December 30, 2007

Just waiting for my turn...

I'm a little paranoid and I keep thinking my stomach hurts, but then I really think about it and realize that I'm ok! My mouth waters and I worry! Nice huh? I'M NOT GOING TO GET SICK!!!!

We didn't go to church this morning, Matt was still sick & E has a pretty good (bad) cold so I couldn't put him in nursery, so basically my kids (Landon & B) would have ended up sitting in church all alone, not really productive.

I did NEED to get out of the house though, so we headed up to Grandville to exchange a few things and eat lunch. It was the best thing I could have done. E was so good the whole time, he even slept in the stroller for a bit, lunch was great (Olga's), and I got some stuff done! My kids did SOOOOO good! I couldn't have asked for them to be better, even after dragging them from one end of the mall to the other.

I need some new black boots, but didn't have much luck finding any that I like/fit! I found some super cute Steve Madden flats that I loved though and bonus they were on clearance... which means they didn't have my size... bummer! Oh well, since I WILL NOT be sick tomorow I'm going to try Shoe Carnival and Famous Footwear.

Enjoy your New Year, whatever your plans may be and stay safe!

Glory to God in highest heaven,
Who unto man His Son hath given;
While angels sing with tender mirth,
A glad new year to all the earth.
~Martin Luther

December 29, 2007

Matt's got it...

I guess I'm not suprised, Matt got sick now! Not suprised, but not happy either. I know he couldn't help it, I know he would rather not be sick, but we had plans to go out tonight. Dinner and exchanges. I NEEDED to go out. I have been with Elliot for a full week (-3 hours). He's been whiny & difficult for the last three days, making it not so pleasant to be with him. Frustrating actually. I was going to take him to the store with me a little while ago, but I ended up throwing him back in his bed b/c he wouldn't stop cyring! (He was sleeping when I got home). After he recovered from the flu he got a cold (his 3rd this season so far), so he has good reason to be crabby, but good grief, I can't stand it anymore!

So while cooped inside all afternoon Bailey & I watched Karate Kid (whoa... it's been a LOOOONNNGGG time) and now were watching Hook, all on ABC Family. I watched Hairspray last night (wow after typing this I realize I've probably watched more movies in the last 24 hours than I have in the last month), good movie. I had heard of other young girls watching it and liking it... totally don't recommend that! Way to much information for my 6 year old at least. She ended up watching Blank Check with her brother (which in her movie critic words was "AWSOME!"). Who knows what else is on tonight, I'm sure I'll be parked right here watching whatever it is though!

No big plans for New Years. I think we are just going to make some yummy food and stay in with the kids. I'm scared of driving with all of the other idiots that drink and drive (one of my paranoia's) and the thought of just watchign a movie, playing some games (both board & wii) sounds good right now! But, I HAVE to get out of this house before them, that's for sure!!!!! So, what are your plans? Anything great and exciting? Bet you can't beat mine!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

December 27, 2007

Gettin' better...

The evening seems to be bringing a little more health to our house, let's hope that that doesn't change and that Matt & I don't get it! That would be terrible! E drank two whole glasses of water (and as bad as that may sound, it really is a good thing, the child is picky about what he drinks, it's got to be either chocolate milk or strawberry milk, terrible habit I know, but... he's our baby and that's just how it is, since when did I become such a terrible parent????, unable to say no or hold my ground), and ate about 10 crackers and a few chips & cheese with Matt (all of the eating took place after 5pm. Bailey ate an orange & some cheerios (after 6pm), Landon & I went out for dinner for Dimitri's birthday adn he ate a little. No one threw up after 11am, but we all slept quite a bit this afternoon. E even took a few naps on my lap and one on Matt's! E rarely ever sleeps unless he is in his crib so this was almost enjoyable for me!

On a happier note... E is communicating so much more just recently. Really I noticed it more on Christmas. He is saying a few words.
upee (when he wants to go upstairs)
eh-eh (for basically anything he can't say, no I don't really count this as a word, but I hear it so many times in a day it kinda is to me)
pop (sounds like hot, for when his toast or waffle is in the toaster... it's what the toaster does)
I know there is more, I just have to think, I'll update this later
He also signs more too...more, thanks you and all done
Hopefully tomorow brings better health for all of us and I can get my house straightened up. I did get the bathroom cleaned like 5 times today (I guess someone was trying to tell me that I was taking to long to get to it) :)
Off to bed... plenty of rest, fluids and hand washing!

