April 30, 2007

Zoo Pics

Went to the zoo today with Bailey's class...it was a fun time, the kids had fun at least! There were so many exibits closed it was a little disappointing, but the kids didn't even seem to notice!

Then the usual Monday stuff... ballet and BSF. I really have a lot I wanted to post about, but really don't feel like all that typing right now, so maybe tomorow!

Matt and I are celebrating 8 years of marriage tomorow, some bad times, more good, but still very much in love, more than the day we were married! Nothing special planned, we may go out for dinner, but that's about as exciting as it gets! Have a good Tuesday!

April 29, 2007

We had a pretty good weekend. Elliot was gone for a few hours on Saturday which was so productive! I kept waiting for him to wake up from a nap, but he wasn't even here! Between practices and taking landon to a party I got a lot of cleaning done, not necesarily stuff that you can walk into the house and see that I did anything, but stuff that had to be done! It was so nice to have a break from Elliot, love him sooo much, but freedome was kinda nice for just a little while too! Then Matt went fishing Saturday night, finally got to go out with his downriggers, he came home with nothing though, I'm sure he will be out again soon though! I watched Kari's kids so they could go for dinner. It was fun to have both babies, they were funny together! I don't think I could ever be a mother of twins full time though!

The kids loved playing Peek-a-Boo!

Today we went to church this morning, which was good. I really enjoyed the sermon, we are doing a series on questions you ask about the bible and today he was answering questions about evolution. It gave a little insight into the things you just can't explain. It was interesting to me to hear that the hebrew language has only 7 thousand words, compared to 200,000 in the english language, and how that effects how the bible is translated, because many words in the hebrew language have multiple meanings. After church we went out for lunch and then the kids played outside for a bit, we tried to go for a bike ride, but Elliot didn't think that was all that much fun! He screamed the whole time, so we just went around a very small block by our house. We went for a walk instead (Landon and Bailey rode bikes), we'll have to try the bike thing again when he is in a better mood. After our walk, he went down for a nap so we played baseball with the kids, I'm amazed at how good Bailey is getting, the girl has quite an arm, I was suprised by her throw the first time, I expected to pick the ball up off the ground, but no it came right at me with force even! The kids have this game of playing on the trampoline while Matt throws the football to them (from the ground), so I climbed on the trampoline with them and caught the ball too, and let me just say WOW! I got such a workout, my legs hurt, I definatley got my heart rate up for 30 minutes (probably higher than it should be) and I was actually sweating (I don't sweat very much). It was fun, the kids had a good time and commented later on how much fun it was! So yeah, that was our weekend, tomorow I get to go to the zoo with Bailey's class, hopefully the rain holds off!

Here are a few layouts that I did this weekend...

April 27, 2007

A few layouts to share...

First a picture about what I treasure... I originally wanted to include Matthew 6:19-21 but didn't feel like it went all that well with the picture...

I finally scrapped some easter pictures, I've been procrastinating this for a while, I don't know why, I just don't feel like scrapping them right now, but I made myself...

And a picture I wanted to share (in case you haven't got enough Elliot in the past few days...

I'll be scrapping this one soon I'm sure so it will be back soon!

Have a great Saturday, we are once again super busy, but that's just life!

April 26, 2007


Yes, so I had this whole post typed out this morning, but didn't post it yet, I was going to finish it tonight, and after re-reading it I deleted it. It was filled with negativity, it was a BAD morning! So, I got a little cleaning done this morning, not that you could tell anymore, then I was at Landon's school by 3:30 to hang artwork on the walls for the kids art show tonight, done there by 4:50, picked up Elliot at EJ's, then home to fix dinner that Matt started (but added to much water to the pan, so it needed some repairs, but we got it done). Eat dinner quickly, then off to the art show, buzz through there, then off to Bailey's t-ball practice, only to wait and wait and no one is there, so I run home quickly and guess what there is a message that practice was cancelled, so Matt practiced with her for a bit, then it was Landon's turn to practice at 7:00, supposed to be practicing until 8, but thunder and lightning and pouring rain cut that short, so they were home by 7:45. And now I am here in my jammies, listening to thunder and watching Ugly Betty, and then Grays and then October Road...have I ever said that I LOVE Thursdays? Tomorow Bailey has a friend coming over and Angela is coming over too, so it will be a busy day again here, with nothing accomplished I'm sure, and if I do get something done, you won't be able to tell by night time. I need to remember to go to Target to get a price adjustment on the new carseat that I got for Elliot last week, it's $20 off this week, that's a lot of money! Enjoy your Friday/weekend!

