July 31, 2007

If this is your first time here today or recently you need to skip down and start with the previous post...

I'm so emtionally confused right now. I just slept for a bit with the help of some Ambien and upon waking up I really want to keep thinking that this is all a dream or the radiologist is going to call and say "Wait, maybe there was a heartbeat there afterall". This has to be a joke, couldn't happen to me. Normal feeling's I'm sure, I just DON'T want to feel them! I appreciate all the notes of kindness I've received, it truly does help, I probably won't be responding to most of them right this moment (trust me, in this state that is probably better), but I do hear them and feel lothe love and prayers.

I appreciat this song from Watermark that Nina sent me and want to pass it along...
Sweet little babies, it’s hard tounderstand it ‘cause we’re hurting We are hurting But there is healing And we know we’re stronger people through the growing And in knowing- That all things work together for our good And God works His purposes just like He said He would… Just like He said He would…
BRIDGE: I can’t imagine heaven’s lullabiesand what they must sound like But I will rest in knowing, heaven is your home And it’s all you’ll ever know…all you’ll ever know…

I truly believe that this baby is first and foremost a baby, not a fetus and that it is now enjoying the music of heaven. And someday I will see my baby, I don't know now if it's a boy or girl, but in heaven I will just "know". I'm reading 90 minutes in heaven right now and as scared as I am of the unknown (I've posted about this before), heaven is sounding really good, I'm so thankful that my baby is there. Right now I don't know where I would be without my faith in God. Everything still hurts, but there is so much comfort in Him too!

For those that didn't receive my e-mail...

Copied directly from e-mail...
It is with great sadness that I share this, my heart and my eyes hurt right now, not sure when it will get better. I wish I could talk to you in person, but I know that I couldn't handle that right now, so please forgive me for the method of passing this along and if I don't answer the phone (if you are one that might call). This afternoon I lost the baby. I was only 2 days away from 12 weeks, almost second trimester, yet after talking to the dr I think the baby passed away a few weeks ago. I'm not sure what God's purpose has been in all of this, right now I'm just doing my best to trust him with my sorrow and grief and my future. We haven't told the kids yet, we will be doing that tonight yet, just aren't sure how. So anyway, sorry for such a depressing e-mail, this is just so much easier than telling anyone in person right now.

I appreciate your prayers through all of this and in the future.

Update: We told the kids... Bailey said "Well, I won't have a brother and sister now" (we were convinced it was a sister) and went outside to play while Landon was more visibly affected and upset by everything.

July 30, 2007

Here are some pics that I accidentally accessed tonight while looking at pics... I was smiling the whole time though! Look how CUTE they are! And LITTLE! I can't believe it!

So today we were invited to go swimming at our friends house with some girls and kiddo's! It was so nice out, hot actually, so the pool felt very refreshing! The kids had a good time and we had a good time chatting too! Unfortunately I had overbooked mostly Bailey this morning, she spent the night at a friends house last night and they didn't go to bed until 2:30 in the morning (imagine that attitude), I told her friend Morgan she would go to VBS with her too, so she had three things going on this morning, but we had made the pool plans almost two weeks ago, so we stuck with that. I think my memory is GONE, I also had a hair appt for this afternoon and didn't remember til about 6:30 tonight. I feel SOOOO bad, I've called but she hasn't returned my call yet, hopefully she isn't to upset with me. I seriously am not like this, not sure what's going on except that maybe this baby will be extremely smart since it's making me so incredibley dumb!

This afternoon Bailey and Elliot both took naps for over three hours, so landon and I played a few games together, got some laundry done and the kitchen cleaned up, vacumed and other miscellaneous stuff. I think I'm actually starting to feel better, human again! I had this right at 11 weeks with Elliot too, all of a sudden I wasn't sick anymore and I actually had energy and could do dishes and stuff! I never realize how much I can't do until I'm feeling better and am doing things again. I've been very lucky to have a mother-in-law that will come over and "steal" all my laundry and clean up my kitchen when I'm gone, it's helped a ton!

And now for some pictures (I know you've been waiting...):
Bailey actually dared to go on the slide... with a life jacket of course... the kid won't swim without something, even if I'm right next to her! Drives me NUTS!

Brecken was enjoying feeding Elliot lunch, and Elliot was enjoying it too!

Savannah, Landon & Bailey enjoying the pool!

Elliot enjoying his first popsicle ever... I think it gave him an icecream headache though... he started screaming part way through like he was in pain... either that or it was just way to cold for his little hands!

July 29, 2007

Our Zoo day

So we made our trip to Binder park this morning... good times! Here are a few pics...
The giraffe's were definately the highlight of the zoo, we all loved them! The monkey in the bottom left was fun to watch for a bit, he just sat and stared at us... until he started digging in bodily crevices no one should dig into and proceeding to eat whatever he picked out! I had to walk away at that point!

Anyway... back tomorow with more to post I'm sure! Hope your weekend was good!

July 28, 2007

Pics to share

2 in one day, but I have some pics to share...

He loves his dog... and his dog loves him. Elliot's official first word (besides mama and dada of course) is "Dexter". Truly, the kids says it all the time. He throws himself on the dog and the dog just lays there, really we couldn't ask for a better dog with our kids, he is very patient and gentle, Elliot was even pulling his fur on his feet and the dog would flinch so we knew it bothered him but he never got up or anything (I did stop him soon after he started so he didn't torture the dog to much). Sometimes I can't stand the dog, but I see how good our kids do with him and I can't imagine life without him!

So yeah... that's my post for this evening... be back tomorow evening (Matt will be fishing again so I will have free time after bedtime), hopefully with zoo pics! Enjoy your Sunday!


Yesterday my SIL Bobbie and I went to visit my grandpa. He lives south of us a bit in a cool little town. We stopped for lunch downtown at a little cafe that was pretty cool, and surrounded by other cool places. Bobbie and I split an Eggplant lasagna (b/c of the ravings of EJ about this particular dish) and it was wonderful! After lunch we went to my grandpas for a visit. He had gone for a PET scan Thursday (not sure if that's how it's spelled, but that's how it's pronounced) and had gone to get results Friday morning. It is cancerous, he has an appt with a doctor (I would suspect an oncologist) soon (he was waiting for an appt while I was there) to figure out a plan of action I suppose. We did a few things around the house for him, went to the bank, paid some bills and then Elliot had had enough and was exhausted so we had to head out before the child drove me INSANE! You would have thought the boy would have slept at least the entire hour home, but no such luck, only about half an hour and then no other nap the rest of the day... and he didn't go to bed til almost 9 (he was in bed, but talking... LOUDLY).

