I'll let you know how it goes!

August 19, 2007


Our plans last night kinda changed... drastically. The couple we were supposed to go away with ended up remembering a birthday party they were supposed to go to (long story) so we were alone... I really wanted to try "The Melting Pot" for dinner but Matt doesn't like fondue due to a Christmas dinner experience we had with it a few years back, the food just doesn't get done fast enough for him, so although he was willing to go for me, I could tell that he wasn't thrilled at the idea (if you have any ideas for helping me convice him sometime I'm open to suggestions). We tossed around a few other ideas but ended up in Grandville at the mall (TGI Fridays). While we were there I wanted to get myself something (retail therapy again), but Elliot is the one that ended up making out so well! (Jeans at Gap were buy one get one 50% off) Dinner was good and dessert was wonderful (one piece of Godiva chocolate)! DH scored BIG nice points tonight by actually going back to the mall after we left and going inside with me to get a piece of chocolate when I mentioned that chocolate sounded good... BIG points!

This morning was such a great morning for staying in bed... maybe if I didn't have three kiddos that didn't think that was a fun idea! I leave the windows open at night until about November when Matt just CAN NOT stand it anymore, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to be cold at night (another random thing to add to my 50), add in the sound of rain this morning and it just made for a great day! But alas we did get up and we did get to church! I actually went to get a coffee before church though for the first time since early spring... it was just that cold out!

Our message this morning was on Joseph, I think this is my favorite story in the whole bible! And it keeps popping up... it was the subject of the last study I did in my Beth Moore book and like I said it was the message this morning. I just love the lessons we learn from his life... God uses hopeless and disasterous situations to accomplish his will. The words Joseph said to his brothers when they came to him in Egypt and were remorsefull for all they had done to him are found in Genesis 50:20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done... It took years for Joseph to realize why he was being sold, imprisoned, and made to suffer, but eventually he got there and God revealed his plan and will for him. God's will will be accomplished no matter what it takes. There is so much revealed to us in the story of Joseph's life.

And some other random things I've underlined in my Beth Moore study that I wanted to share...
We want to promise our children so much; yet we can truly guarantee so little. Thank God, He differs from us! He who promised is also able to perform 100 percent of the time! His every promise is attached to a certified guarantee.
We will not fully realize the cost of sin until we finally sit at His feet and know the inexpressible joy of His presence. How can we know what we have lost until we have regained it? Worse than any curse, we have lost the right of immediate access to the inner sanctum of God's glory. Yes, there would have to be a ministry of reconciliation.
The very heart of the gospel is realizing that God did not simply provide a sacrifice for us but instead of us. That is the good news. There is only one way to receive it after we have understood it - with profound humility and gratitude.
Have you ever noticed that God often requires us to leave our comfort zones in order to answer our calling? That through which God hones us is rarely within the parameters of the familiar. When we refuse to leave what is comfortable we often forfeit what is comfortable: our whole purpose for being.

All about Elliot
This morning (and in the past few weeks) he has started signing "All Done" and "More", not necesarily the correct way, but I know what he means! He is waving bye bye, night night and hi now. He still says Dexter, he does So Big, he is getting his second tooth (and we are all suffering through that process). He is waking up in the middle of the night, sometimes will go right back to sleep and most of the time won't. He has absolutely NO INTEREST in walking, I try to get him to stand up and he falls right down, although I know he can do it b/c he has done it for me, he just doesn't want to. Oh well, I can wait!

So hopefully everyone had a great Sunday/weekend!

August 18, 2007

A Pic Post

I really am ok with him not getting a tooth til now... he can eat steak just as well as the rest of us!

Our party went great! The movie was good (alhtough drawn out I thought) and the girls went to sleep well and woke up later than I thought (8:30)! They all got along well and I think had a good time!

August 16, 2007


Do you like rollercoasters? I used to like them, but the only rollercoasters I've been on lately have been life's rollercoasters. And I don't like this kind at all. There are just so many things going on in life each with it's ups and downs. Many of you have been reading and keeping up with my most recent ups and downs and believe it or not there is still stuff not shared here... I'm a pretty open book, but not totally! Today I had some issues with my insurance company involving tears and yelling. I'm so frustrated with what they will and more importantly what they will not cover. What won't they cover you ask... everything! Things most people in good health without family history would consider vital, much less with the history and confirmation that I have. They don't cover prevention... everyone has a history and they can't prevent everything. So basically... when you are dying we may do something for you!