Oh yeah, one more thing, I love comments, if you reading this, let me know, show yourself!

April 25, 2007

Just HAD to share...

This cutest little giggle! (Note: I sooooo wish I could erase my voice, but you will just have to live with it I guess, and the video is taken with my camera (not a video camera, so quality isn't the best...sorry!)

Pics and Layouts

Today isn't so spring like... I'm sitting here freezing, with the window open...just cuz I forgot to close it this morning and I love to sleep with it open! (So, yeah, close the window right??!!) This morning I helped out at the book fair at the kids school for a few hours, Bailey and Elliot stayed home with a friend, now they are both sleeping/watching a movie! I just wanted to share a few pics and layouts quick...

Bailey got to go for her first ride on the new bike (and Matt too)! She absolutely loves it... this morning she said to me, "Mom, I really like my hair short like this...but I love my bike more!" Not sure what one has to do with the other, but then again, I'm not 5 years old anymore!

Next are pics of the entryway, I told you I would share so you could see what the colors look like! I love the colors and if we weren't trying to move soon I would definately want to paint more rooms like this!

And, Matt also tore into the bathroom last night, there are cupboards sitting around our house right now, I was going to post pics, but I will just wait until it's all done! (Hopefully sooner than later!)

And some pics of Elliot, he so badly wants to crawl! He likes to do "Push Ups", where it's just his hands and toes on the ground, and he get's on all fours and rocks, so I'm sure it won't be to long now, and I dread it, I like that he stays in one place personally!
In this one it looks like he's trying to swim (I think at least)...

And a few layouts to share... credits can be seen in my gallery at DST (link on right)

April 24, 2007

Twofer Tuesday

Just some quick product pics that i got today...
This cardstock pack from Amy Wolff is soooo great! The colors are amazing, after unzipping it I was even more impressed! (My new go-to)
Just Solids Cardstock Pack

And, it's only $2.00 today! ($3.99 tomorow)

And some Lace-Up Cards

Aren't these fun, I can't wait to use them... These are also only $2.00 today

So if you don't digiscrap, why not? There is so much you can do!

Have a great Tuesday! I get to go get grocery's! Fun fun fun!

April 23, 2007

It's about time...

we got a new bike for Bailey. She had a 12" Barbie bike and it was just way to little for her, her little legs had to go so fast to get her anywhere and since I've been walking more lately she has had to do a lot of riding. Bless her heart though, she never complains, 3-4 miles later, she is still pedaling fast as fast can be! But today while she was at school I visited Target and got her this...
She loves it (she did have to make sure the training wheels came off though, she's just WAY to big for that...)! Unfortunately it comes in a box, and I'm not talented enough to put it together. I tried to put her old one together when we got it and ended up getting mad and making Matt do it, so I'm not even going to open the box this time... It's all him!

I absolutely hate Monday,not only is it the beginning of a week, but we are so incredibly busy it get's stressful. I pick the kids up from school at 3:45, Bailey has to get changed for Ballet after a snack and we have to leave by 4:30, Ballet get's done at 5:30, so we are home by 5:40, then tonight Landon had his first baseball practice from 6-7, so somewhere in there they both had to eat. I was thinking about going to practice for a little bit, but then realized that Matt was taking all three kids with him so I would be home alone (which rarely happens and I so cherish that time) so I just stayed home and did a few things, then it was off to BSF, not to return til about 9:00. And here I am...

So yeah, pretty boring day, not sure why I keep a blog, my life is pretty monotonous (which I had to look up the spelling of and here is the definition: lacking in variety; tediously unvarying, yeah, pretty much me!

April 22, 2007

What a gorgeous day...