At least we made it through Christmas...

but now Ive got 3 sick kiddos! Matt & I were up lots last night cleaning up throw-up, and he got to leave for work this morning while I continue the task. At least teh older two can make it mostly into at least a bucket... #3 not so much though. I am just keeping the lysol wipes and spray handy so I can sanitize everything! Bummer for the kids too, Bailey was supposed to have a freind spend the night tonight and Landon had a birthday party at Laser Storm to go to... not anymore though! If they got it from who I think they got it from it shouldn't last to long at least! It's just dealing with the whinning & not being able to do anything for E!

December 25, 2007

Showing off

Just had to show off the super sweet necklace that my dear husband got me for Christmas (and here I thought I was only getting measuring spoons)! So, mine is a little different... the picture is the same, but the writing is my kids' names'!

Isn't that so cool????!!!! (OK, so he had hints... like 15 e-mails in the past 6 months from me, but he still ordered it, so I'm thrilled!) by the way, he got it from this blog... such cool stuff here and here! Totally recommend checking it out!

Hope everyone else had as good of a Christmas as we did! My tree is gone, living room rearranged (which is no small chore I tell ya), Matt & I just finished a game of Mario Party 8 on the Wii while the kiddies are all snug in thier beds! Matt is off to work tomorow, I think I'm headed to Target to get some organizing stuff (with 3 kid's, brave huh?)! Ideally I'd like to move the kids rooms around (switch E to main floor and L & B to upstairs), but that will have to wait til Matt's arm is healed a bit better! Who knows, maybe we'll sell the house soon... HA! Just kidding! That was funny huh?

Some of our christmas pics!

A picture of the kids from Matt's mom's house on Sunday!

Brad, Landon & E all cordinated so well!

Santa made an appearance at our party last night, Elliot was thrilled! Went right to him and climbed right up on his lap!

I don't think I've shown off Baileys Christmas outfit yet... isn't that skirt just adorable!!??!!

E was pumped to see his new basketball hoop!

Santa filled up the kids stockings while they were sleeping!

Can you tell they were excited to get thier Wii????? They were SOOOO suprised!

Bailey got Molly from Grandma & Grandpa Maly... she has wanted this doll forever!

December 21, 2007

Pesky Little Migraine's

They have been getting more & more frequent again. I used to get them once a week to the point where I would black out and even worse. I changed my insulin and it all got better. But now they are coming back more and more frequent. I thought it was caused by raw onions and I quite eating anything with raw onions, but now I think it's just a taste I get in my mouth when I get a migraine (wierd I know). I didn't have any onions yesterady at all, but still got a migraine. It just isn't a convenient time of year to be in bed all day. I kept making myself get up to "do one more thing" that just NEEDED to be done. Which almost makes it worse. Problem is, I spend the day in bed and by evening Im' restless and can't sleep anymore. Yuck, I'm sure many people know that Migraines aren't fun... I know i'm not the only one who suffers from them.

So, today E & I have been running a few errands, he is sleeping right now and I shoudl be wrapping presents! Kate stopped by earlier in her elf costume (I forgot pictures Kate) to see Elliot, unfortunately she got a nice view of my TRASHED house (really quite embarrased by all you had to see). Elliot wasn't quite sure what to think, but he wasn't scared either!

Tonight I get to go to dinner at Via Maria with some friends and then shopping with EJ for some last minute stuff! Should be fun. But then tomorow we have a party to go to, I need to wrap presents and cook for that yet, but it shouldn't be to bad. sunday we have a party with Matt's mom, Monday with mary's extended family, Tuesday our family, my dad's and then Matt's dads. Christmas is always soooooo busy. I think Santa may have to start coming to our house a day early, that would be nice wouldn't it????? Hmmmmmmm, now my mind is going! OK, gotta go, I have to call Matt & discuss this new idea of mine!

I may be back to post pictures, but may have to wait, Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

December 19, 2007


Elliot & Dex were so darn cute today... I'm always amazed at how much Dex let's E climb on him, hit him, pull on him, use him for a stool etc! Such a good dog for him!

After the kids got home from school we went outside to pull E in his new sled that the kids were giving him for Christmas... we'll put it under the tree and he'll never remember! While we were out there we built a snowman with the neighbors, isn't he CUTE!! There is a house down the road from us that builds tons of cool & unique snowmen every year, todays is almost as big as thier house, or at least the first floor, with accessories like buttons and a hat to match his size. If you get near us make sure you check it out.