My grandpa spent the night in the hospital last night. He got the port and feeding tube inserted yesterday and while in recovery his blood sugar dropped drastically, causing concern and the doctors wanted to keep him for observation. He has always had bs issues, so this really isn't anything new. He will be home tomorow, at which point he needs 24 hour care, so I may have to go stay the night with him on Saturday.

Tonight is our big HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 party! We have six girls coming over to watch the movie and spend the night. Bailey is sooooo excited! We got the soundtrack off of i-tunes on Tuesday morning when it was released and they listen to it non-stop! Landon is actually looking forward to it too! I just returned from Wal-Mart and the party store to try to get some party stuff for decorating. I wanted a few balloons and maybe a banner or something... no luck though! Great party was out of balloons and pretty much everything else and Walmart didn't have anything either. The fact that I went to Wal-mart in the first place is HUGE! I H-A-T-E Wal-Mart. HATE HATE HATE it! For a large variety of reasons! But Mary got Ange some jammies from there (High School Musical Jammies) and I wanted some for Bailey... when I finally found them (10 minutes of looking) the only had two pairs left, both in a 5/6, which if you know Wal-Mart at all is inconsistent. The top looked like it would fit Elliot and the bottom would fit Landon, plus after one wash I'm sure it would have shrunk. So I got her a $6 t-shirt instead. Sure it will shrink too, but for $6 I"m not going to worry to much!

THe kids are both at EJ's right now and Elliot is sleeping so it's pretty quiet around here. I need to clean the bathroom once I'm done here and put some clothes away, but then the house is pretty well picked up (although there is always more that can be done). I still need to call L&N for carpet cleaning, I will probably do that Monday after the party.

Saturday Matt and I are actually going out. We haven't gone out alone in who knows how long. Mary is watching the kids and I think we may head to Saugatuck for dinner with some friends. Probably won't be a late night though, I can't do late nights, never have been able to, but especially now that I have kids!

Credits here.

I did some digishopping this morning... picked up a few things at my fav digi store (the Lilypad) now I just need to get in the mood to scrap... I really want to go take some great pics of my kids like Nina just did... mine would never be as good, but they are so fun to have and take!

Have a great weekend, I'm sure I'll be back tomorow with party pics! Let me know if you watch High School Musical 2 too! There has got to me tons of people having parties and such... seeings as how there is nothing left in the stores!

We have a ...

tooth! Yes, that's right... Elliot's first tooth broke through finally! He is only 11 months old so it's about time! I have only had a few little glimpses of it, he likes to play with it with his tongue so he's constantly covering it up! I can't believe he will be one next month, it couldn't possibly be a year ago that I was in the hospital delivering him could it? When we had him we were for sure that he would be our last baby... and we still were until 3 months ago (but we all know that story by now). My problem right now is that I still really am ok with only three kids (did I say only?), but I had it in my head two weeks ago that there would be four children running around this house one day (OK, maybe, hopefully not this house, but you know what I mean). And I was overwhelmed by the idea, but ok with it none the less. Now I don't know what I want though... are we still good with three or do we want a fourth? I'm just waiting to hear or feel a clear message from God, but I want instant results (did I ever tell you I like immediate gratification?), I really don't want to wait at all, but maybe that's what he is trying to teach me... patience! I don't like to learn new things though... expecially things I ahve to wait to learn!

Speaking of learning, I'm really wondering what I'm going to do when the kids return to school and I'm tossing around the idea of either working more (or at all I guess) or *gulp* going to school. I kinda like the idea of Web Design, but I would have a LOT to learn. Problem is I can't learn from reading books, I need instruction, so just looking at books gives me no idea if that's something I would like or not. Something along the same lines of web design would be ok too... just not sure what's out there... I need to go online and check some more things out. Matt is actually all for the idea, suprisingly, I thought with the money involved he would want me to wait!

Elliot has once again woken up early from a nap... couldn't it be from teething? I better go get him before he get's mad! Speaking of mad... he has this new thing he does that is so enjoyable... if we take anything away from him (like phones or controllers etc) he throws a fit, screaming as loud as he can (which is LOUD). He will eventually give up, but it's so annoying and like I said he isn't even one... I'm sure it will only get worse!

Enjoy your afternoon!

August 15, 2007


This morning I went to Target before taking the kids swimming to get Elliot a float thingy (which I DID get), but picked up a few other things while I was there...this dress being one thing... (it's much cuter than this picture shows it be) and I also picked up an "Under the carseat seat protector" for under Elliot in the car. I really need one to go under all the kids, but for now a blanket or towel will have to work.