So that's my update, again I appreciate your continued prayers!

Today nothing much going... Ihave to run to target and get a bag to wrap a gift in and then I have a shower to go to in the afternoon, leaving Matt with all the kids (except Bailey), all the kids being Landon, Elliot, Angela and Dimitri. I think that tomorow we are going to head to Binder Park zoo, Elliot hasn't been to a zoo yet and I anticipate him enjoying it quite a bit. He has to get good naps today for that to work though!

Matt was fishing last night... he called me after 20 minutes in the water and had already caught 2 fish... I knew that call would be bad luck though. I called him 2 hours later and they still only had 2. They did end up catching 4 more before coming in though, so he had some cleaning to do when he got home. Luckily Kyle stayed and helped him. So maybe we will have fish again tonight, although I'm kinda craving some fried fish adn I won't fry Salmon, I want perch... oh well, use what you got, right?

OK, this post is wierd and rambling, sorry! Typing and watching little einstiens and my son dancing to the songs... kinda distracted! Enjoy your weekend!

July 26, 2007


A pic of myself and my five year old little girl... the last day she will ever be five!!! (So sad...)

This morning Bailey got up and went to Libby Lu with Grandma Maly and Angela to get her hair done, they went and did a little shopping and then out for lunch. Bailey was so excited to get her hair and makeup done and go shopping (seriously, the girl LOVES to shop)! After that it was hanging out at home for a bit, Ange stayed to play and Morgan stopped by with a present for Bailey and stayed for a bit to play also. Matt came home after work and Bailey was able to open her presents from Mom and Dad and then it was off to her party. Initially we were supposed to go to the beach, but changed those plans and met at the park where there was a shelter. Lucky for the change of plans because just minutes after we got there it started storming, thunder, lightening, rain and all that fun stuff! We still had fun though, we had pizza and instead of cake we did donuts (by the way again Sarah... she did add in a few extras this time). Bailey got to open up all of her presents... and enjoyed doing it to I might add. I think she had a wonderful day and I'm so happy for her. I wish she would quit growing up, but know that that isn't what is supposed to happen, so I will just try to embrace each day that she is my "little" girl, even the days that she makes it very hard to enjoy... and trust me those seem to be getting more and more, love her dearly (have I ever said that?????!!!!??) but her little attitude needs to GO!
And then there was this highlight for Elliot... he seriously was in LOVE! Didn't even mind when the dog scratched and nipped at him!
So tomorow, Bobbie (my sister-in-law) and I are going to visit my grandpa with the kids in the afternoon, definately will be messing the boys naps up, but hopefully that means shorter naps, Matt is fishing tomorow night leaving me home alone with the little ones so an early bedtime wouldn't be a bad thing (again... love him dearly... but sometimes nights drag on if it's been a long day).

So yeah... I'm gonna finish my donut and head to bed! Great combo huh, but there were leftovers and they were calling my name!!!!

July 25, 2007

Good times at the fair!

After my post yesterday I was just feeling down the rest of the day... nothing was going right, my patience was minimal to say the least and I was just feeling really down on myself. Sad that I let one person do that to me... luckily I got past it and am feeling at least a little better today.

We tried a Salmon boil yesterday for dinner, so many have raved about Salmon cooked this way... obviously we did something wrong (Kate informed me we were supposed to add seasoning to the water, something we didn't do). It wasn't terrible by any means, just had no flavor. We added a little lemon pepper and dipped in garlic butter and that helped a bit. The salmon was tender, that's for sure. Not sure I would try it again, I've decided I really like it boiled in butter better (sounds oh so healthy doesn't it?). After dinner the kids and I went swimming with Kate while Matt cleaned the van out so we could sell it. I went to bed early and slept til at least 8:30 this morning, the weather was dreary which always keeps the kids in bed longer, making it easier for me to stay in bed too!

This morning I needed to work so the kids went to Mary's for a little bit, but not til after we went to V's to order some donuts (oh, and Sarah, ya know how you said they always gave you extras... we actually got shorted one, so I guess you are making up for what I lost), and get some for the kids to eat at Mary's. I will have to pick those up tomorow for Bailey's birthday party. Yes, my baby (girl) is turning 6 tomorow. Crazy... here are some pics of her at her 4th birthday party, her cheeks have disappeared and she has grown up so much!

Tonight we went to the fair. We went and ate dinner (expected it to be much better than it was), then looked at the animals which Elliot loved, then went to watch Motorcross, amazing that four year old little ones are out there racing, the big guys are the fun ones to watch though, the jumps are amazing, I would never have the nerve to jump like that or watch my husband jump like that (or my son for that matter). After Motorcross we let the kids both go on one ride (so expensive and I didn't want to pay for a wristband), we got a funnelcake (where they also gave the kids some gum and a mint) on the way out and enjoyed that on the way to the car (much better than dinner was for sure). It was good times, but definately VERY expensive!

Tomorow morning Bailey is going to Libby Lu with Grandma Maly then to pick out an outfit and for lunch, then home to spend time with us for a bit, then we have her party at the beach with family in the evening (please pray for no rain, my house is by no means ready for 20 people). I will definately be back with pics, probably on Friday!

July 24, 2007

So mad right now...