Today was GREAT! It was over 80 degrees and sunny, a little breezy! I could handle all year like this, forget that summer humidity that is bound to hit soon! Matt finally got to go fishing, not salmon like he wanted, the waves were supposed to be huge, so he just went perch fishing instead. (Once he got out there though he said the waves were very small, so he wished he had brought his salmon stuff!) He also said that there was a line a mile long to get into the state park, so don't go there he said! Instead, I took the kids to Payless and got some shoes...
I got these in a solid army green...(can't get that picture I guess)

And the kids got two pairs (1 each too)...

Then we went to Panera for dinner, and then to the park in Holland where there are supposed to be tulips blooming for tulip time, there were about 10 tulips, and I forgot my camer... lucky my dad was along, and never without a camera! Here area few of the pics he captured of my kids, and D & Angela (bro and sis)...

After all that we went to Coldstone for ice cream! So yummy, but definately a splurge for ice cream! I hate spending that much, but when Matt's gone sometimes I jsut have to! Then we came home and went for a short walk and then it was bath/shower time and bedtime for Elliot, while the kids and I watched AFV (a family favorite), now the kids are in bed and I'm on the porch typing away, trying to calm myself down after my mini breakdown of feeling overwhelmed by the messy messy house and doing everything by myself! Tomorow I want to try to walk in the morning, but then am going to dedicate myself to cleaning and organizing. We have clothes everywhere, I need to sort and get rid of a bunch and put away the rest! We just plain have way to many clothes! How many outfits is typical for a child? Just out of curiosity, cuz I think my kids have about 20 shirts a piece, not to mention dresses for Bailey (and 20 may seriously be on the low end)! Not that I'm not grateful that we have clothes to wear, it's just SOOOO overwhelming right now, I think everything is just compounding on each other and I'm getting overwhelmed with everything... For now I'm just outside, enjoying the beautiful weather until it's time for Desperate housewives, Matt won't be home til late I'm sure so all by myself! Have a great Monday everyone!

April 21, 2007

I {heart} spring...

Don't you? Isn't the weather just the best right now? The windows are open, fresh air is flowing throughout! It's the best! It makes me want to take pictures, of dumb things, but I love outside, sunny day pictures! I took Elliot out in the front yard today and put his feet in the grass to see what he would think, and he didn't seem to mind, so we sat in the yard for a little while, he loved to watch the cars go by and try to pick the grass (only succeeding once luckily)! I will try to post pics tomorow!

We went out for dinner tonight, to Mongolian Barbecue, soooo yummy! I could have created so many more bowls/creations, but my stomach wouldn't allow it! I will definately be craving that again soon!

Yesterday we watched my brother and sister, we grilled hamburgers on the grill, then we built a fire, Matt and I sat by the fire while the kids all played (with the neighbor kids too). We made s'mores for the entire neighborhood it seemed (which was fine, just took forever with only one roasting stick). Then the kids came in and watched a movie, look how the girls fell asleep, I thought it was so sweet I needed to capture the moment! I will leave you with the picture, have a great Sunday, I'll be back tomorow night with more pics I'm sure!

April 20, 2007


spring has officially arrived, hopefully for good this time! The last few days have been absolutely gorgeous! In face, I've walked a few times and got burnt both times, my cheeks and arms HURT today! (Note to self: SUNSCREEN) We had lots of time outside today, in fact I didn't watch tv and was only on the computer to quick check e-mail a few times! I did some major cleaning/de-cluttering this morning, I seem to be WAY more productive in the mornings, night comes and I'm done! Tomorow morning I'm going to walk again, then I have to return a skirt to Gap (exchange) and head to Michaels to get some ModPodge for a project I'm working on... pictures to come at a later date (if it even works out) I have a pic to share that I absolutely love... Elliot LOVES kisses from Matt (and me too, but mostly Matt), he will sit calmly and let him kiss him forever!

And a video of Elliot loveing his swing... warning: may cause motion sickness!


Just wanted to see if I could figure out how to add a video...and I did! Bailey and Landon wanted me to tape them doing "tricks" on the trampoline yesterday!

April 19, 2007

Just some stuff...

