March 31, 2007

The end of a birthday...

A birthday layout...

Credits: Background paper by Melissa Bennet, Glitter negative strip by Gina Miller (see link on right), Frames by Nancy Comelab, Glitter Paint Strokes by Meredith Fenwick, Really Big Bow by Natalie Braxton (see link for The Lily Pad on right), arrow by Katie Hadfield (see link for The Lily Pad on right)

Ok, so we are already home from dinner... nothing all that special. Matt really wanted this, but we ended up going here instead because the line at the first place was out the door. I was pleased with the second choice, but it wasn't my birthday so I wasn't going to complain about his choices! I love thier chips and salsa, and thier chimi's are the best! (No lowfat here...). After dinner we made a quick trip to Gander Mountain to look for fishing supplies, wow, that stuff is expensive, I didn't realize how much it all cost, but it's his only hobby and he loves it, so what can I do? He only ended up getting his license, I think he has a hard time spending the money too, even with gift cards... Whatever, it was all about him tonight! We had to get back somewhat soon though, Elliot has been sooooo crabby! I took him to the doctor today to see if he had an ear infection, he didn't, so now I'm that silly mom that takes thier child to the doctor for a cold. But it's a bad cold, the doctor said his throat was irritated, and I can tell, all he does is drool, like he doesn't want to swallow because it hurts to bad! Poor little guy! He also doesn't sleep, naps or at night, poor me! (Just kidding). So anyway, Matt's mom was here with him and we didn't want to leave him to long if he was as crabby as he had been all day. So now Matt is at a friends house watching basketball and here I sit. The kiddo's are watching a movie, about to go to bed. They don't have sunday school in the morning, so we don't have to be ready until 10:45, woo hoo! I get to sleep in, Matt agreed to get up with Elliot in the morning, wish me luck on that one, I end up having to kick him out of bed, not because he doesn't want to get up, but because he NEVER hears the child!

I have one more picture to share of us singing to Matt again... Not the best picture, but I thought it was funny. Matt was making fun of me for making him sit for pictures again, he made a funny comment about having to stick his hands in the cake to eat it like a child, and the next thing you know, Elliot has both hands in it, I reacted to quickly with a gasp and scared the poor boy half to death, which gave us the reaction you see here! (Luckily the candles weren't lit yet when he stuck his hands in the cake)

I figured it out...

OK, so I decided to start a blog, possibly in place of my fotopic site, not sure yet, if I'll keep them both up, or just choose one, we'll see how this goes first! I am so proud of myself, I figured all this stuff out to set this up so nicely. It took me a few hours, but I figured out how to put the banner on the top even! Yay me!
So, today is Matt's 28th birthday. Nothing all that exciting going on today, we are going to go out for dinner tonight and then shopping for birthday presents (including a fishing license). He is so blah about birthdays, I want birthdays to be exciting. I got up with Elliot this morning and let him sleep in. We baked him a cake yesterday, so the kids decorated that this morning, and I made Cherry Swirl Coffee Cake (yummy!), then we woke Matt up with the cake, candles burning and all, and gave him his small presents... a baseball glove and a large jar of green olives. The olives are kind of a running thing that we do, we just know that he loves olives, and besides fishing stuff, that is normally one of the only things we can think of! (What a tradition, huh?)

I wanted to post a few recent layouts that I have done... the first isn't that exciting, it's just of Dexter! I really liked those splattered flowers by Amy Wolff at The-Lilypad.

Credits for "Dexter": Background paper and paper behind photo by Melissa Bennet, Riveting Ribbon by Natalie Braxton (See link to the Lily Pad on right), Paper strip from Amy Martin, Spattered Blooms by Amy Wolff (see link above)

This was a total scraplift of a layout by Janet Phillips... Everything is by Jen Wilson's L'Orange kit (See link on right)
Well, I guess that's enough for now, I'll be back soon though, with more pics and maybe even a new layout!