I tried for over an hour to call the carpet cleaners, but kept forgetting and then when I did finally call they didn't answer... lovely. So, does anyone know of anyone that does a good job cleaning carpet for not an overly expensive price? (I hate when they add stuff on... $xx for stain removal, $xx for protector... why do they think I'm getting my carpet cleaned, of course I have stains that need to be removed, I have three kids and a dog, shouldn't that be INCLUDED?) We need the whole house cleaned (six rooms and a staircase), so I'm sure it won't be cheap but I'm looking for a deal!

After Target we went swimming for about an hour, then headed home for lunch and cleaning. I got quite a bit done, but as usual, there is quite a bit left to do. I did get the dining room floor mopped which I absolutely HATE doing, but it's done now!

Bailey and I just got back from Hobby Lobby. I checked this website today and got a cool idea (or at least I think so), so I'm gonna try it! Funny b/c yesterday I was thinking that I would like to get some more canvaes made like the one I did for fathers day for Matt, but don't want to spend the money... and then I found this! I'm going to start working on one as soon as I'm done here... not sure exactly what I'm going to do, but I will definately be back with pictures when I'm done.

For now I need to go, Elliot keeps thinking he wants to press any and every button and I keep having to correct things. He did something though that's going to drive me nuts... but I'm sure someone can tell me a quick fix... I can't "insert" letters etc, it types over instead... any wonderful ideas for fixes for that?

August 14, 2007

Nothing new...

This is just for Sarah, cuz I know she expects a post every day (and normally I deliver a post/day), but today I really don't have anything to post. Busy busy day... visit grandpa this morning/afternoon, swimming this afternoon, dinner with parents, football for Matt and Landon, visit with friends this evening and here I am! I do have a layout that I finished last night that I really like... Bailey and our neighbor...

August 13, 2007

This morning we had a great morning... at least I did! Elliot slept in until almost 9am... these are nice days! I'm cherishing these moments b/c once school starts that won't even be a choice! Bailey went away with Grandma to get groceries and whatever else Bailey could con her into! :) Actually she only came home with a little dog, not to bad! Landon went to play at the other Grandmas adn Elliot took a nap so i had a quiet afternoon.

Bailey started swim lessons this afternoon. She did really well, I truly thought she would put up a fight and be so nervous, but she did great! I didn't stay to watch, but I heard she did great in the pool too. (Yea for Bailey...)

I talked to my grandpa's sister-in-law and got a bit more info, I am actually going to head down there in the morning and go to an appt with them all. Should be quite a sight all of us trompin' in to this appt! I'm really getting sad realizing that after my grandpa starts treatment he will not longer be strong enough for a lot of stuff. I'm not sure what he will be able to withstand, if he will be able to converse or what! I just want him to know that I love him. I have no doubts that he loves and appreciates myself and the kids! I could hardly sleep last night b/c my mind was going non-stop. HOpefully tonight is better!

Matt and Landon started football tonight. Starting today they will be practicing three nights/week, 6-7:30, so I'm unofficially a single mom for a while. (Lucky for me I do have a husband though, and one that does come home for lunch).

School starts to soon! I really was dreading having the kids home all summer, everyday (I love them, but the thought overwhelmed me), now I'm dreading having them gone every day all day! Elliot is going to be SOOOO bored! I'm going to be bored, I'm gonna have to find something to do for sure!

All right, that's all for now!

(Oh and a few layouts to share!)

August 12, 2007

All is quiet...

So I think I'm gonna start participating in this challenge... Daily Something, on my own of course. But here is my first entry...

Let me explain the photo... we went to visit my grandpa today. I've officially been updated and the prognosis doesn't look good. I'm actually feeling quite down and overwhelmed right now. Long story short... he will be starting chemo (1 6hr treatment for now) and radiation (10m/day, daily) next week. THey are being very aggresive and there are terrible risks involved with this treatment. It is very hard on the heart and his heart isn't all that strong to begin with. He had the option to forgo treatment in which case the cancer would be terminal, giving him 6months-1yr to live with mild chemo treatments and morphine for pain. AFter starting the treatment he can opt to stop at any time. When the treatment is finished he will have to have surgury to remove part of his esophogus that will be burned from the radiation. He will have a feeding tube inserted this week b/c he will not be able to eat once the radiation takes it's toll. My uncle is in town staying with him indefinately b/c he will need 24/7 care for the duration of the treatment. He will more than likely end up in the hospital after a few weeks of the treatment. So... we all know that God is capable of miracles... let's pray for one!