So I realize I've posted a lot in the last 24 hours, but I'm so worked up right now... I just returned form the doctor, my endocronologist who takes care of my diabetes doctor. This is the first time I've seen him since I found out I was pregnant again. First of all I had to wait 40 minutes to see him... 40 MINUTES. If I had been forty minutes late they would have made me pay and said, to bad... reschedule! But obviously my time is worth NOTHING! So anyway he comes in and basically accuses me of not taking care of myself, talking down to me the whole time, making me feel like a terrible person and dumb too! I (of course) started crying, because... well, that's what I do in those situations. He had the nerve to ask me how my depression was... yes, I had some post partum depression a while back, but have since gone of my meds and feel much much better. I told him I was fine as far as the depression goes and he says "Really????". I said, "yes... I'm fine until I come here". I don't check my sugar enough (keep in mind I was a terrible diabetic after having Elliot and only checked probably 4 times per month, I realize that is terrible, but as soon as I found out I was prego again, I started checking way more regularly, so really checking it 2x per week would be a gigantic step in the right direction at this point, but I'm definately checking way more than that). So the whole time I'm sitting there I'm thinking "I will NOT be back here, EVER!". I previously had an appt scheduled for September before I found out my wonderful news, so before leaving he said, "Do you want to see me in four weeks, or you have an appt set up for Sept, do you want to wait?". "WAIT" was my verbal answer, knowing in my head I would be waiting a LONG LONG LONG time to see him again.

I was fine with him and the whole office the whole time I was pregnant with Elliot, and let's be honest, that wasn't that long ago, so what changed? Why is he so awful now? So, I think I need to call my OB this week and get a referral to someone else, at this point I would rather drive to Grand Rapids than go back to him.

I have never had such a terrible experience with a doctor in my life, I've heard stories, but never experienced them first hand. So, here I sit, still crying b/c I'm still so upset (and maybe I just needed a good cry), just getting madder and madder at the man.

If you made it this far, so sorry for the vent, but I'm sure we've all experienced this kind of anger at one point or another...and this is my blog, I can vent all I want... right?

July 23, 2007

Some of my favorite things...

Just a random mix of some things I really like right now...

Bella Band (Thanks for the idea Katie!!!!)...

...especially on Monday and Tuesdays, 2 meals with two sides each for $12.99 and kids meals are $2 each, and since Elliot eats a full kids meal himself (although Bailey barely touches hers), this is a GREAT deal for us, the 5 of us ate for about $26, that included a drink for Matt and the tip! Can't get groceries for that!!!!!!

Sorry, some of these pics are terrible, but it's what I could find on-line... I realize these are just things and things don't bring us happiness, these are just some things I like!

We went and conquered...

We made it to the state park today. And it wasn't that bad. We only probably stayed a little more than 2 hours as then it was NAPTIME, but I didn't think it went that bad. Getting all the stuff back to the car was the worst (although getting it down there wasn't bad at all). Sharon, Danny & Morgan met us down there along with Susie, Kennedi and some other girls... good times, it's to bad the water was only 54 degrees, it numbed your feet on contact, although the kids didn't mind that much.

After looking at this pic layout, I'm thinking I like this way better than most of my layouts and I cranked this out in five minutes flat... maybe that's my problem, I take to long to scrap now... i used to be able to do a full layout in 20 minutes, now I think I think about it to much! I'll have to try that next time I scrap!

July 22, 2007

Bridge to Terebithia

Landon and I started reading the book a while back because the movie was coming out and I remember reading it when I was younger and loving it, I did remember being sad at some part, but wasn't sure why. Note to self... refresh myself on the movie before watching it with kids. Landon and I never finished the book but tonight I rented the movie (I'll admit, I've wanted to see it since it came out). Matt is fishing so Landon, Bailey and I watched it together. Have you seen it? Scary and sad both. There were parts that I was a little scared, not really scared I guess, but maybe jumpy, so imagine the kids. Then **** spoiler**** the boys friend dies, so here enters sadness. Both kids were crying, but didn't want ot turn it off (should probably have made a mom decision and just shut it off, but really after this point it got better). I just laid in bed with them, trying to put thier mind at ease with talk of purses, shoes (both high heels and basketball shoes), basketballs, NBA players. Not sure it helped, but the light is on so hopefully that helps them go to sleep easier. So all in all, I would recommend this movie, but not for kids. I'm kicking myself righ tnow for allowing my kids to watch it. (Note: my kids have never really gotten scared by a movie).

And, I just realized that I haven't shared any layouts here in a while. I've been a little slow in the scrapping, just can't get any ideas and normally just end up deleting everything I've done. So here are a few that I've done... and finished!

All credits can be seen here.

Tomorow might be a beach day, we'll have to see how I feel in the morning. The water is really cold, so I'm not all that motivated, but it does kinda sound fun... It will be a short trip if we go though... Elliot's naps don't allow for to much time out of the house lately! (His naps were messed up both days this weekend, so we can't skip again for sure).

July 21, 2007

Update on my Grandpa

Well, we just returned from his house and I'm a little more comfortable with the situation right now. He is better than I thought (although I have to admit I was conviced he would die this week, maybe that sounds cold, but the way he sounded on the phone with me made me sure that was the case), he has probably lost 30 pounds in the two weeks it's been since I've seen him, so definately not good. His doc wants him to try to drink some Ensure and he had two of those down when I got there, I stopped and got him some more and some Jello to try and he ate one of those to while I was there and was sipping water. He is able to move around a little, but definately get's worn out FAST. We did a bunch of cleaning, laundry and yard work for him which I know he appreciated so so so much! I hope to go down there again this week or weekend to check on him and maybe do some more laundry/dishes. He has two appts this week that his brother is taking him to, so I should have updates then, but in the mean time I appreciate continued prayers. His comment to me before I left and told him I would call him was "I'm not going anywhere, unless it's the morgue". Great thought Gramps... thanks!

Prayers Please...

I received a call from my grandpa (mom's dad, who I am very close with) last night, he isn't doing to well. He has a tumor on his esophogus and can't eat or drink (and really hasn't been able to for weeks now). He said that yesterday he was able to drink 10oz of water. I personally can't imagine living on that and I know he doesn't have energy and is feeling terrible. He was shaking on the phone with me and actually sounded like he was crying. (Of course so was I). So we are headed there today to help him with stuff like laundry and dishes and whatever else he needs, and to get a feel for what else he may need. So, anyway, I would appreciate prayers for him, his doctors, myself and safe travels (only an hour away, but you just never know and I'm sure I will be making that trip quite a bit in the coming weeks).

Have a good weekend, I'll try and update later after we return home!