Elliot loved his sled, not sure what he thought of his frist trip outside, we still need to get him snowpants so he can actually play, but I think he will have fun (for a short amount of time at least)

We didn't have any carrots, so look what we used for a nose... I still laugh every time I look at that! :)

We went to the live nativity at the Critter Barn tonight! Good night for it, it wasn't to cold alhtough it was quite busy for a little bit!

I'm pretty sure the rabits were happy to see us leave...Elliot was tormenting them quite a bit. I think he thought they coudl endure as much as Dexter... he loved them though!

Bailey & Lanodn loved to hold the animals too! It was a great time!

I'm officially done babysitting for the year! I love the little boy that I watch, but I'm happy to have a little break before the kids come home from school, two days to get stuff done and spend some one on one with E!

December 18, 2007

Feelin' better...

I'm feeling a little better today... still easily annoyed, but better than my last post!

Some cute things to share...
Landon asked me yesterday where all my scrapbook stuff that i always work on was... I had to tell him that it was on-line! But, luckily I had recently recieved my shutterfly book with Elliot's frist year in it. (I have to do something about my margins next time, some of the journaling got cut off or buried in the binding). So anyway... he looked through it and was giddy... he was laughing at all the pictures, the journaling, everything! He loved it! So that just verified to me why I scrap... and also that I need to get more printed!

Bailey was supposed to get a wall call (they have to stay by the wall of the school at recess, which I have mixed feelings about, but that is the consequences they use adn it seemed to be good motivation for her) at school today because she didn't turn in some homework and couldn't find it at home (her own fault) and I was so tempted to call the teacher to make sure that she followed through on it, but I let it go for some reason! Well, she came home from school and said "I didn't get a wall call mom" and I cringed. My immediate thought was to email the teacher tonight to remind her, I wanted the logical consequence to occur. Then the next sentance out of her mouth was... "I prayed about it last night, I knew I wouldn't". So that e-mail idea went out the window, how can I mess with that? Not sure if she learned a lesson or not, but at least she learned that prayer does work!

There was one more too... but I can't remember it, so I'll be back later... I'm off to do some Christmas shopping with the kids (older ones) for Matt. I thought we weren't doing anything this year b/c of other big purchases we made, but lo and behold he decided we were! So... off to Target for us! Ta! Ta! For now!

December 17, 2007


I am soooo crabby! The kid are driving me NUTS right now! I do something and they are both right there destroying it! I just cleaned the window and guess what they sat at it pounding on it immediately after I was done, the cleaner wasn't completely dry yet making it even worse. And truly I can live with fingerprints, it's the combination of thier destruction that is driving me truly crazy! Carson keeps pulling all the ornaments off the tree, like yanking them off, not our Christmas tree either, it's the hand made ornaments on my hibiscus tree in my dining room, so whne they get yanked off it pulls the branches down and breaks the ornament! Elliot is throwing everyhting and anything everywhere... he also figured out that if he stands on the stool (ottaman) he can reach the tv and pound on that and pull the cords out so we have no picture... driving me CRAZY I tell ya! Please pray that we all make it through the day! It doesn't help that my house feel extra cluttered right now from the weekend and that needs to be taken care of before more parties next weekend (and here I sit... productive huh??).

So... what do you think, are kids shaped by genes or influence? Elliot's latest big thing is playing basketball. Landon puts his hoop on the cupboard instead of the door and he shoots in it for quite a while at a time. I mentioned to Matt that he was lucky to have two sons with the same interests as him and he thought that maybe it was influence. I have to think this is somewhat correct. Matt's brother and himself have totally different interests, I don't think thier mom probably influenced thier likes dislikes either way, I have to think that it was Matt's friends that influenced his love of sports, and Jeff had a different group of friends with more of the drama/music interests. both are very talented at the interests they had. But thier is a family at our church that every single one of them is interested and talented at music. Now, I suppose that could be either one... genes or influence. Just something I thought was interesting to think about.

I added another link to the voting thing on top. The questions are the exact same, but you can "weigh" your answers as to how important the issue is to you. For myself I moved the scale higher for two issues and that totally changed my nominees. As suspected I am still very republican, I was just somewhat suprised at who actually was on top. I ended up with McCain, Huckabee and Romney. I wish thier was a question on a few other issues that I think are important, but I think I have an idea of who I like at this point. I honestly just can't wait til this whole election thing is over.