Good news though... we sold the van tonigh! So now we won't have two car payments this month, so happy about that! Thrilled to be completely honest!

My hard drive had some crazy wierd files on it when I tried to access my pics... not sure if it's from the camera or the hard drive so I'm furiously burning files right now to avoid a giant loss of pictures!

I think my little guy is getting a tooth too! Finally! I swear I see something on the bottom, but I've been wrong before, if it really is a tooth it should pop through in the next few days!

Oh, and as far as my previous posts about being upset with someone, I was able to talk with this person this weekend and am feeling a little better. So, all is well!

August 11, 2007


What confusion I tell ya! So did I mention before that Landon's division for this basketball division included three teams of girls (the only girls teams that signed up) who were all at least in middle school, some high school, some were BIG girls. So this morning they went up against one of the smaller girls teams and although they did a great job and played hard the girls were in sixth grade and they did loose (score was 20-16), so they had one more game, scheduled for 2:00. We came home and were relaxing thinking about going swimming or something when the phone rings... It's the bridge, they had complaints about the younger boys playing with the older girls so they restructured the bracket to include only the boys elementary age and our boys were scheduled to play at 11 (the call came at 11:16) but we wouldn't be penalized for not being there on time... (good to know). Our game was now scheduled for noon so I was frantically calling the other two boys that weren't with us and was luckily able to get ahold of one of them (via cell phone number that I just got from them yesterday), the other one I left a few messages at but couldn't reach. So we woke up Elliot and rushed downtown. Kenny showed up just before noon adn Calvin never ended up showing up (although we did end up talking to his mom... story is to long to post here), so they had only three guys which meant no substitutions (did you know it was HOT HOT HOT out and HUMID?). They played a game at 12 and had no problem winning (end score was 21-6), but then they played the team that they played last night (6th grade boys, TALL ones). We were able to use someone that just happened to be there watching as our fourth guy which helped a lot since all of the boys got hurt at one time or another, and they played much better than they did last night but unfortunately they still lost. So we are done now... after much confusion and running around and sweating! (Final score of final game was (9-20).

While we were downtown I went to check out the new dance studio down there and got all the information. Matt and I had talked about taking a year off just b/c it get's to be a LOT of running around and kinda expensive (I was just re-reading this after originally posting it and thought I better clarify that Bailey is the one taking the dance classes, not Matt and I), but I wanted to check anyway. I was feeling a big guilty looking at a new place b/c I really do love Dance Connection where she has taken classes in the past, but I was just looking into it. So we got home, the mail came and guess what... there was a letter in there from Dance Connection that they will not be opening this year. Isn't that crazy?

I think we are going to go swimming here soon, once Matt is done with his nap and Elliot is awake too. I need to cool off and get these boys out of the house.

I talked to my Grandpa last night, he is going to be starting chemo soon, not next week, but the next week I think. His brother and SIL are looking for a place for him and his friend to stay while he is getting treatments. He will have a feeding tube inserted this next week and a shunt too. I'm not exactly sure of everything going on, I need to call his brother and we are headed down there tomorow to see what we can do. I 'm glad he is going to stay somewhere though, it will be so good for him!

OK, this post has drawn out a lot. Sorry for the cryptic message earlier, I was (and still am) quite upset and just needed to kinda vent I guess. OK, have a good rest of the weekend!

1 of 2 for the day...

I know I will post again later, hence the title of this post. First things first... Landon lost thier second game this morning. They played against some sixth grade girls and actually played quite well, much better than yesterday, but not hard enough I guess. Now they don't play again until 2 so we've got a good chunk of time to waste. I think we will go swimming. The bummer is that they could possibly play the same team again this afternoon, if those girls loose!

OK, back soon with stats of game three (possibly final game).

August 10, 2007

0 wins 1 loss

Is this three in one day... whoa, I need to slow down I think!

First of all for Sarah... yes that shirt shown below was mine... and they have it in a RAINBOW of colors and I think some solids too! The polkadots are really cute too! And best of all... it's comfy!!!! Definately a big selling point for me! (Beware, i will have 10 of them before the end of the season, I tend to do that)

Landon had his first game tonight, didn't go so well. It didn't help that his team is all little guys and the other team had about a head and a half on all of them. The MiniMites looked like they were sleeping in the beginning and didn't have a clue what they were doing, but eventually they pulled it together, but it was kinda late by that time. Final score: 3 to 20, little bit of a downer. Landon did have 2 of the three points though so that was good (for him).