July 19, 2007

Just found this and thought it was kinda cool!
You Are A Gold Girl

You're dependable and hard working. You never miss a deadline - and you're never late.
You have a clear sense of right and wrong. You're very detail oriented.
You get frustrated when your friends are sloppy - or when they don't follow through.
You're on top of things, and you wish that everyone else was!

Mine was pretty dead on!

Yesterday morning we met Sarah & Kristen at the bakery and then headed to the park for a bit til the little guy got tired. The afternoon is pretty much a blur to me (mostly because I was so tired). I kept trying to get motivated to go do something, specifically take the kids swimming, but just couldn't get the energy... until Sarah called and invited us to go with her and some friends, so off we went! On the way home from swimming we stopped and picked up some burger king for the kids and hurried home to eat and get them ready to go fishing with Matt. They left around 5:45, leaving just Elliot and I to enjoy each other's company. That didn't last long though, with such short naps for little man today he was tired by 7, so bottle and bed for him. I was still exhausted for some reason and I was in bed by... 7:30! I actually fell asleep by 8, but woke up at 9, I was worried I wouldn't be able to sleep anymore so I got up, played on the computer for a bit and decided my head hurt to bad to be u, so back to bed I went til 7 this morning. I think I should have enough sleep now (for today at least)!

Today I'm taking the kids to Red Rover at church then I'm off to work for a little bit, then I get to... CLEAN! The kids both have friends spending the night tomorow night, so I need to at least pick up and I wanted to deep clean another room today, not sure which one though (easy one or hard one????). I think tonight we are either going to take the kids swimming or go car shopping again, I saw a commercial for some deals so I kinda want to check that out!

Yesterday I saw two people stop and get the flyers for our house, now they just need to call on it! I am thinking we will try to have an open house next weekend sometime... any suggestions on a good time for one (good time for a busy one)? I really don't want to waste my time cleaning or sitting here!

Oh, yeah... and remember my Swanee River issues with the neighbor, well good news... (much sarcasm implied) he upgraded the keyboard to not only a bigger model, but a MUCH louder model! Oh goodie! He has expanced his playlist, but seriously I DON'T CARE! Yes, I may sound crabby right now, but that's because he was playing when I went to bed last night and again, by 8:00 this morning he was playing! I am all about finding a passion, even if it is later in life, but let's not annoy EVERYONE with that passion! So, on that "good" note, I leave you!

July 17, 2007

All about food...

So remember the craving I had yesterday for olives... and I said I would get them today, well, no suprise here, I went to Pereddies and picked some up! We've been there for dinner like twice but I've never gone just for thier deli til today and I would highly recommend it! They had a cooler full of olives, some which are stuffed on-site with things like feta, gorgonzola and garlic, and pasta salads that they make themselves. They have a cooler of cheeses, tons of different wines, pastas and much more! Everything looked so good! (And best yet, if you go on thier website (see link above) you can get coupons!!!!). I picked up a fresh foccacia bread with black olives, tomatoes (very yummy ones I might add), fresh mozzerella, pesto and provolone cheese, a salad with fresh mozz, grape tomatoes, asparagus and onions with some sort of dressing on it (one of my weaknesses is fresh mozz with tomatoes), this was very refreshing for a humid warm summer day! I also got olives, some feta stuffed ones and some garlic stuffed ones. The garlic ones literally have a garlic cloves shoved in and I would highly recommend not talking to anyone for quite some time after eating one, but they are delicious! I also got some brie cheese, love that with pears (which I don't have), or crackers! I will probably have that for lunch tomorow! I'm so happy I made the trip and I'm sure I will be back soon!

For dinner tonight I made this yummy looking salad, it was great too! I got the recipe off AllRecipe dot com, it's called Amy's Barbecue Chicken Salad (look it up!). Basically it had Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, avacado, corn, bbq'd chicken (grilled), french onions and the dressing was equal parts ranch and bbq sauce. I will probably add cheese next time, but all in all it was yummy! (I changed some from the recipe, but the idea is the same)

Tonight I had an itch for some reason to go to an antique store. Just from blog hopping I've seen some really inspiring stuff and I've decided I like the Shabby Chic look (my house is FAR from that). The one time I mentioned going to Matt he was FAR from interested, but tonight I tricked him into going (kinda), so his mom watched the kids (thanks Marilyn) and we headed a little north, the first one... not open, further north, the second one... not open, so we headed back south, third one... not open either, so there goes that idea (but I definately still want to try again)! So we headed to Kilwins instead where Matt got ice cream and I got a yummy caramel apple! Then we "car shopped" a bit, just looking for now, but I'm apalled at how much cars are... rediculous!

So anyway, hopefully I didn't make you hungry or give you a craving! Have a great night!

July 16, 2007


First... this weekend...
I already said what we did on Friday in a previous post (at least I think I did...) and I think maybe Saturday too, so I'll start with Saturday night... really you may just want to skip this whole paragraph cuz the weekend was nothing special! I went for delicious dinner at Samantha's on Saturday night (which felt like Friday since Matt worked all day), we had chicken sandwiches with a honey mayo sauce (yeah, she didn't tell me that it was mayo, kinda had an idea but went for it anyway, it wasn't bad, but I wasn't thrilled later either, the thought of eating mayo disgusts me, it's not just the taste see #8 below), green beans, spinach strawberry salad and fruit salad, followed by cheesecake for dessert! It was great to see the girls again and catch up! I actually didn't get home until after midnight... way to late for me! Hours later than I normally am in bed!
Sunday we went to church then we headed up to grandville for lunch and I needed to find some transitional clothes, I'm definately not ready for maternity stuff, but everything that isn't sweats is getting really really tight, and as much as I would love to wear sweatshorts every day, it just doesn't work that way! We ate at TGIFridaysd which I haven't had in a long long time so that was a great treat! After we got home I laid down to rest and Matt left to go fishing with Landon. We (Bailey, Elliot and I) went to Matt's moms to visit for a bit and then to my parents to visit, then home to do nothing (except get Elliot into bed)!
Today I woke up with energy and motivation. I've decided to thouroughly (I know that isn't spelled right and I know Sarah likes to find mistakes so this is for you Sarah) clean one room per day and I dug right in. I went for the "formal" living room. It's a room that is oddly shaped (very rectangular) but holds our good furniture with just a little little t.v. mounted on the wall (see #29 below). I moved a very large cabinet (with help from Sharon) from the dining room to the living room, moved all of Elliots toys and diapers (which used to be in the family room) to that cabinet and the shelves that we have in there, dusted the furniture, vacuumed good (hey, I think that's another spelling mistake). I hung a new shower curtain, cleaned the tub, vacumed the rest of the house and packed up a bunch of pictures and boxes. I was very impressed with how much I got done today, but I'm crashing now.