Bailey's room is a mess again, could be why I'm crabby again! She will be in her room for a while after school and lucky for her she will get a break to go play with Brooks & Cobe shortly after getting home... Sarah offered to watch the kids so we coudl get our shopping done finally! Thanks so much Sarah, I can't explain how appreciative I am, I think I will need a kid break by them too!

I know I ahd something else "hot topic" to post about, but can't think about it, maybe after I put the kids down for naps I'll be back! Enjoy your monday, hopefully more than I'm enjoying mine!

December 15, 2007

Christmas Parties have begun...

We visited Santa downtown today! Seriously this is the BEST place to see Santa. No one is there to take your pictures adn charge you an arm & a leg for them, there is no one but Santa and whoever else wants to visit with him! We have waited in line for quite a while in years past, but this year there were only two families in front of us, so it was soooo quick. By the time we were done there was quite a line, not because we took to long (in fact with three kids I think we were kinda quick, Santa spends good time talking with each child) but because I think it was just "time" to see him! Elliot was very very tired and just stared at the bird that was near santa the whole time he was on his lap. We had strangers saying his name so he would look at us for a picture (I think they wanted us to be done, maybe a bit impatient). After Santa we visited with the rabbit, fish and chinchilla (I know, spelled wrong). Elliot started screaming and that was our cue to leave!

Tonight was our first Christmas party, first of many! Here are a few pics of that fun! Elliot got to open his first present. I know he just had a birthday, but he is way more excited now about the presents! He loves his MP3 player!

Looks like we are getting hit with a snow storm tonight, Matt just left to go get the snowblower from his work, since he can't shovel, we'll see how he does with that! Let's hope it works out, cuz otherwise we will be snowed in all winter!

December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday's

Kinda a crazy day today... this morning started off terribly. I went to help Bailey pick out some clothes to wear and found her room barely walkable. I found piles of clothes behind the door, things that were clean at one time, she just didn't want to take the time to put them away. There were clothes all over the floor, clothes that should have been in the closet on the shelf (all of her pants/bottoms) were in the drawers (I know, that's petty and I could have handled that alone, but on top of everything else, not so much), it was terrible! Awful! Horrible! No Good! Very Bad!!!!!! I yelled, then apologized, the normal route things go at our house! I was so frustrated all day, I tried to clean it myself at one point, but with two little ones that wanted to be right on my feet it was impossible. Lucky for me (and them) they got it cleaned tonight, Landon has a friend coming over tomorow after school so that was added motivation for him to hlep his sister!

We had dinner at Logans tonight for my father in laws birthday, and then we had to go to Angela's "real" birthday party after that, so we got home at 8 to finish homeowrk, clean rooms, shower and then guess what, landon reminded me that they had a bake sale tomorow and I was supposed to make something. He actually reminded me after school and I knew about it previously, but my date was next Wednesday according to one of the two letters they sent home previously. When he mentioned it after school I didn't have time to do anything about it adn when we got home I had forgotten about it... til about 8:45, lucky for me I had stocked up on chex cereal and had the makings for some puppy chow, so 15 minutes later it was all bagged up and ready to go! What a relief!

Tomorow I'm headed to Grandville with Mary to do some christmas shopping, I have quite a bit yet to do, and probably won't get much done tomorow, Matt and I are going to have to pick a date and get it done next week. Then at night we have a late nighter at our church for Landon, Matt adn I are both chaperoning and Bailey & E are staying at Mary's while were there, possibly for the night! The late nighter is from 6-11, so not terrible, but still late for little OLD me! Saturday is program practice for the kids, Santa in the afternoon, party at night, Sunday is church, party, program, then the week starts over!

Enjoy your weekend!

December 11, 2007

BSF Last Night
Discussion talked about the three different reactions that we can have to Jesus.
1. Doubt: We doubt because of our circumstances, wrong expectations about Jesus and because we can't see the big picture for our lives. Doubt is not a sin unless it leads us to rejecting Jesus. Truth is the antedote for doubt. We need to go to the bible, but the truth will have no affect on our lives if we don't accept it.
2. Indifference: No response is the same thing as rejecting him. An application that our leader brought to light for me was: Where am I refusing to change a habit, attitude or reaction, refusing to change is rejection.
3. Acceptance: We are meant to be yoked to Jesus, just like 2 animals yoked together to pull a plow. When we are weary & brudened we need to rely on Christ adn not do it ourselves. The task is not easy but it is not our responsibility, it is through his strength and power we accomplish the task. Rest from the weary burdens of life is found in Jesus.