Dinner was great, I do not like chicken on the bone at all though, I can't stand to see skin or bones or anything else that may be lurking, so my husband had lot's of kids to help... he had to deskin and debone mine, gotta love a hubby that will do that! I actually enjoyed the chicken after he prepared it for me. They had watermelon, coleslaw and beans (neither one on my list of things I will eat), rolls and strawberry shortcake. Definately worth the $8!

We need to thank Youth For Christ (Kate) for sponsoring our team! So generous of them!

So let's hope that tomorow goes MUCH MUCH better! They have thier first game at 9am and who knows from there!

Just some SALES!

Just wanted to share...

Winkflash has 4x6 prints for 6 cents right now. $.99 flat rate shipping does not apply, but I only ordered 12 prints and it still saved me money. Coupon code is JC53YR73

Old Navy has a bunch of shirts 50% off... I picked up three this morning after returning a few things. And the girls tanks (ribbed) are 2 for $6 (or $6.50/e).

And the same one in black with white polkadots

And I can't find a pic of the other one...

So those are my great finds of the day!

Argghhhhh... Migraines!

Last night I was down and out most of the night, and Matt was gone fishing... and didn't really want to come home when I called him (although he didn't want me to be mad either... hmmmmmm). So his mom came over and watched the kids for an hour so I could sleep, but it seemed to get worse once she left and I was a wreck. My kids even felt bad for me. Thankfully Elliot went to bed around 7:40 without any issues, I just laid on the couch in a lot of pain for a little bit, then I had to go to bed... around 8:30. My poor kids, but truly, they are used to this, I used to get them once a week for sure, now thankfully it's more like once a month or even every other.

So today Landon has a friend here kinda last minute, right now they are playing x-box, but soon we will all have to get our lazy bodies up and get moving, I have some errands to run (tried yesterday, but just couldn't finish all of them), then MAYBE just maybe we will go swimming. (I haven 't even mentioned it to them yet). Trevor will leave around 4 and then one of Landon's three on three teamates is coming for the weekend at 5. We will head down for dinner around 5 (downtown to the chicken barbecue) and find out what time Landon plays his first game at. They will have one game tonight, and then for sure two more tomorow, hopefully not to early though, my little guy has been spoiling me and waking up for his bottle at 7:30 and then... get this... going BACK TO SLEEP! Yesterday it was until 9;30, today only til 8:30 but I can handle that. It does mess up naps a bit though.

All right, I better go dry my hair and get some makeup on... make myself presentable! Have a great friday and weekend!

August 8, 2007

The busyness continues...

Today was another one of those days... started at 7:00 this morning (way earlier than I've gotten up in a long long time) I got up and got ready, packed the Jeep, got all of our beach stuff together, then we headed to the bakery to meet up with Sarah & Lisa again. The kids ran around for a bit then it was time to go... to work. Payroll day. That took me about two hours, then we were headed up north to Whitehall where my family is camping. We stopped in Muskegon at the Grand Traverse Pie Company for lunch (and some yummy baked goodies), then were on our way again.

On the way I got to listen to some Christian talk radio on my new FREE (for a year) Sirius Satellite radio. I am kinda wierd in the fact that I really enjoy talk radio, especially Christian talk radio. I wish I could remember the name of the show I was listening to, I was really zoned on it. It was talking about the 10 truths and 10 lies about Abortion. I know this subject can be very controversial with many people, I don't condemn anyone that has chosen this option, I just don't agree with it. Our God forgives those who seek forgiveness, therefore I need to forgive too. Judgement is not mine, but His. THere were just so many good points on this show, talking about how some women call this thier choice, thier body, they can do what they want, but the host of the show had a good point in the fact that they are partially right, they can do what they want to thier body, but the body that is growing inside of them is not thier own, God created that body, God has a plan for that little person, it is not up to any women to make a death decision for that child. Oh, I wish I hadn't misssed any of the show, I may need to do some searching on line to see if I can find it and listen to more. It was a series on 10 truths and lies about different subjects, so I'm also curious to see what the other subjects are.

