October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I still have to find the card with our pumpkin carving pictures on it... (promise, they'll be on here soon Kate!) But in the meantime here are some from today... (these uploaded backwards from what I wanted...)
E after a big night trick or treating! He was exausted!

Landon went to a party at a friends house for the night, they were going to trick or treat and have a bonfire!

We went trick or treating with friends... Maddie (old lady), Mayci (kitty), Elliot (penguin) & Bailey (pirate)
Gabrielle (candy Corn), Elliot & Bailey
"the" dress! If you know my story from the last few days this will have meaning, otherwise it's just a picture!

October 29, 2008

Deana's Playhouse

We went to Deanne's Playhouse last week (I know I spelled that wrong in either the title or the post, but I'm to lazy to go look it up)! The kids had a GREAT time, I had a great time, there was so much for the kids to do in there, we will definately be going back again very soon (with a lunch this time... did you know you could bring your lunch and stay ALL DAY???, we didn't!)
The Bankers:
Off to get groceries:
Off to ?????:
A knight with Spongebob shoes:
Spongebob (identities have been protected):
My fairy!:

Today I've been washing sheets, but not just any wash, I found a "Sanitize" setting on my washer that I decided would be good for sheets (not sure why, just a head thing), unfortunately it's a 2 hour cycle. That means just for the kids sheets and comforters it's taking me 6 hours to just WASH. It's getting rediculous, so I'm thinking next time it's just a plain old wash for them! Good to know it's there though, just in case (just in case what I don't know, but just in case!).

**Coming soon, our pumpkin carving pictures**

October 28, 2008


We just had the most delicious Pumpkin Pancakes for dinner, with Pecan Maple Syrup, all homemade by me! I saw it on the news Sunday morning and had to do it! Just add pumpkin (from a can) and pumkin spice to your pancake mix and cook as usual (just not to long like my first one... don't look so good black! I also topped with a few white chocolate chips while cooking! The syrup I just boiled some syrup with some pecans (notice lot's of "some", there are no measurements). Topped pancakes with syrup and a scoop of whipped cream (vanilla was my choice) and ENJOY! Soooooo good! (I said homemade, I meant with the help of cans and boxes)

I'm stuggling with child troubles again. Not that it ever got better really. The child (who will rename nameless) was hiding food in her dresser. Toast no less. Apparently she made some for breakfast, decided she didn't want it so she stored it in her dresser. I only found it because I was showing her dresser to someone. So, upon her arrival at home, I asked her about it... she admitted to it. I told her to go write down her three ideas for a punishment that would work. (After MUCH deliberation myself for a few hours this afternoon with no success, wanted to make the punishment fit the crime... couldn't think of anything). So she sat on the couch and wrote some things down and brought them to me.

This was her list:
1. I have to eat the food (she meant that she had to eat any food she took downstairs in the future... I thought she meant that she had to eat the food I found... LOVED that idea! LOVED it!, more on that in a minute)
2. Sit on couch until 4:30 (15 minutes)
3. I can't bring food down there (which she isn't allowed to do anyway).

I loved number one so much that I decided to go get the food from downstiars and have her eat it. She was not thrilled with me to say the least, especially since that isnt' what she meant. I headed down all excited (is that bad to say that I was excited to torture my child like that???) only to find that the dog had already eaten it when I locked him down there this morning. BUMMER! But, I had her scared, so I just made her clean off her dresser, but don't think it will happen again, and if it does you can guarantee she WILL eat it!

As far as discipline goes, the child doesn't respond to much. We've taken everything away from her, like literally cleaned her room out... doesn't faze her. I've made her write lines/sentances... she asks for more when she is done. I've tried soap, but that is only good for a few situations, and fortunately her language/talking back isn't normally an issue. I'm always looking for new creative solutions if you have any!

Bailey and I saw the movie Kit Kitridge American Girl this weekend... soooooo good! I highly recommend it for boys and girls alike! It's a great movie about the depression. It came out on dvd today so you may be able to get it at Blockbuster or whatever your movie rental place choice is!