Some Funny Elliot Moments From the Day:
*He discovered where the tub is and stood by it and threw an absolute fit until I gave in and gave him a bath (he ended up taking another one an hour later to get all the dinner off of him). Funniest part of his fit was all he had on was a t-shirt, his bottom has had a terrible rash so I was letting him run around without it. So little bare bottom boy was pounding and screaming on the side of the tub... of course I got pictures!
*He HATES clothes. We let him sleep in a diaper, but getting him dressed during the day isn't an option and he pulls on those clothes thinking he can get them off, crying until he finally forgets that it's there.
*He is trying to talk. I truly don't think he knows he's doing it but it's cute. Today he said "Dexter" (our dog") and "Doggy" (along with ma-ma and da-da, which he uses correctly). I wouldn't count it as his first words cuz I think he's just copying sounds, but it's cute none the less.

Right now I'm craving olives... from Pietro's (did I mention below that I'm kinda picky about my food). Good, big, olives, stuffed with garlic or cheese, or something else yummy! But Matt won't go get them for me, so I will be making a trip tomorow... see #19 below

Does anyone know anyone that lays linolium (another sp mistake I'm sure). we've called two different people, one doesn't do linolium and the other never showed up when he was supposed to. I'm sick of the flooring in our bathroom being ripped and torn and want something new!!!!!! (We already have the flooring, just need it layed)

Here's a few pics from the beach... these are the only two I'm happy with, and this is after tons of work already...

With that I wish you a great week!

July 15, 2007

UPDATED to COMPLTE THE 50...Some randon things you may or may not care to know about me...

1. I was born in St. Joe Michigan
2. Moved to Hamilton Michigan shortly after I was born (not sure exactly when though)
3. Moved to Zeeland when I was 14 years old
4. I had my 15 minutes of fame when I was 5 years old and was shown in People Magazine. An article about robots pictured me with one of the robots (still have that framed article).
5. When I was little my mom always insisted on keeping my hair short... I hate having my hair short now.
6. I have one brother, two step brothers, one step sister, one brother-in-law, one sister-in-law, one adopted brother and one adopted sister.
7. I hate peas
8. I hate mayonaise, miracle whip and anything of the sort, including anything including this condiment
9. I hate ketchup
10. I hate hot dogs
11. I hate ham
12. The list of foods I prefer not eat could go on for days
13. I don't like eating fast food, if forced I will only eat french fries
14. I always thought I would have two kids...
15. I hate coffee, but love a good latte
16. I hate to be late for anything, I would rather be 10 minutes early than 1 minute late.
17. I always wished I could play sports, but was never good at anything
18. I used to play the clarinet (for 3 years), during that time I also played another instrument, but for the life of me can't remember the name of it.
19. I'm very much an instant gratification person, can't wait for anything!
20. I love to watch "Lifetime" movies on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and sleep
21. I had a cat when I was in junior high... named... "Kitty", he was calico and I loved him so much
22. I am kinda lazy...
23. I hate to be hot, but really don't like to be cold either
24. I'm not comfortable in groups where I don't know any/many people.
25. I never used to be able to go anywhere by myself, I always had to have someone with me, I'm getting better, but still prefer company.
26. I take almost everything personally, good or bad
27. My feelings are hurt easily
28. My mom passed away when I was 13 and I dread that same fate for myself everyday, it was definately the most difficult time in my life.
29. We don't have a big screen t.v. (in fact they are quite small) and I'm pretty ok with that.
30. I drink one can of Diet Cherry Coke everyday.
31. I really don't like to drink water, unless it's ice cold, but I'm getting better at it.
32. I love cherries
33. We've painted our living room four times in the 8 years we've lived here
34. I love change... everything, colors, furniture, work, clothes, everything
35. I went to college for only one year... sometimes i regret not finishing, but I really am content being a mom right now too.
36. I love my kids more than I could ever have imagined loving anyone.
37. I really like the Hilshire Farms salad commercial (although I would never ever ever eat one) (yes, I'm embarresed to admit that...)
Updates start here...
38. I LOVE LOVE LOVE movie theater popcorn... specifically the butter that they put on it!
39. I just recently discovered the joy of OnDemand (Thanks Julie) and the fact that it's free makes it so much better! Bailey and I are watching an epsiode of America's Funniest Animals right now.
40. I'm so thankful to have married such an amazing man and father!
41. We had a terrible first year of marriage... we are both suprised that we made it though, but we didn't get married to get divorced either.
42. I love to play games with my kids, but HATE to play anything pretend!
43. I am petrified of lakes/oceans. I can swim in the lake if I start on shore and can see the bottom, but jump off the boat or something is out of the question... I will have an anxiety attack for sure! Going on a cruise would be totally out of the question, I would be a wreck thinking I would end up overboard, eaten by sharks the whole time. Logical... no, but very very real to me!
44. My absolute favorite vacation destination would be Aruba! (although plane over the ocean causes a little fear), we were there a few years back and it was amazing, the food, the weather, the people, everything!
45. I love to eat out (and given the cost, we do it WAY to much)
46. I always read magazines from back to front! Fav magazine would be... Family Fun
47. I tried selling Creative Memories for about a week. I had one sale on September 11, 2001 and that was it. It just isn't my personality to sell stuff like that, although that didn't stop me from trying again when I sold PartyLite in 2005 for a few months. I probably spent more than I made and up until two months ago still had a GREAT stash in my closet, since I'm pregnant I can't stand the smell and have given a lot of it away or sold it on E-Bay.
48. I NEED NEED NEED to sell my house, so we have room for baby number 4!
49. I went hiking in the Adirondack mountains when I was in high school and as hard as it was I loved it, I think it would be way to hard for me to do now, we slept outside in a lean-to, there were snakes, bugs and just plain dirtiness, the food was terrible (from a bag), stuff you would NEVER EVER PICTURE me doing now, but truly it was great. The best part was the shower in the waterfall on the second to last day... it was AMAZING, best shower ever!
50. I'm finally done. I'm sure I can think of more, but it will take a while... maybe I'll do this again soon!