Once we arrived at the campground we relaxed for a little bit, then headed to the beach. Mary kept Elliot with her so I was able to actually enjoy the beach for the first time in a long time. I took the other four kids (Landon, Dimitri, Bailey & Angela), my grandma went and took my cousins daughter (5yrs) and my aunt came and took her grandson (7yrs), so there were definately lots of kids, but they entertained each other mostly, I went swimming with them for a little bit, jumping waves and splashing, but otherwise was able to just hang out and listen to my ipod and take some pics. Sooooo NICE!
Here are a few pics I took...

I'm normally quite anal about car seats and such, but we didn't even have to go on the road really and I didn't want the sand in the back seat of the jeep, at least this way it was contained to the rear!

And yup... you guessed it, (ok, so you probably weren't even thinking it but it will come as NO suprise), I got FRIED!!!! Yuck, when will I learn?????? And I'm not even pregnant, so what's the deal here?

After the beach we headed back to the campground. Elliot had fallen asleep laying by Mary, which he NEVER does, so he did get a good nap, so we just hung out for a little bit and left the campground around 5, perfect timing for hitting rush hour in Muskegon and even worse, Grand Haven. WE made it home around 6, Matt had a football meeting for 2.5 hours tonight, so he wasn't home, so we just made Pizza Rolls for dinner quick and Landon had his three-on-three buddies coming over at 7pm to practice. Matt still wasn't home at 8 when it was time to take the boys home, so I packed up all the kids (including my freshly bathed and ready for bed little guy) and took the other boys home. Matt was home by the time I returned so that was a relief. Tomorow night he is going fishing though (40% chance at least, according to the weather) so I'll be alone again, but next week Football practice starts three nights per week, so he won't have much time for fishing after that (he's coaching if I didn't mention that before).

And, since I like to end with pics, I will leave you with a picture of the three-on-three team with high hopes! Enjoy your Thursday!

August 7, 2007

Busy busy busy day/week/month/year/life...

We have been so busy, just like the rest of the world I'm sure, this week is just a bit overwhelming. Most of it is self inflicted, but this week was supposed to be quiet, I"m glad I started writing things down.

This morning we met Sarah & Lisa (who NEEDS a blog...) at the bakery. Note that Zeeland Bakery has NO air conditioning, and they are a BAKERY, meaning ovens running, add a little humidity and you get misery! But it was raining so we had to sit inside, good to see them again after thier vacation!

After the bakery we came home to give Elliot a nap, the kids played for a bit, i did a bit of cleaning. This picture was taken at lunch today... I'm very lucky that Matt comes home every day, so is Elliot. He is SUCH a daddy's boy, something we are very much not used to. Elliot will not eat lunch for me. It's his tradition to sit on Matt's lap and eat whatever Matt is eating, so much a tradition that the child will NOT eat in his high chair, or from me.

This afternoon after lunch we headed to the Aquatic center. Elliot has never been so I wasn't sure how he would do, turns out he LOVED it. If you've never been, there is a splash pool for the little ones, a slide and whirlpool for the older kids and the big pool with diving boards and blow up toys is open. The splash pool is like a beach, it angles in so it gets deeper the further you go (not deeper than my knees though), Elliot didn't quite understand this concept though and kept trying to crawl in deeper and deeper. He did have a great time though, for about an hour, then he decided he was tired and had had enough. So we left and gave him a nap, unfortunately I think he awoke a little to early and this is how we spent the afternoon... I felt bad for him, but truthfully I got pretty darn sick of it too!

When Matt came home we went to Craigs Cruisers. It was supposed to be our small group, but b/c of different circumstances it ended up just being the Overweg's and ourselves. We ate dinner there and I have to say that the pizza there wasn't all that bad (if you remember at all, I'm VERY VERY picky about my pizza). Landon drove the go-karts for the first time by himself, he was pretty proud of himself (although he woudl never say that). They all did the bumper boats too, all getting pretty wet! We all had a fun time.

So yeah... busy and active day here, and another one tomorow, and Thursday and then this weekend too! Agghhhhhhhh! Oh well, it can always be worse!

Friday, if you need dinner (and who doesn't eat)... there is a chicken barbecue downtown Zeeland benfiting Youth for Christ. I think WJQ is also going to be down there and there will be some concerts going on Friday and Saturday. The Bridge is putting on a three-on-three tournament Friday and Saturday too (they will be taking registration for that until Friday afternoon), Landon will be doing this with some friends (and he's SOOOOO excited). So if you need something to do this weekend, here are some options for you!