October 27, 2008

12 weeks

All looked good at 12 weeks for Baby Bell. No, I didn't find out, not even sure they can tell this early, and I don't want to know. I have a VERY STRONG suspicion though, and I'm not thrilled with my suspicion (so if you know what I want to have you know what I think it is)! Turns out after an hour ultrasound I wasn't even supposed to have one today, it was only if I wanted the Quad test done, which I don't. Not complaining though. The tech did a quick 4d for me (see picture), it's not great at this stage, can't see a ton of detail, but I've never had one before so it was kind of cool to see! I go back in 4 weeks for another scan and then again 4 weeks after that, I'm not complaining, I love to see growth and be reassured! Oh, and did you notice on the top right of the picture it shows that I am 64 weeks 3 days... THAT's overdue! (She had the dates in as May 2008, oops)

October 25, 2008

Current favorite's

(this isn't lining up so perfectly as far as pictures with words, but you get the picture)
This one is just for Missy... can't BELIEVE you've never been here! We may have to have lunch some day! THE BEST pizza and salsa... eaten together of course! So yummy & cheesy... DELICIOUS! And, just found this site, which would give you a GREAT coupon (although I haven't tried it myself, just stumbled upon it... the page also give good information and hours for the restaurant!)!
My skin gets SOOO dry in the winter. Very itchy! I've decided to put an end to it right away, so I purchased these two items! So far it seems to be working, with another layer of lotion after the shower, which if your counting means 3 layers of moisturizing!

Picked this up at the store the other day... it's heavenly! I keep snugging up with E's blanket b/c it finally smells good! I'm normally a dryer sheets girl, but I think I might like this fabric softener stuff!

October 23, 2008


I know this is dumb, but do you ever just want to go lock yourself in your room so you can get some things done that need to be done (or an office, or other choice room)? Most of you probably have that option. I so badly need to lock myself and my computer in my room to get caught up on some things. I have a bunch of photo sessions to edit and am sooo far behind (really it's not that bad, I just put a lot of pressure on myself to be timely). And Matt would not have a problem with me disappearing for an evening normally, but WE DON'T HAVE A DOOR TO LOCK! It's still bothering me, and I will never take doors for granted again.

Our "new", third time should be a charm, doors came in on Tuesday. Matt wouldn't even let them unload them until he measured them. Good thing too, because they were off AGAIN! These were supposed to be upgraded doors, that they cut on a different jig or something, with less chance of flaws (or something more technical I'm sure, I just don't know the words). This time thier percentage of doors that were off increased to 90% (if your keeping track it was 60% the first time, 100% if you consider that they weren't the style door we ordered, we were just willing to work with it, and 70% the second time). Some were only off by 1/16th of an inch, which supposedly manufacturer standards are 1/8-1/16 off, so we accepted those and between the 2nd order and the third we now have 10 doors, but they aren't perfect. Matt said that there was NO WAY we were keeping the ones that were 1/8 off. He used some strong words and a very loud voice I hear, which if you know my husband even a little bit you know that that is extremely rare for him. I've probably only heard him yell once or twice in 12 years. He said he was screaming. I would love to tell you the name of the place where we got them, b/c there is no way I would ever recommend buying anything from them. Technically they don't manufacture the doors, but they continuously have delivered wrong doors, wouldn't you think they would measure them before delivering????? Especially the third time????? Anyway, the name of the place is I think (I'm not 100% sure, so this could be a terrible thing) Quality Door (in the same building as Williams Kitchen & Bath). They are located on Blue Star Highway, which I do know for sure.

This week has been VERY busy. My calendar always looks empty, but then each day fills up SOOOO fast! Tomorow I babysit in the morning, then I'm pretty sure it's naptime in the afternoon! Bailey has a friends spending the night, Landon and Matt have a late nighter at church so it will be a bit quiet. We'll probably rent a movie or something! Saturday I have a photo session in the late morning (depending on weather) and then the rest of the day is OPEN! I'm sure Matt will work on doors (sanding, painting and staining, do you get why I titled this post "Doors" yet????). Maybe Saturday I can lock myself up somewhere like the bathtub behind the shower curtain and the curtain we use for a door or something and get some stuff done... fat chance of that though! Oh well, it will all come in time!

October 19, 2008

Elliot's newest favorite...

this boy loves to dance to this cd...

this and Happy Movers Band, which I can't find on You Tube suprisingly... maybe I'm doing something wrong!

****Update... no wonder I couldn't find it... thanks Selena! It's Imagination Movers, not Happy!

October 18, 2008

end of football

Well, the last football game was today and ended with disappointment (a loss), but the kids had a good time and Matt & Landon at least enjoyed the season! I'm thrilled to have my weeknights back with my family and maybe sleep in on a Saturday coming up.

After football I wasn't feeling the best so I took a little nap and then had to take more engagement pictures of my brother & soon to be SIL. We drove around quite a bit, and I have not looked at most of the pictures, but as I was downloading saw this one... which I like! I have a couple other sessions to do before I finish editing thiers!

I think I'm off to bed with the assistance of an Ambien, I try to not take it every night, but I think tonight would be a good one to get some good sleep!