So, I found that applicable to my life in many different ways... by the way we were studying Matthew 11:1-30.

Another thing that I feel like keeps surfacing for me is Christian persecution. I have never been persecuted in a terrible way, but have been made very aware lately of other people in other places that have. We are so lucky to live in a country where we are for the most part free to worship as we desire. We won't be imprisoned for worshiping in a church or our home, we won't be beaten for praying in public. I don't often think of what a privilage it is to be able to pray before a meal or attend church, but I'm starting to realize just how great this is. I'm saddened by the thought that in many countries there is terrible persecution, but am astonished that these people stand strong in thier faith. It's so amazing that they love Jesus so much that they don't care about thier lives anymore. They are willing to die for thier love. I'm struck by the thought that I don't know if I could be as strong. I like to think that I could be, but I always question it. From Matthew 10:28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell

If you want to read more about Christian persecution you can go here or here. And, I just found this one too... here.

Allright, I know I had more to say... in fact I thought this would be all over the place, but I'm exhausted and need to get to bed EARLY tonight, like before 9:00 early! So... sleep tight or enjoy your day, depending when you are reading this!

December 10, 2007

Christmas Stuff

Copied and Pasted from Sarah's Blog (to lazy to link her up right now, see link on the right)

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Neither... latte for me please (Peppermint white mocha or Pumpkin Spice, all from Starbucks)

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Wraps them

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? both... really it's just red and white/gold

4. Do you hang mistletoe? No

5. When do you put your decorations up? Whenever we can get our "free" christmas tree

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? Hmmmm... besides dessert what else is there???? Actually I do like almost all appetizers... as long as they don't include mayo or miracle whip, which in my mind is the same thing

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child: Getting up early early christmas morning and waiting to open presents til my mom and dad got up

8. How and When did you learn the truth about Santa? I have no idea... I think it's something that just happened

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Not family gifts, just the ones from my grandparents house

10. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree? Matt brings it in, straightens it out and then I do the lights and the kids do the ornaments and Matt does the topper (cuz no one else can reach)

11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? YUCK

12. Can you ice skate? Used to be able to... haven't done it in YEARS AND YEARS though

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? When I was a kid it was my cabbage patch doll, but last year was great too when Matt got me a laptop OK, just thought of this... my radio tape player and my first tapes... Tiffany & Amy Grant... followed eventually by NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK and eventually Vanilla Ice. I would go through and write down all the words so I could memorize them and then sing them like crazy!

14. What’s the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Being with my family and the joy and excitement on the kids faces!

15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? Ummmmmm, ALL OF IT!

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Getting up early Christmas morning!

17. What tops your tree? A star type topper that I think was my mom's

18. Which do you prefer giving or Receiving? Giving, I'm just not that good at it, I can't pick out GREAT presents, just not that creative or original

19. What is your favorite Christmas Song? Anything from the concert I was at last night, I think Mary Did You Know or Christmas shoes tops the list though

20. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Paper

21. Real tree or artificial? REAL... gotta love that Blue Spruce Smell

22. When do you put up the tree? See Number 5

23. When do you take the tree down? Christmas night or the next day... ASAP, mostly b/c there are hardly any needles left by then

24. Do you have a nativity scene? No, but I want one... the one from Baker...can't think of the name of it... it's the figurines with the mother child, natural colors... know what I'm talking about????

25. Hardest person to buy for? Everyone... see 18

26. Easiest person to buy for? The kids

27. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? The year after my mom died I wanted a leather coat for christmas, b/c that was the cool thing to have... my dad got me a pink one... not what I was thinking. It got returned... sorry dad, you tried!

28. Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail... sorry but isn't e-mail a little tacky????

29. Favorite Christmas movie? Hmmmm, I kinda like the classic cartoon ones I can watch and reminisce with my kids

30. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Mid december

31. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Not that I can remember, maybe for white elephant (I think wedding gifts still may turn up for white elephant gifts though)

32. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Food, need I say more????