So, my goal is to organize for 1-2 hours per day and clean for another hour! (Yes, I'm seperating the two!), so that means way less computer time... Matt will be sooooooo thrilled! I didn't get to far last night, we ended up going out for dinner (Olgas, I LOVE thier snackers) and to Gander Mountain for... fishing supplies!
Matt sooooo needs to go fishing, he needs to for himself and to get me some salmon to eat! When I was pregnant I wasn't able to eat all that much, so this year I will be indulging, I figure it could be something way worse to crave, so fish isn't all that bad!
If you have any tips or tricks on organizing, I would be happy to read them... (like hiring someone would be a good one, not cheap but a GREAT idea). We are having a garage sale, but I am to lazy to price everything, so I'm still going to be giving quite a bit to Goodwill! I have two huge piles already. Another site I use to get rid of stuff (besides e-bay) is Freecycle. I get rid of so much stuff so quickly this way, I totally recommend it! Seriously! When we got new furniture we needed our other stuff gone, it wasn't that great so we didn't want to mess with selling it, so I listed it and it was gone by that evening, I had at least 10 people respond and want it! I just listed some micro-steam bags (for cleaning bottles etc) and I received an e-mail request for them within 2 minutes of the listing being posted, not sure when she will pick up, but whatever, it's gone, I don't have to look at it and I didn't add it to a landfill!

We spent quite a bit of time outside this afternoon, Elliot loved it, and so did I. I walked 3.5 miles this afternoon too and guess what... my cheeks got a little sun! I then went shopping at the Gap Outlet, lucky me they had 50% off a bunch of stuff, so I picked up a few things, 2 skirts and some shirts, it feels so good to get new clothes, especially skirts. It's been a LONG time since I wore a skirt! Now I just need shoes, so hopefully tomorow I can make time for Payless! (Thanks to Amandas cute pics)

So, no great plans for the weekend, we are watching my brother and sister tomorow night so my parents can go out, then they are taking our kids on Saturday so we can go out with some friends, I think we are going to go to Mongolian Barbecue (did I spell that right???), we've never been so it will be fun to try something new, plus it's a little ways away from us so it will make the night last longer, I so need a long night! Sunday is church and I think Matt will try to take the "Dinner Bell" his boat out for the first time this year!

I just finished a layout too, it didn't take me that long, so I know it's not that great, but I liked the kit with the colors of Bailey's shirt! I also loved the style of the kit too! Anyway, here it is...

Great Friday and weekend to you!

April 18, 2007


I want to move so bad, but really have not much motivation to get the house ready to sell, until today! We looked at a house this afternoon, nothing super special, and I'm not exactly sure I even like the house all that much, but I definately LOVE the pool! So anyway, that got me motivated! Right after looking I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get some storage things so that I could de-clutter my house! I bought some of these...I was able to get a duvet, a duvet cover, 2 pillows and a set of sheets in one jumbo bag and in the other I got 7 winter coats and some other misc winter items! They are vacume sealed so I dont have to worry about smells or anything like that! Right now I'm taking a break from going through the kitchen and taking out anything we don't use regularly, if we don't use it regularly we don't need to have it right now! It's amazing how simply we can live if we try! While at Bed Bath and Beyond I also bought one of these! Mine is a little more shabby chic looking though! I love it! Right now I have the juicy orange going, I also bought Buttercream, Vanilla Lime, Cucumber Cantaloupe, Country Linen and Greenhouse, I want to burn them all just so I can get a smell! The kids aren't going to be all that happy with me when I de-clutter thier room! They have way to much stuff, and poor Bailey got all of her toys taken away about a month ago b/c she never picks anything up (I know I was the same way when I was younger, and now I know why I frustrated my mother so much), unfortunately that backfired and she didn't really care, she still has craft stuff and games to play, but anyway, they are going to be mad b/c I intend to take a lot more away, spring is upon us, they will be outside most of the time anyway, who needs indoor toys, right? (Help me out here...I'm feeling kinda guilty!) They also both have an obsession with blankets, each of them probably has 4 different blankets besides the comforter on thier beds, so they are going to have to pick one to keep out, the rest are getting packed! Ahhhhhhhhhh, I suppose I should go clean a bit more, it's almost time to go get the kids! Wishing everyone a wonderful Thursday tomorow (ABC is going to be All NEW, I'm so excited, it's about time, that means Betty, Grays and October Road, woohoo!)

Off to clean...

April 17, 2007

Just another day!