I could probably go on, but I'm stumped right now... I will try to add 13 more for an even 50 later (probably not today, maybe later this week).

July 13, 2007

Friday... (original huh?)

Pretty good day... this morning we (me, Landon, Bailey, Angela and Dimitri) met Sarah and here boys (and then some) at the movies, planning to see Night at the Museum. We got there early b/c you just never know in Holland if we would be able to get in when the movie is just $1, well, turns out we didn't need to be early... we had no problem finding seats (we were the first ones there). Turns out thought that the movie playing was "RV" instead, the paper printed it wrong. I didn't know what it was, I didn't remember seeing previews at all, but the kids thought that was ok. It was a pretty good movie, not sure it was a kids movie, but funny at least. Together Sarah and I and our kids took up all but one seat in the row, kinda funny... all the kids had thier pops lined up in the cup holder, I wish I had had my camera it was cute!

After the movie we had to get home to eat lunch quick and then the kids had friends coming over at 1:00.

For dinner my parents came over and we grilled. For the first time in the eight + years we have been married I actually made pork. I used this recipe from AllRecipes. Totally recommend it too! I am not a pork fan but I LOVED this, in fact I'm still craving it! We used Pork loin cut into slices instead of chops too, not sure what kind of differece that makes.

After dinner we went to the beach for... more pictures! I will have to upload those tomorow, right now they are sitting on my camera and that is where they will stay for the night, I just feel like veggin' and maybe going to bed SOON!

Tomorow Matt is working in the morning/afternoon and then in the evening I am going to a friends for dinner with a bunch of girls, looking forward to that! Gotta find a salad to bring yet... off to AllRecipes to look for something! Have a GREAT weekend!

July 12, 2007

So, I'm out of title ideas...Thursday!

Last night I totally forgot that we already had plans... so we got together with our small group for ice cream sundae's and to visit. We kept our visit short and sweet b/c Elliot needed to get to sleep, but by the time we got home, got the kids in bed, Traveler was on and I was exhausted! I went to sleep w/o the Ambien last night (for fear of addiction), but I have to say that the night I used it was amazing. Actually the next day was amazing... it baffles me what a difference good sleep can make. I actually had energy the next day (yesterday) to do things... normal things! Soooo nice! I was still ok yet today to, dragging a little, but ok!

This morning I took Landon to his last day of football camp, he had such a great time and can't wait to put on the pads and start playing again! I can wait b/c it means that more than likely Matt and Landon will be gone three nights a week again and I'm not ready to loose my family like that again! (Not that they are lost... but you know what I mean) Then I dropped Bailey and Dimitri off at Red Rover at church, went home and gave Elliot a nap (for the first time this week, the little guy got a morning nap), picked up Landon from Football camp and then decided it was going to be Marios for lunch. (We havn't gotten groceries in like three weeks, which Matt is doing tonight). So we went and picked that up, picked up Bailey and Dimitri, brought lunch to Matt at work, home to eat lunch and then the kids played while Elliot napped.

For some reason Elliot has been waking up early from naps so he was awake by 2 (which could make for a LONG afternoon). Luckily Sarah called and said they were going to Timber Town wo we met them there, definately made time pass so much faster. The kids did great, turns out Dimitri knew Cobe from Soccer adn some other kids were there that they all seemed to know and play well with. After the park we came home, ate dinner (hmmmm... Mario's again), and then headed downtown to watch the street performers. It was a good time, the kids had fun and we even made a little stop at the Peanut Store for some candy! Super busy place on a Thursday night, that's for sure!

Tomorow I think we are going to a movie at Holland 7 (great deal, couldn't pass that up) and then in the afternoon both kids have friends coming over. We may head out to the beach in the evening to get some more pics of the kids! I think thier outfits will look better at the beach where the colors are better. The colors at the Fish and Game club were dull and dead, we'll see though! Sounds like it may be windy!

Here are some pics from the street performers... I actually dared to pull out my camera and snap some. (So not me, I don't like to draw attention to myself at all and I feel that the camera SCREAMS "Look at me"!)

Oops, the writing is kinda small so the first one says that those are yo-yo's... amazing how he didn't ever get them tangles the second This guy did lots of different stuff, he wanted Landon to help, but just like dad he refused! third this guy had us laughinghe was good. and here he was juggling fire. He tried to get Matt to volunteer... can you just imagine?????!!!!!????? and the bottom one The kids favorites were the breakdancers, they were great especially the little guy that did it!

And, some layouts I've recently finished...

And with that, I'm off to bed... Matt will be home soon with groceries I'm sure but he will have to deal without me! Enjoy your Friday and your weekend!

July 11, 2007

Short 'n Sweet!

Be careful what you wish for, because you just may get it! It has been SO hot the last few days (as if you didn't know that...), we've been miserable! Pretty much staying inside in the air conditioning, and then today we wake up and it's FREEZING! Cold I tell ya! Landon had football camp this morning and he actually wore a sweatshirt! (Til he had to take it off to play a game of shirts against skins)

Matt is actually going to be home tonight, it feels like it's been so long since we've had him home at night, so we are excited for that. Trying to decide what I will do... run errands (w/o kids, not sure how to do that anymore) or "fish" (which Maddie informed me with a great big smile that she knows what that means...too funny)! For those who didn't figure that out, it's just me doing whatever I want to do... alone! More than likely tonight scrapping or doing my Beth Moore book!