33. Travel for Christmas or stay home? Travel, but not far, in town still

34. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Comet Cupid Donner Blitzen Dasher Dancer Prancer VixeN, but what do you recall, the most famous reindeer of all...RUDOLPH

35. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Christmas morning

36. Most annoying thing about this time of year? Crowds at the mall/no parking spaces, having NO time

37. What I love most about Christmas? The feeling, I can't explain it, you just have to experience it yourself

38. Favorite Christmas Traditions? Getting up early Christmas morning, although my kids don't like to, they don't seem to have the excitement that I had, I normally wake them up... pathetic

39. Favorite Christmas Memory? Wasn't this covered already???? Getting up early every year... I could always tell that my mom was excited to see us love our presents.

December 9, 2007

Ha... isn't this funny!

Maybe it's cuz my boy is screaming in his bed right now, he's either got a cold or teeth coming in... not sure which, but he is C-R-A-B-B-Y

Your Holiday Stress Level is High

Everything about the holidays stresses you out - from your freaky family to packed malls.
Maybe this is the perfect time of year for you to take a solo vacation to Hawaii.

December 8, 2007

Today is over...

What a busy busy day, but that's ok, it wasn't terrible, could have been much worse! The morning went well, the party went well, Landon stayed at his friends longer than I thought (which was totally fine), I got the remainder of the christmas decorations up and was so thankful that I was gone most of the day. After being home for approximately 5 minutes I was ready to leave again. Elliot is getting a cold and I was just SICK of him. I get so frustrated when he just hangs on my legs and whines... there is nothing I can do to make him better. I gave him a bath which seemed to work a little bit, while he was in there at least. Then I put him to bed as early as I could possibly justify. I get so furstrated with him lately, but then come eleven o'clock when I am going to bed I ALWAYS head in and pick him up and cuddle with him for a little bit. I love it when he is sleeping, so sweet, it just makes the whole day just disappear and me remember why I love him so darn much! I've always found this with all the kids, just gotta peek at them (or better yet cuddle) while they are sleeping and voila... all is better! So, I'll be upstairs cuddling with my little guy in a few hours, just erasing away the bad parts of the day.

And, I'll leave you with a pic from the birthday party...

December 7, 2007

First of all I received this info in an e-mail today and although I have not seen anything on this movie I wanted to pass it along! Its regarding the movie "The Golden Compass".

This is what the email says...

hey the new movie the golden compass is coming out this weekend, not sure if everyone already knows what it is about, but i thought i'd pass on some info. this is an email i received a while back but have heard several other reviews warning against this movie. the trailers for it don't look that bad, however the content and basis of the movie are somewhat alarming!

Apparently, Phillip Pullman, a British Athiestic author, is writing children's books about a girl who goes off to "kill God". This movie "The Golden Compass" is based on one of his books.

If you read the info on the snopes page listed below you will get more of an idea of why we should try to avoid seeing this movie. There are a lot of things not worth fussing over in the realm of life, but I think this is one of the things we should - especially since the author has been known to say that he wants children to decide against believing in God and the Kingdom of Heaven. (It's really very sad, we should pray for him)

If you have time, please read the snopes page below, it's quite interesting (and disturbing). I know there are many people out there like Pullman, I just don't want them to influence my children. This movie isn't good vs evil. It's kids against religion/authority. I doubt there is anything we can do other than just not view the movie and not buy the books, there really aren't ways to stop hollywood from producing whatever they want -- except an act of God! :)
The Golden Compass

Follow the above link for more information!

So... what else is new? Well, really not much, just busy as ever! Wednesday we had church at night, so we ate dinner (Chicken & Dumplings, definately a comfort food) and headed off for there. Then on Thursday we didn't have anything, I was just crabby. Bailey was doing about half of what I asked her to do (meaning I asked her to put her folder away from the dining room table to her backpack and she put it on the kitchen counter...), Elliot had been crabby all day, so Matt encouraged me to go upstairs alone for a while. What a guy! I spent about 15 minutes up there watching tv and then decided to go to the mall and look at black boots. But first to drop a dish off to Susie. Well, we started talking and I never made it to the mall, but that's ok, I enjoyed chatting for a little bit. I also went to the grocery store, something I hate doing, but hey it kept me out of the house longer!

Today the kids both have friends over. I baked cookies today adn the kids decorated them after school, now Landon is outside and Bailey is playing in her room, E is watching a Baby Einstein movie!