Today was an ok day. This morning I was seriously at the, end of my rope with Elliot and feeling like I was going to explode, but then he finally fell asleep! He was so tired, but just fighting it, I tried getting him up once just in case I wasn't reading him right, but he was so cranky there just wasn't any denying how tired he was, so back to bed, then crying for 45 minutes before he finally fell asleep. It just stresses me out! I went for a long walk with a friend (after stopping at the cafe for a cinnamon roll...hmmmmmm????), some cleaning and laundry (I've figured out that I have to do at least 2 loads a day just to keep up! How in the world do five people create 2 loads of laundry per day (FULL loads), well, let me tell you, it's because my dearst daughter puts clean clothes in with dirty clothes just because she doesn't want to put them away... how lovely is that?????? Matt came home for lunch, it's always nice to be able to talk to an adult, and he brought me Subway, so nice of him! My little sister came over to play with Bailey and to take a nap, the kids all took great naps/quiet time so that was so nice for me... it was rejuvinating, just quiet time when I should have been cleaning, but was on the computer instead... (I need to work on prioritizing better). Then we picked up my van which was being fixed, it feels so good to know that nothing is wrong with it, no tires are going to fall off or anything, I just HATE to spend all that money on something that I have nothing to show for! Tonight Landon had a roller skating party for school, and Matt was working on getting his boat ready so I took all three of my kids and a friend of Bailey's.

Here is Bailey (middle) and her friends Maddie and Morgan enjoying ice cream!

Landon (left) and three of his friends...

Elliot and his friend/cousin Mayci, aren't they sooo cute?!? Elliot loved to hold her hair!

So anyway, that's pretty much all, nothing deep or thoughtful today, just a boring day! And a layout to share... a double page, and I'm pretty sure I've already shared these pics, but now they look prettier don't they?????

April 16, 2007

So we decided...

So, we went to the meeting for the gifted and talented class for Landon tonight. Earlier today I had been talking to a friend about how Landon doesn't know what it's like to work for his grades, he doesn't have a clue how to study or ask for help when he doesn't understand something. Then at the meeting they addressed this word for word and how being in this class may take kids from the top of the class to the bottom, they may struggle a bit, but they will learn how to ask for help, they will learn how to study, they will learn to make smart academic decisions on thier own! They said that some kids do struggle in the class at first, but eventually adjust. I just felt as if God was telling me that this is what we need to do. Neither one of us wants to tell Landon though (it may be a while until we actually do, I know him and he will stress about it so bad), but we know that no matter what his reaction, he doesn't know what is best for him at his young age and we do, we know that this is the right decision for him right now!

It is so amazing when you God speaking to you. I have really been trying lately to discern what His will and desire is for my life, with so many random things happening, specifically cancelling my plans for last week. I just need to wait and trust that He has a purpose, I may never get the answers but he has them and I know in my heart that he knows what is best (although difficult, because I, like most people, like to be in control, but need to turn that over to Him). OK, did I ramble enough about that? Are you still with me?

I missed the discussion part of BSF tonigh (Bible Study), but made it for the lecture portion and I'm glad I did. I struggle so much with lack of self control (hence the belly that won't go away and my supply of digiscrapping stuff) and one of the principles that she gave us was... Christians prepare to meet Christ by living a self controlled life, so I feel very convicted now to work on that this week. Another point she made was that we are not shocked by evil anymore because we are so used to seeing it and hearing about it, but we are suprised when someone shows God's love, how true is that and how sad? And one more priciple to share... The opportunities God gives today may be gone tomorow, what am I putting off that should be done today? There may not be time for repentance tomorow, right now is the time, for myself and to tell others about God's love!

I went to help in Bailey's class at school this afternoon, I love helping out, and since Landon is so much older I realize that they just don't need the help anymore when they get older, I need to take advantage of knowing her friends and teacher so well at this age. We did a book on animals with the kids, with examples of thier body coverings, i remember doing the same exact book with Landon when he was in kindergarten! After that was Ballet, then I had to bring my car to the shop where Matt picked me up, took us home, then off to the meeting, then bible study and here I am, so really very little time to even think this evening, it's great to relax a little!

