December 24, 2010

Our family Christmas Card...

First of all I need to apologize.  This is the closest anyone is getting to a Christmas card from us this year.  I have a picture, but don't have time.  At first I was making myself feel really bad about it, but then I started talking to many others that were not doing them either this year.  I feel bad because I do love to receive cards, so I promise that next year I will be more on top of things.  And who knows, there may even be a new year card or valentines card in the works.  (or maybe even an easter card...).

This past year has been a whirlwind. 
Lynette: I have learned more drug names and medical terms than I ever cared to learn!  I have endured being more tired than I've ever felt, more pain than I've ever felt, and more appointments than I care to count.  But I've also felt more love and kindness than I've ever experienced as well.  That has made it all worth it.  (I promise.  I don't mean to sound cliche when I say that, I really DO mean it).  I've made friends I would have never met had it not been for cancer, existing friendships have been strengthened because of cancer.  My faith has been strenghtened because of cancer.  Right now I'm working on gaining energy again, working on growing some hair and working on getting back to normal.  I have one remaining surgery in January and then I should be "done" for the most part (aside from some maintenance drugs that I will have).  Aside from cancer my life is pretty much the same as any stay at home mother of 4! 

Matt: He keeps very busy with work.  Working from home has been a huge blessing for us this year, God knows what he is doing!  He has coached 3 sports in 2010 I believe.  Basketball in early 2010.  Baseball in the spring and football this fall.  Now I think he has a break until next fall when football starts again.  He was able to re landscape the lawn this fall, and build a few garden boxes so we can plant a garden in the spring.  He also just built me some awsome lockers in the garage.  Finally a place to put all the coats and shoes and boots and backpacks!

Landon:  He's a 12 year old boy.  What more can I say?  (Actually, I can't say much because I'm sure anything I say will embarrass him).  He is doing great in 7th grade, all A's so far.  He loves his sports and his wii.  He probably won't admit it if you ask, but he loves his sisters and brother as well.  He went on the possum trip with church this summer and loved it.  He's hoping to be able to go again next year!

Bailey:  Oh the drama that comes with a girl.  She's 9.  I'm sure it won't get much better from here.  She too is doing great in school, she loves being social, watching t.v., playing school, painting her nails and reading Diary of a Wimpy kid books.  She loves her brothers and sister as well!  Bailey also just got finished with basketball, it was more of a camp style, but loved what she learned.  She loves to play in the driveway with Landon or Matt, but get's intimidated around other people.

Elliot:  It's hard to believe that he is 4.  He is in preschool this year, and will be attending young fives, I hope, next year.  He loves to play with guns.  Landon would have never been allowed to play with guns at his age, but there is nothing we can do to stop this boy.  He builds guns out of EVERYTHING, although Trio blocks are his favorite building material.  He also loves super hero's of any shape and size!  He is also my cuddler.  He loves to go do bed with me and snuggle!  I love it!

Lila:  She is a toddler.  A 20 month old terror toddler.  Just kidding.  Kind-of.  She can absolutely have us laughing one minute and then pulling our hair out the next.  I love the age she is for so many reasons, one being watching her learn new things every day, but it's definitely a hard age as well.  Her favorite things right now are her baby stroller, her friend Reed and cousin Parker, chap stick, markers and food.  Oh, and don't forget the blankie and pipey!  This is a girl that knows what she wants and will not stop until she get's it.  That should serve her well in life someday, but for now it's just frustrating!  but we love her dearly!

We love them all!

Hoping you have a Merry Christmas
and many many blessings for 2011!

December 10, 2010

Last One!!!!

WoW!  6 weeks went by SO fast!  Today is my last day of radiation.  For the past six weeks I've been driving the same route every morning.  Thankfully the weather was good for most of those six weeks.  And, today I will drive that route for the last time.  (OK, that's an exageration, this IS the same route I take to Target and Meijer and Starbucks and JoAnne's and...)  All this to say... I'M DONE!  Or at least at 6:30 this morning I can see that oh so bright light shining, and I've only got steps until the end of the tunnel!  It's kind of like a race... I started off strong, no problem, but at this point I'm crawling to get to the finish line.  I'm sick of it and I'm SOOOO tired!

For the most part radiation is easy.  5 minute appointments, the staff is wonderful, no sickness... the bad parts have been that I have a pretty intense sunburn going under my arm, at one point (no exageration) my skin was black.  I've noticed about three layers of skin peeling off.  (Think of the worst sunburn you've ever had... times 10)  It's uncomfortable to say the least.  About two weeks ago I developed shingles.  Luckily I caught it relatively early and was given some medicine and it was getting better quickly.  Right now I can still see the spots but have very little pain associated with them!

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers during radiation (and before).  They are so appreciated, I have felt them.  Truly, I have!

But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds declares the Lord.  Jeremiah 30:17