October 15, 2008

Super quick...

To much other stuff to do right now, but wanted to let you know that I went to the doctor and did indeed hear a baby heartbeat. I can't tell you how many terrifying flashbacks I had going into that appointment and waiting for the doctor to come in, but God is sooo good and I am so relieved!

OK, off to make dinner for tomorow, planning ahead for once!

October 14, 2008


The doctor appt went as well as could be expected. I saw the "other" doctor that was seeing patients, so that helped a bit I think, although I think it was intentional on thier part b/c of some things that were said... oh well, I don't care! I don't have to go back for 2 weeks this time, and next time I go back they will do an ultrasound (yay!!, I just love to see the baby grow).

I truly do not want to be a complainer, I know I have a good life and things could be SOOO much worse, but I've been struggling with quite a few headaches lately. Typically when I pregnant I don't get headache's at all but for some reason they seem to have gotten worse with this pregnancy, so prayers would be helpful.

I get to go see my regular doctor tomorow, which means I should be able to hear a heartbeat, which at this point is all I want, just to be reassured that all is well!

On a totally different and abnormal subject for me on this blog, I am offering mini family photo sessions on October 25 (I realize this is coming quickly, sorry) along with Christmas cards if anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me: lynettebell@chartermi.net !

Busy week this week, I have the doctor appt tomorow, and then on Thurday I get to go on a field trip with Baileys class (we get to walk FOREVER, should be fun), then Friday I have Rock-n-Bowl with Landon and Bailey is having a friend over overnight, Saturday is football games and something else which I can't think of right now... I'm sure it's written down somewhere though!

October 12, 2008


Landon got his cd signed and was soooo excited about that!
I totally know that this is cheesy, but there was no one around to see what a dork I was... so I went for it! The picture turned out terribly, but I'm posting it anyway! It was a great time, a full house, and it was hot. But they didn't turn anyone away as far as seating went, they set up chairs in the back at one point, but no one was sent home! I was shocked afterwards, there only like 15 people in line for signings, and then after that, only like 7 more wanting pictures (yup... me too)!

Tomorow is another doctor appt. We'll see how it goes. I had some problems with my sugars this past week. I could seriously not get them down below about 300 at one point (normal would be 80-120ish depending on the person), I was getting very frustrated, I increased my insulin doses at least once if not twice a day for a few days, but with no difference. I was really not sure what I was going to do, until one day I gave myself a big dose of insulin and found that about 5 minutes into delivery (I wear an insulin pump if you didn't know) my shirt had a spot on it, the piece that is supposed to be in my stomach that the insulin feeds in through was actually stuck between the sticker and my stomach, not inserted at all. So, for at least 3 days I was getting NO insulin, which was the reason for the highs. Not sure why it took so long to figure out. Once I did figure it out though I had to do some major readjusting again so that I didn't end up with a ton of low sugars. Very frustrating, but I feel so much better now that I've figured it out! Now we just have to see what the doctor says, I'm sure he will be thrilled with me!

October 11, 2008

Football success and meet Hermie...

or Holly as Bailey is calling him/her while at our house!

This is Bailey's class pet, and although I totally forgot to pick him up on Friday we figured things out and ended up getting him. This is definately the kind of pet to have! I told B if she could be responsible and prove to me that she wasn't scared to touch it/hold it she could maybe get one. I WILL NOT touch it or hold it, so it's ALL her! He has had a bath and hung out in his cage since he's been here. While he has come close to coming out of his shell, hasn't fully done it yet, we'll see if we get to see that at all before Monday!

Landon & Matt won another football game. That brings thier record to 2-3. The final score was 24-7. The final two football games are always a little better I think, the teams are scheduled according to thier record so you don't have a team that is 4-0 playing a team that is 0-4 (does that make sense)? The important part of this story is that #14 (which is Landon) scored one of the four touchdowns! I was at the game, I promise, but didn't realize this fact until we were all at home and Landon told me. I was there, how did I miss that? Thankfully that is a portion of the game that Matt's dad was successful in videotaping, so I did get to see it on tv later! I'm so happy for him/them!

October 10, 2008

A peek of what I'm working on today...

Got this for E... he'll be the cutest little penguin EVER!

And, this is a scene that melts my heart... I love when he holds my finger and walks with me. Love it!

OK, I'm getting a bit distracted... now I just did this... I think I may blow it up and hang it in the entryway by the garage door...