I did a quick layout this morning for Digi-Dare...Journaling is a little depressing, but it's just me right now, it reads:
So, the dare is to find something you like about yourself... not an easy task. I’m not a super positive person lately, so really there was nothing, but if I HAD to pick, it would either be my eyes or my hair, but only the color of my hair, I really don’t like how thick it is, or how it just lays limp, but that’s my own fault for not taking the time to do my hair every day, but who has the time? I hate my unruly, grow to fast eyebrows, with a chicken pox scar on the side so there is no eyebrow there, I hate my dry cracked chapped lips, and if we head a little further south I hate my stomach, three kids later it is just plain old fat (love the kids, hate the gut), the legs aren’t terrible, except for that awful sore on the right ankle that will never go away, so I guess I’m stuck with my eyes, there not that bad, the color is ok, I guess

Have a great Monday night/Tuesday (depending on when you are catching this)!

April 15, 2007

Did you have a good weekend...

we did! Nothing really special, I already posted about Friday night, and then on Saturday morning Matt decided it was time to start moving on getting the house done, so that we can sell and move on from this place! (Not to far though, just from this house) So he started painting the entryway (it looks sooo cool, but needs a few more coats of paint and flooring, I will post pics when the paint is finished), the walls are red and the trim is a light tan (Dustbowl to be specific), it used to be white trim, but got dirty so fast from the kids going in and out! I felt guilty having him work and me do nothing, so I started cleaning my room, something I have been putting off for months. I hate putting clothes away, so I generally live out of laundry baskets, not to mention the fact that I don't have many clothes, so it seems like I wear the same thing all the time, but I tackled that task! I put away almost all of my clothes, (I just need more hangers for my closet), dusted everything, and the biggest thing is that I even cleaned the closet (something that HAD to be done in order to put the house up for sale). I packed up a lot of stuff just because I don't need it right now but may need it in the future, so that will get put away (either storage or the shop) and out of our house. It's hard enough to keep the house picked up, I don't need extra stuff sitting around!

I've also been feeling like I need a break from life, specifically from being a mom. I love my kids, I love being with them, but don't we all need a break sometimes? I keep thinking I need to rent a hotel room all by myself and just go veg, watch tv, sleep, and basically do nothing, no responsibilities, no diapers to change, no lunch to make, no whining to hear, oh it sounds good, I know I would miss my kids quickly, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Luckily Matt is very understanding, and although I know he wanted to go work on getting his boat ready for Salmon fishing, he let me go to a friends house instead fo some adult conversation, a yummy drink (have you tried this? Mixed with squirt, yummy!), and some attempts at scrapping! I so needed to get out of the house, it was so nice!

Then this morning we went to church, Elliot did so well sitting in church, he "talked" a little, but all in all was pretty quiet! After church we headed south to my grandpa's house to visit, I used to go every other week but since Elliot has been born it's been harder, and I know he misses us, and then some family time this evening! All in all it was a good weekend, a lot was accomplished (which is always a good feeling), I got to rejuvinate a little, just what we needed!

A few pics to share of our visit... (elliot wasn't thrilled that we took his bottle away for the pic)

And some other random pics of Elliot!

Just a quick layout...

Click on layout for credits in DST gallery...

April 13, 2007


A few months ago I didn't have a clue what an action was... slowly I've taught myself how to use them and what they are for, and now I LOVE them! I want more! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want these, REALLY want them, hopefully for my birthday or something like that! Not cheap, but I have heard that they are GREAT, and well worth it. My only fear is that the pictures have to be great to begin with, and I'm by no means a GREAT photographer! So anway, this is one pic I altered with a few actions... acid wash and white balance...

Isn't that cool?

So, tonight we went out for dinner to Fridays! Yummy, I love thier Sesame Jack Chicken Strips, the only problem was that they didn't give me enough sauce, normally 1 1/2 sauces is enough for the order, and my order wasn't any bigger than last time, but 2 cups didn't even get me through all the chicken, the sauce is great, if you've never tried it, I HIGHLY recommend it! Elliot sat in a high chair for the first time out for dinner and it seemed to work quite well, he liked to look around at everyone and everything! (Nosy little guy)

Then off to Dicks to look at fishing stuff and t-ball/baseball stuff! We had a bunch of stuff in hand, but walked out with nothing, I think we can find it cheaper at MC Sports or Target. They both need helmets this year, I'm petrified of lice because of recent happenings a few people I know have had with thier kids, so therefore, my kids are NOT going to share a helmet! Don't want any of those buggies roaming around my house! Then on the way out we were watching a little girl climb the rock wall and we talked Landon into it, it was only $2 so we figured if he couldn't do it no big deal... but look what he did!

