January 21, 2010

Yummy Stuff (& other un-important mumblings)

Yum! I made this salsa the other night, it was DELICIOUS (but I will warn that I woke up in the morning with a terrible taste in my mouth)!

This soup/chili is going to be one of our "go to" meals I've decided, seriously, it couldn't be much easier than this!

These are my new favorite "chips"! I picked them up at Nature Valley, not really super cheap, but yummy and so much better (tasting and for me) than potato chips or Doritos or something!

Lila is getting so close to crawling, she get's up on all fours and rocks, but has not moved yet! Thankfully. She has been pretty good lately, sleeping is still hit or miss, but whether she wakes up or not we don't get her out of bed, so sometimes she cries for a while in her bed, but she's in her bed, and most nights she sleeps about 12 hours, can't complain to much!

I started reading "Hole in the Gospel" this week, very convicting, but in a good way. I'm still trying to process it, between that, BSF and another book I'm reading I've been feeling very inadaquate.

Elliot starts a new adventure next week, I'm not going to give details yet, but it will get a post all it's own when it happens, promise!

The kids have off from school tomorow, Elliot and Bailey are having friends spend the night tonight and Landon is going to be gone! Tomorow night Landon has an event at church to go to adn then Saturday Bailey has a soccer game and Landon has 2 basketball games, all right in a row, which means that for three hours miss Lila is going to be having a great time! Should be fun! (Really, I love watching the kids play, just not fun for the little ones)!

January 13, 2010

Catching up (didn't I just say that?)

Well, it's been 2 weeks again, time is just flying. We have been so busy with other things that this just get's neglected. Actually I've just been filling my time with more important things. But at the request of someone who drove my son home for me (thank you so much), I'm updating, and including pictures of course, b/c what is a blog post w/o pictures?
The kids are back at school, regular wednesday night church starts this week, BSF started this week, basketball practice started last week so our weeknights are officially booked. I miss break already and we have a long ways to go with all this busyness.

Lila had RSV last week, but fortunately for all of us, recovered quite quickly. She was not a fan of the breathing treatments at all, but they helped a ton! She is definatly loosing some of her rolls, when I had her at the doctor she weighed 23 pounds some odd ounces, which is only up around 2 pounds since her 6 month visit (which was actually closer to 7 months) and she is almost 9 months now.

Elliot and I have been playing candyland a lot. I went to grab it from the game cupboard the other day and realized that we didn't have Candyland. We didn't have candyland... are you kidding me? So we had to go to Target to purchase it, and at $5.02 I think it was a pretty darn good investment! He loves it!

We watched Parker yesterday, I don't get to see him nearly enough, that's for sure!

Lila and Elliot took a bubble bath together yesterday, Lila thought the bubbles tasted great!

Brothers, I just love that they love each other so much!
And this terribly boring post is the reason I haven't updated is so long, our lives are super busy, but very very boring! I'll try to come back before 2 weeks this time though, even if it's just to share pictures.