I know that I had a lot more to say or add, but I'm exhausted after a long busy week and can't remember any of it! Busy weekend ahead too, Matt has basketball testing tonight, then draft in the morning, kids have program practice at church in the morning, I'm taking pics of some friends kids, then birthday party for Angela, then going to one of Landon's friends' house in the afternoon for a bit! Nothing in the evening though, how crazy is that???? I really would like to enjoy the company of just my husband for the first time in a long time, but not sure that will happen either. Who knows! Sunday there is a concert at our church (seriously if you aren't busy at 7pm on Sunday you really should come check it out... it's always a great concert, not the typical christmas carols, but more upbeat music...great concert).

December 4, 2007

Busiest time of the year...

We had quite a busy day today... I babysat as usual and had to help out at school this morning, Sarah was generous enough to take "baby Elliot" for me, after school I stayed and visited with her for a little bit... (hopefully I didn't delay you to much!) The afternoon went normal... lunch, nap, play. Then the kids got home from school! The kids both had homework to do, I cooked dinner and then the kids went out to play. Called them in, ate dinner, assembled our gingerbread house and then we were off to pajama night at Bailey's school. The principle and one of the teachers read stories and this time Santa was there too! Elliot was a pistol though and Matt ended up in the hall with him. After pajama night we came home and finished decorating our gingerbread house, ate oranges (from Santa), showered and then watched Rudolph on tv. It may not sound like much, but I seriously don't feel like I sat down all day! So, for the good part... pictures!

December 2, 2007


I wanted to say that yesterday was a terrible day... but I can't. Some good did happen too, it just seemed every time I turned around there was bad! I will try to focus on the good, but surely some of the bad will seep in!

Got up early (before 9) and got ready to go get a christmas tree. We get a coupon every year for a free tree along with a hayride, hot chocolate, donuts, and a chance to feed animals. We also have to opportunity to buy a wreath for $15 and extra trees if we want. So the plan was to get a tree and a wreath and do some of the stuff... all for $15. Well, this is THE most expensive Christmas Tree EVER! I brought $40 cash along with me "just in case" we needed it. After doing everything we wanted to do i went to pay for the wreath and lo and behold, the money was gone! Not sure where it fell out of my pocket, but it did. So we got a tree and some fun activities for $40, but no wreath. I'm sick about loosing the money, but what can I do??????

After that adventure we went to Kids Day at Baker book house whre the kids were able to play some games and win some prizes. When we got home we also got a call that Landon had won one of the door prizes... a stack of 8 books! (Yeah!!!!, he was very excited.) While he was on the phone with the employee who called him another employee was calling too (he doesn't know what call waiting is so she went to voicemail) to say that bailey also won, but we didn't get that message til today, so we will get her prize tomorow.

I went and made some tiles in the afternoon at Amandas house with some other girls, then came home and matt was just leaving to take landon to a birthday party so I had a few minutes alone before he returned with two kiddo's. We got the house cleaned up and got the tree inside and then headed to pick up Landon and decided to go up to Grandville for some dinner! I also needed to get Christmas sweaters for the boys (which I was successful in and they almost match! I'm not a matchy person, but it's cute!).

After dinner and shopping we headed here to see some synchronized Christmas lights. I was under the impression that it was a whole street decorated and sync'd, but it ended up to be just one house. it was fun to watch for a little while though!

AFter all that fun we headed home in the snowstorm (which wasn't that bad unless you were the little car on the road, which we ended up following home). We managed to make it home, get the kids to bed and Matt & I watched a movie, I had to call it a night early though, I was exhausted.

Today we got the tree decorated adn we have small group tonight. Off to make some dip to bring along for that! I'll be back later tonight or tomoorwo with some pics of all the adventures!

November 30, 2007


So... it may look like I've spent a lot of time scrapping and I do use naptimes for scrapping and some late nights (although not many anymore), but I really am a quick scrapper, normally about 1/2 hour per layout, I know some people take hours or days to complete a layout and I can understand why and how, I just happen to do it fast... (so, I'm done defending myself now) and will share some layouts!

I also ordered my Shutterfly book that I won a while back finally! I ended up redoing most of the pages to make it an even 20 page book, I've never done one before so i didn't want to pay for extra pages if they weren't going to turn out how I wanted and going back I didn't like most of the pages that I still had for him, and I found out that I LOST all of the ones from his first few months when my hard drive crashed... lovely! Those are moments that are hard to go back and scrap... it's hard to journal on those when you aren't in the moment, know what I mean????