The above pics were taken with my phone so they aren't great, but you get the idea!

So yeah, nothing huge going on this weekend, I wasn't supposed to be able to get around at this point, so we didn't plan a whole lot, Matt will go work on his boat I'm sure at some point to get ready for salmon fishing, Bailey is having a friend over in the morning, church on Sunday, maybe we will make it down to visit my grandpa (we haven't been in a month or two, and we really need to go see him)! So, hope everyone has a great weekend!

April 12, 2007

WOW! Check this out...

Look at these incredible sidewalk paintings... it's so hard to see the actual surface, everything looks so amazingly real! (More can be seen here!)

April 11, 2007

New Stuff...

So excited, I FINALLY got an external hard drive... I went to install Nero on my computer today so that I could back up my digital scrap files to DVD instead of CD (wouldn't want to loose all that...) and there wasn't space on my computer for the program. So after a little research I found one at Circuit City that looked pretty decent! 250G Western Digital, on sale for just $79.99 (that is IF i remember to mail in the rebate, gotta do that tomorow) So, as I type I'm copying EVERYTHING over to the ehd, which is going to take FOREVER!

I have a new layout to share too... I shared this pic earlier, but wanted to scrap it...
Credits can be seen here!

And a story to share too, about how incredibly dumb I can be! Bailey goes to school two days/week and every other Wednesday, Landon had the same schedule as her, three years ago, never had a problem. Well, this morning I dropped the kids off at school, Bailey get's on a bus at Landon's school and takes that to her school and drove off as she was climbing on the bus, off to Wal-Mart (a store I normally absolutely HATE, but have discovered that if you go at 8:30 in the morning it really isn't all that terrible, it's as good as Wal-Mart can be I guess). So I'm in line waiting to return something when my phone rings, I don't recognize the number, but answer anyway... good thing! It's Bailey's school, it wasn't her day to go to school, so she was waiting in the office for me to come and get her! At this point I'm near tears, I don't mess up like this, I've lost some of my organizational skills (as far as scheduling and keeping track of papers etc) in the past few years (a little goes with the addition of each child), but this is a pretty big mess up. I called Matt and luckily he was able to go get her quick. Luckily when she got home she was smiling, in the past something like this probably would have upset her pretty bad, but she has grown up so much this year. I guess there was another little boy in the office that did the same thing, and I know it's not the first time someone has done it, but still! Oh well, live and learn I guess, I will check the calendar closer next time!

Well, have a great day, there is nothing exciting going on in my life right now, no great pics to share or anything, sorry!

April 10, 2007

Why I scrap and a challenge to you...

First of all, can you tell I like to change my header... I need to figure out the right size to make it so it fits!

So, I've been thinking about why I scrap lately, and there are the obvious reasons... to preserve memories o fmy kids, to document thier growing up, but there are other reasons too... I want to preserve who we are, not just what we look like or say, but the deeper parts of ourselves. I was just reading Simple Scrapbooks, one of the magazines that I bought when I thought I was going to have plenty of time to relax and read, which didn't happen, but that's another story for another day..., anyway, I found an article called "Write from the Heart", about using meaningful journaling, and they had a list of prompts, which I thought were great for creating a detailed book about myself and my family for my kids, something they can have to really give them a glimpse into our lives...
Some of them were... (can you tell yet that I like ...)
random childhood memories
moments that changed your life
Personal accomplishments/milestones
physical traits that make you unique
goals you've set for the future
recipes you love or make often
words that describe you or a family member
people who've touched your life
places you lived
what you're afraid of
what you're grateful for
things you love about someone in your life
things you couldn't live without
things that inspire you
Another sight that I like that normally forces me to go deeper is Digi-Dare, thier challenges normally make me think, and get it down in a layout. I plan to create an album for my family about these types of topics, not just pretty smiles and happy thought, but the good, the bad adn the flat out terrible!
I challenge you too to create something (not necessarily a scrapbook, maybe just a journal or letters or anything else you can think of) to leave your children/families with about you and your inner thoughts!