What do you think?????? (seriously, opinions please)

October 9, 2008


no, not the band, but part of our never ending saga of life in a house without doors... we actually got our new doors last week, but they are unfinished, so they were at the shop just waiting to be stained and then installed, and I was getting excited. Ha... just a reminder to never get your hopes up! The stupid things are crooked again, and thier percentage got worse, last time it was 50% of them were off, this time 60% are wrong. I'm SO MAD! We have been in this house for about 5 weeks now, we have 2 doors hung and one curtain. Pretty soon they are going to have to buy me curtains for the rest of my doors until they can get them right, and then they are going to give us free doors!

October 8, 2008


I was looking at my blog feeds this morning and happened upon this post from Gina Lee. Check it out a second...

Yup, that's my name there! (Watch the video if you have a second too, super cute!) I was actually in a state of disbelief, it probably wasn't REALLY my name, well it was, but it probably wasn't really ME. I rarely comment on blogs of people I don't know, but she was runnning a contest and I figured "why not"? Glad I did! Because it was me! I won a t-shirt, I never win anything, so this was super exciting for me... As you can see from her blog she is SUPER talented, I just love the picture of the pregnant women on the counter eating ice cream and a pickle! How fun is that????

And... she complimented me in a follow up email! When someone that I admire compliments me I find that so encouraging. Something I totally lack in my photography skills is self confidence, hence the reason you will find very very few mentions of any photography work I've done or am doing on here, if I keep it a secret its just easier. I'm trying to step out of my box... put myself out there a ltitle more. Nothing to loose I guess, and maybe just maybe I'll gain something (like more confidence)!

So... that was my morning, kinda fun for me! Never know what you will find on your random blog hopping!

October 7, 2008


For those that don't know... there is a free Selah concert at our church (Community Reformed on 104th and Felch in Zeeland) on Sunday at 6pm (doors open at 5). There will be a love offering received to benefit Laban ministries. It could get really busy, so get their early!

October 6, 2008

Doctor visits

Well, unfortunately the tire got fixed and I trecked to Grand Rapids. I say unfortunately because it was absolutely terrible! I did no thear a heartbeat, but only because we didn't even get that far. My appt was at 10:30, I left at noon. I spent at least the last half in tears, but keep in mind that I cry when I'm mad. And I was mad.

Basically, the office has created a bubble for all diabetic patients and EVERYONE must fit in thier bubble, or they will make you fit and not pay attention to all the other sypmtoms/conditions that just don't. One comment in particular was "Pregnant diabetic woment's insulin needs decrease between 6-10 weeks of pregnancy, that's when the most pregnant diabetic women die...". He was contunually quoting "death" statistics to me, but for some reason that is just now starting to bother me, it didn't bother me at all before, mostly probably just because I was so irritated with everything else. I realized I was pregnant because my sugars were high. I could not get them down below 200 for a few days, meaning I needed MORE insulin. I've already increased my insulin dose twice now and that just baffled the man too. I guess I either shouldn't know how to do that myself, or it's just giving up to much control for him. In my mind if my sugars are good, good enough! They also want me to eat at scheduled times and scheduled amounts of carbs at each "meal". That's 45 for breakfast (WAY more than I'm ever used to, I hardly EVER eat breakfast), 15 for snack, not sure of a lunch number, another snack, 60 for dinner (this is normally the meal where I get the MOST carbs, like 75-100, probably b/c I like pasta), and another snack at bedtime. I do not eat that often, I maybe eat 3-4 times a day. Not always healthy, but that's how I eat, and due to the insulin pump I'm on, I'm able to do that. The pump was another story all together, but they will have to pull that off me kicking and screaming. I know that they have my babies best interest in mind, but seriously, shouldn't we make this doable too? Oh, and quote "If you don't like to do things this way, we don't have to see you as a patient here... there will be no hard feelings", said the doctor. If I wasn't going to come here why would I care if there were hard feelings or not????? Ugh, now to figure out what to do. I have another appointment on Monday, and then an appt with my regular ob on Weednesday. Can't wait to talk with her and see what she says!

October 5, 2008

Great day...

for Cranes.

Got up this morning and rushed to get ready for church so that we had time to get a much needed coffee before sunday school. As we were pulling out of the driveway, we realized that our tire was flat. And not just soft, but completely out of air. F-L-A-T! Lovely, quick switch everything to the truck and off we went, still getting our coffee, and still making it on time to church! Whew!

After church we headed to Cranes, stopping on the way to take some family pictures! Here is just one of the great ones we got, I"ll show off more later!

Cranes was definately busy today, but really it was a gorgeous day for it, who wouldn't want to go? Got a few bags of apples, donuts and cider!