Last night I slept SOOOOO incredibly good... my dr gave me a Rx for Ambien yesterday at my appt and I can't even tell you how much it helped. I did feel a little dilerious the couple of times I got woken up, but it wasn't that bad and I got about 9 hours of sleep! Everything is good with baby... I'm to early to hear a hearbeat yet so I had another ultrasound and was able to see baby and heartbeat so I know everything is ok! I feel like I'm getting so big so fast this time. I'll admist I'm really quick to wear my Mossimo sweatshorts so until I put on a pair of button up capri's I didn't really notice the difference, but they are definately getting tight! I may try to find some other shorts or capri's tonight, something I can wear for a while!

Enjoy your day and this cold cold weather!

July 9, 2007


Matt worked all day so I was home alone with kiddo's! Bailey ended up going to Matt's mom's house to play and Landon went swimming in the afternoon with Austin, all while Elliot napped, so it was quiet here and I was dying for a nap... didn't happen. Saturday night Matt and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner (the kids were at my parents) and then picked up the kids and went to the Overweg's to hang out for a bit. I was so tired by the end of the night, but again... couldn't fall asleep.
We went to church in the morning and then Matt's mom came over to watch Elliot while Matt and I took Bailey & Landon to see this. Good movie, just one part I was not impressed with, they showed Linguine drinking a bottle of wine, totally trashed. Slurring and everything. Could probably have portrayed that a different way. The one thing I was really unimpressed with was the cost of popcorn. Really it was no big suprise how much it would cost, but we didn't eat lunch and totally LOVE popcorn, especially movie theater popcorn with extra butter (yeah, we do NOTHING fat free). We got one popcorn and two pops to share with the kids, thinking "REFILLS", yeah, they limit the popcorn to only one refill! I was so mad, so very mad I tell ya! In the evening we went out for dinner with Matt's mom to Logans! Yummy stuff! ONce again I tried going to bed early, but once again, sleep didn't come. I think I've developed some insomnia... I was so incredibly tired, I even looked exhaused, but yet couldn't sleep. I have a dr appt tomorow so I will be seeing what we can do about this... it just can not continue!
Once we finally all woke up we headed down to St Joe to visit my grandpa and my uncle who was in town from Wisconsin and then went to visit my grandma too. Got home around 2 and Elliot has been sleeping off and on ever since since he didn't get a good nap (b/c mom forgot the beloved blankie). Tonight we went to take pics at the Fish and Game club and then the kids (and I) were able to ride on the neighbors "train", he took barrels and put wheels on them (all very nicely done) and put seats in the barrels and pulls it behind the golf cart. Elliot loved it, I felt a little silly being so big, but it was worth it for Elliot!
I started my Beth Moore study and I have to say I'm lovin' it. It feels so good to be back in the word. I highlighted some parts I wanted to share... it may be a bit choppy, but so good and applicable to all lives!
God did not create us so that He could have the front row seat an an ongoing saga of our follies and failures. He created us because he delights in us!
God created us not because he needed us but b/c he wanted us! Just think about it: He doesn't just love us; He also LIKES us!
"Follow Your Heart" is the stuff of fairy tales and the stuff of many a nightmare. For this reason God exhorts us continually throughout His Word to give Him our whole hearts. We might occassionally be able to change our circumstances, but only God can change our hearts. "If only..., then I should be happy" are words that often infade our thoughts. Attaining all of our "if only's" simply gives birth to a new set. Just as we get what we thought we had to have, all of the rules seem to change. And isn't it frightening that we could finally talk God into giving us all we desire? Psalm 106:15 says "He gave them what they wished for but sent a wasting disease upon them"
So, that's just a bit of the hightlighted stuff... I'm sure I will be sharing more very very soon!
Now, for some pictures!

These pics are straight from the camera, I have a lot to work to do on them yet, the grass wasn't really alive either, so I have to figure out how to make it greener in the pics... hmmmmmmm, that could take a while! In the meantime, enjoy your week, don't get to hot!

Funny... thought I better explain, Amanda just commented that it looked like Elliot was sticking his tongue out in his pics but its really just his pacifier (clear on the outside and orange in the middle), he was extra tired and didn't want to give it up all that quickly!

July 6, 2007

My heart hurts right now...

My heart truly aches right now. Matt is still fishing and I'm browsing the boards over at DST, I came upon this thread (seriously it's long, but just pick a page toward the middle or end and scan it) http://www.digishoptalk.com/boards/showthread.php?t=64281 . I have never felt truly confindent in professing my faith, mostly because I am not great with words and am scared that someone will ask me a question and I will hesitate, mumble, jumble and just look stupid. I read the first 10 pages of this (or scanned) and my heart aches for these people. People who depend on themselves, refuse to belive in a God, believe in aliens above the father son and holy ghost. They blame life happenings or other things that just don't make sense to me. As I'm reading I'm thinking "But that's why I believe"! I'm so sad that all of these people are ok with choosing hell over eternal life with our Lord in heaven! I'll admid I'm scared of that day coming, I can't say that I'm so looking forward to Jesus return, but not because I don't know where I'm going, but because I'm comfortable here (even with all the trials and hardships we face daily), I love being with my kids, I want to meet this baby within me... don't get me wrong, I think heaven will be absolutely amazing, learning all the answers that we just don't know now, spending time with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (ok, so I'm getting close to tears here, all by myself). I think I'm actually ok with him returning b/c then I know that my children will be in heaven with me and not left here on this earth, but the fear of death is heavy on my heart. It's something I think about almost daily, because of risks and life experiences that are always on my mind, I don't want to leave my children... ok, truly in tears now, bearing to much of myself here, sorry, I've been rambling... my point was that I feel so bad for all of those who do not believe in God, the God that sent his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins.


Last night Matt was working on a side job so I took the kids swimming to tire them out! It was a good time for all of us! (Did I already say this yesterday, sorry if I did) On the way home I stopped and got some skittles (Yes, boring detail, but read on...), they had a carnival flavor bag, yummy stuff... flavors include Cotton Candy, Candy Apple, Bubble Gum (my reflexes won't let me swallow anything like gum though, so this one is difficult for me), licorice, and green apple slushie! Soooo good!

Today I had to have Charter come fix a phone line at my house, literally it was Larry the cable guy that came... truly his name was Larry! Funny, ok, maybe not! I don't know if anyone has Charter phone service or not, but I so would not recommend it, I have had nothing but problems for the past 2 months that I've had it... so ready to switch back, but we have this price deal thing, have to look into that more I guess! They tried to convince me that they weren't having many problems at all... funny, not what I heard!