On another note... we got a letter in the mail today telling us that because of recent test scores Landon qualified for the gifted and talented program at our school. I'm truly not suprised, we have always known that he was extermely smart in some areas. He does struggle with reading comprehension, but he can read at a much higher level than he is supposed to be at. The problem with this program is that he would have to go to a different elementary school, and then go back to our district for middle and high school, and were not sure that that would be beneficial to him, having to leave his friends and then leave any new friends he makes in two years. There is an informational meeting on Monday, so we are gong to go to that and try to find out more, right now I'm thinking that we are leaning toward just keeping him in his regular classroom. I just wish he was challenged more.

No pictures or anything to share today... maybe tomorow!

Ta-ta for now!

April 8, 2007

He has RISEN!

Ooooo, what a cold cold Easter! What a great great day though! Our Savior lives!

We had a busy busy day, first we woke up early and found that the Easter Bunny had hidden all of the eggs that we colored last night! So the kids looked for all of those and found them quite quickly! Then they found thier easter buckets, the Easter Bunny didn't go overboard this year, in fact he/she kept it quite simple, and I'm so happy, I was feeling guilty, but after this day, I'm ok with it! Landon got basketball cards, Bailey got a few littlest pet shop animals and Elliot got a car keys set and Wiggles board book, the older kids got some candy too!

Here are some pics of our family and thier easter buckets!
And some pics of thier sweetest easter outfits! Doesn't Elliot look adorable? Matt doesn't like this style hat, I on the other hand love it, and I win! Bailey couldn't wear her new dress that Grandma got her b/c it was a sun dress and doesn't look that great with boots, and sandels weren't going to work today! But she had a new outfit to wear anyway!
We went to the early service at church, which is completely out of the norm for us, it is a more traditional service and we are used to the more contemporary service, the songs are just more us, but we had to go up north and wouldn't make it in time if we had gone to the usual service, it was different, but it wasn't bad singing the hymns, especially for Easter! After church we headed up north to visit with family and eat a great lunch (half way there we realized that we forgot the brownies, so we had to stop at Walmart and pick some up...so now I have two pans of brownies sitting on my counter, just what I need on top of all that great easter candy)! After visiting for a bit we headed home to find that Landon and Bailey had left thier easter candy out on the floor and Dexter had indulged himself, and then left us a few presents around the house, it must have made him sooo sick! Then for dinner we went to Matt's mom's house, so needless to say, plenty of eating today! Following is a pic of the kids at Matt's mom's, Elliot was in his jammies by this time!

So, I hope everyone else had a great easter and have a great week, I will be gone for a bit but will return later this week! Lot's of prep to do before I leave though, so busy busy busy day for me tomorow!

April 7, 2007

He has risen!

Happy Easter... a little early! Wishing everyone a great day with family and friends, may you rejoice in our saviors ressurection!

We did an easter egg hunt at church this afternoon, the kids had a great time, I will share pics tomorow! Then my parents took us out for dinner for Matt's birthday. They got back from Florida late last night, the kids were so happy to see each other! They are all sooooo tan... Here is a pic of Dimitri and Angela, braids and all...
Regarding a previous post about being on time... that was not directed at anyone in particular, just something that bothers me, and I can be late sometimes too, I know it happens, it's just one of the things that bother me. One other thing... that I KNOW I am to often guilty of is exageration! A random example is... "We waited at the stop light for 10 minutes". No, it isn't a big deal, but when everything is exagerated, it becomes very hard to believe anything. This is something that I am working very hard on NOT doing! Sadly though it is to natural and I catch myself doing it quite a bit! I guess I keep going back to Matthew 5:37, I want others to believe what I say. I know that it normally isn't anything important that is exagerated, but when it filters into our lives so much and often, it filters into the important things, that is when the problem begins in my opinion. So anyway... just what you wanted, another one of the things that irritate me, again, not directed at any one person, most specifically it's about myself!
So anyway, I'm sure I will be back with sweet easter pics tomorow... enjoy your day!