AFter getting home I made some yummy soup! Creamy chicken and wild rice (see sidebar for recipe). Sooooo good, I may have to have another bowl tonight!

By the way, if you didn't realize it, I survived the day yesterday, crashed really hard at night, slept little again, because of my charming little boy that woke up at least once an hour crying for NO reason! NONE! I finally handed him to Matt who was sleeping on the couch for my benefit (love him). That worked for a little while, but it was still a rough night. When do they start sleeping through the night? Anyone know? (Just kidding, he does sometimes, just frustrating when he doeesn't!).

Doctor appointment tomorow. (IF the tire is fixed at least). I'm hoping to hear a heartbeat, it would really put my mind at ease!

October 4, 2008

No time to breathe...

All night I was up stressed out about how I was going to do everything today... no sleep for me, and no chance for naps today! So far today, I've showered (aren't you thrilled??? I'm just excited that I found the time), attended a football game (at which my son and husband won for the first time), rushed off to Target, attended a wedding shower for my future sister in law, rushed downtown to get ready for the kids to ride in the parade, rushed home, ordered a salad, rushed Landon to a birthday party (ok, Matt's really doing the rushing, I'm taking my 5 free minutes to type away). In about 45 minutes I will be heading to the beach to take some pictures (brrrrrrrr!), then almost immediately after I have a couples shower to attend for my brother and sister-in-law. Typing it out doesn't make it look like much, but let me tell you, I have been exausted to the point of tears all day, I'm not sure how I'll make it all night, but I'm sure going to try, and I'm excited to take senior pictures, it's my definate fav!

October 2, 2008


where did my mind go? I was all excited to make chili this morning, after starting, I realized that I do not have a can opener (not the first time I've realized it, but I've gone to neighbors before or used a knife and meat mallet (picture that), so I had to put E's shoes back on and head to the store (pfaltzgraaf, which is going out of business by the way), where I got a pretty pink can opener. Headed back home, opened up all the cans of beans that had to go in (most of you know how very much I LOVE beans, I only used half of what the recipe called for), cut up all the veggies, browned all my meat... had it all ready to go, simmering away, just waiting for it to make the house smell all good and spicy, when it dawned on me that we have dinner plans tonight and I won't even be eating the chili! Bummer!

In about 45 minutes I get to head out, get my hair done and then head to Grandville to have dinner with my family for my sister in laws (bobbie's) birthday! Buffalo Wild Wings... YUMMY! It may even beat the chili, I just wish I hadn't wasted so much time making it, we truly dont' have time to eat it in the next few days even. By the time this weekend is over my head WILL be spinning, I promise! More to come later!

And, because you know you all love them (but mostly for Elliot)...

October 1, 2008

Random mumblings...

mumbling is about all I'm good at today... after 19 hours in bed you would think I would be coherent and clear minded, not to mention awake, but that's not the case. I had the worst migraine EVER (for me) yesterday, I was literally in bed from 1pm (tuesday)-8am this morning. Feeling better today, aside from the major exaustion! That's life!

While in bed I watched a bit (bits and pieces between sleeping) of Oprah yesterday and manged to bawl. The founder of Susan J Komen was on along with various other cancer survivors. Christina Applegate w's as on too, talking about her choice to have a mastectomy, which is the part I really wanted to watch, but I'm pretty sure I missed that part.

E went to the doctor today. He weighs 29 pounds 6 ounces, is 34" tall and got 2 shots (one being a flu shot), I think we would have made it through one shot without tears, but two was to much for him, but with the promise of a new piece of gum, we were good to go!

E's favorite game is "Pocket Rosey" (know what that is???), which may be why I got the migraine yesterday, we played about 30+ times.

For anyone needing more camera memory... here's a GREAT deal for you. And.. here's a link to the 8gb Compact Flash card (if your looking for something else you'll have to search yourself). Seriously great deal, I'll probably buy more than I will ever use, just b/c it's SOOO cheap! The rebate comes in the form of a visa card, so don't expect cash, but seriously a visa card is just as good as cash in my opinion, you just can't put it in the bank!

I had an appt with my endocronologist on Monday in (past even) grand rapids. When I mentioned that I was pregnant thier reaction was "Well, this will be a short appt then, we no longer see diabetic pregnant patients". Oh joy. So now I get to go to maternal fetal medicine next monday. Not thrilled with the whole process really, I HATE driving to grand rapids quite honestly for doctor appointments. Hopefully I won't have a ton of appointments with them and can do most everything at my regular ob.

OK, that's all I can think of for now... although I know there was more. Maybe after a nap it will all come back to me!