Then after lunch today (which I might add was soup b/c that's all we had in the house, not a great soup day at almost 90 degrees) I went into work while EJ watched my kiddo's! It actually felt kinda good to get away from the kiddos for a bit and into an adult world. I have to say that I love staying home, but the few chances I get to work are wonderful. Summer is definately more difficult with three kids home, trying to find someone to watch all of them, but EJ is great for that, she is so helpful, I truly appreciate it so much!

After work I stopped at the grocery store to get some veggies to go with our salmon dinner, Dimitri and Angela came over and after dinner Matt took the boys (-Elliot) fishing for Salmon. Supposedly they are biting just great right now, we'll see when he get's home I guess!I rode bikes with the kids to the park (Angela, Bailey and Elliot), and happened to see someone we knew from church, so I was able to talk to an adult for a while (makes a trip to the park that much better). Now the girls are watching a movie and Elliot is slowly screaming himself to sleep, not sure what his problem is, really there is nothing I can do for him though, I've tried, trust me!

Here are a few layouts I've been working on...

I fixed the journaling on this one, it was to "fat" for me... it reads: This is one sweet relationship. I just love watching the two of you together. You truly love to be with daddy even if you are a mommy’s boy! Your daddy knows how to make you giggle even when you are crabby! He loves to snuggle and kiss your neck and tummy, sometimes leaving a nice little rash from his scruffy beard, but you never seem to mind, you couild go on forever! I just love your expression in this picture, it just shows all your excitement and your daddy’s love for you! I so wish I could keep you this small forever dear child, but alas, we all know that you will someday grow up, so instead we will just truly cherish these moments while we have them.

Credits for both layouts can be seen here

Have a great weeknd whatever you may be doing!

July 5, 2007


So our fourth of July was pretty good. Matt got up early Wednesday morning and went fishing (bringing home 3 big salmon=10 portions!), which meant that Bailey slept with me Tuesday night, used to be fun, now she kicked me in the head so many times I'm suprised I'm not black and blue.

So then we left to go up north to my grandparents for a grill out in the early afternoon. The kids were able to go swimming too. Elliot loved to be in the water and insisted on putting his face in the water over and over and over! Crazy kid! We ate our chicken and some other yummy food, swam some more and then we headed home to make it to Celebration Freedom put on by WJQ (favorite radio station). There was a waterski show that we thought would be fun to watch and the band from our church was singing on stage, always fun to watch! We ran into the Overweg's down there and Madison was able to stay and watch the firworks with us (made Bailey so very happy!). Landon spent much of our time waiting practicing with his Heely's, those things are way harder than they look, I tried them out and fell right over!

We also were crazy enough to take Elliot with us for the firewords, we were totally unsure how that would work out b/c normal bedtime is between 7 and 8, fireworks don't start til 10:15, quite a time difference. He did GREAT though, we were so thrilled. He played around and cuddled and stuff until the lights went out and then the fireworks started and he just laid in my lap watching! He was in and out of sleep by that time though! It was wonderful though, I was so happy he did so well! It did take us 45 minutes to get home which was definately frustrating, and the most frustrating part was that I didn't see any police officers directing traffic, now maybe we just were on the wrong streets, but seriously it was so incredibly busy! Who knows though, I'm sure there was a reason, I was just getting crabby by the time we got out of traffic. We didn't get home until 11:50 and Matt had to go get formula yet (Family Fare closed at midnight, so we were cutting it close!).

Matt was thrilled (and I was very sad) when my camera battery died. So I wasn't able to get any great pictures, I was hoping to get some of the fireworks, but whatever, they will be the same thing next year...

So, I hope you all had as much fun as we did celebrating our country's freedom. Oh yeah, and I'm still curious about reviews on the books if anyone knows anything! (see previous post)

Summer Reading...

So I just got home from Baker Books and picked up a few things that I think I could read this summer... on is this

Book Description
....I fear this might cause you considerable grief...But Julius was right, you deserve to know the truth. A fictional narrative written in a memoir format and highlighted by unique chronological symbols, Witness is Mary Magdalene¿s story of how she came to know Jesus and became one of His closest friends. A great tool for witnessing.

I read a few pages and am hooked already!

Another one I got (was on sale for CHEAP) was this one...

Book Description
Now available in hardcover, 90 Minutes in Heaven is the runaway bestseller about one man’s experience with death and life. As Baptist minister Don Piper drove home from a conference, his car collided with a semi-truck that had crossed into his lane. Piper was pronounced dead at the scene. For the next 90 minutes, he experienced the glories of heaven, where he was greeted by those who had influenced him spiritually, and he experienced true peace. Back on earth, a passing minister who had also been at the conference felt led to pray for the accident victim even though he was told Piper was dead. Miraculously, Piper came back to life, and the pleasure of heaven was replaced by a long and painful recovery. For years Don Piper kept his heavenly experience to himself. Finally, friends and family convinced him to share his remarkable story. An inspiring and encouraging account, 90 Minutes in Heaven continues to touch and comfort millions of people around the world as it offers a glimpse of inexpressible heavenly bliss.

And the other one I got which I'm excited to start on is a study by Beth Moore called "A Woman's Heart: God's dwelling place". Ever since BSF has gotten done I haven't made nearly enough time to study my bible and I've heard amazing things about Beth Moore, so thought I would give it a try! Get my head back where it should be hopefully! I totally know that God was leading me to this book too, I was looking at all my options of hers and kept going back and forth and finally just grabbed this one and left... it wasn't until I got home and started looking through it more did I realize that it's on the old testament... not my favorite testament by far! I dread reading from the old testament, but this will be good for me, maybe it will make it easier, it will stretch me I'm sure!

So has anyone read any of these? Any reviews/thoughts?

Hopefully everyone had a great fourth... I will try to share some pics and stories of our day later, now I'm off to the grocery store and pick up the kids from church, goodness how I love this 2 1/2 hour break! (Don't get me wrong I love my kids, but my house is so so so quiet right now)!