April 28, 2012

3 years old Lila

Just a little cuteness to start off things right!

 Lila last year when she was two.  Lila this year, when she is three!
 God had a little pink up his sleeve for this little girl the night before her birthday!
 Lila added a little pink to her cupcakes, just like Pinkalicious does in the book.

 Bailey and a friend actually made the cupcakes and frosted them, with a LOT of frosting!
 Love this girl!  When she is happy, she is very happy.  

 She got a little shy when everyone was singing to her.
 This little girl lover some gum, and her friend Reed knows it! 
 A princess she is!  Crown and all!
 After the party, I took a few pictures of Archer!
Hangin' out, just watchin' Bailey play ipod!

April 10, 2012

No more PIPEYS!

She was sucking on her ring pop.  I was on my computer.  She said to me, "I don't need a Pipey anymore".  I said, "Quick Landon, find the scissors, take the camera, we need pictures of this".  
He took the pictures.
Her and I cut the Pipey.  
Both of them.
She smiled.  
I smiled.  
It was great!  

 The she kept on sucking on her ring pop like nothing ever happened.

 Almost like a pipey.  Big brother, little brother and baby girl.  (Big girl was off running or something energetic like that)

As bedtime nears, the tears are starting to come.
She wants the pipey back.
I will admit that we cut them just as much for her as me.
This way I can't cave in.
Pray for us tonight as we beat this addiction together!

April 9, 2012

Additional Session Times for Fundraiser

Daytime offerings didn't seem to be a big hit, and I know that some families had issues with Wednesday nights, so I'm now offering an additional evening for you to participate in this fundraiser!

Same deal as before, just register by clicking the picture above!  Times will be assigned on a first come first serve basis, starting and 5:30, you can put in a request and if it works out I will do what I can, but I would like to keep them all back to back so that there isn't a large amount of time where I'm not photographing!  Thanks for your understanding!

April 6, 2012

Good Friday

A portion of a blog post from www.desiringgod.org titled The Father's Cup (Good Friday)

Then Jesus is startled by a foul odor. It isn’t the stench of open wounds. It’s something else. And it crawls inside him. He looks up to his Father. His Father looks back, but Jesus doesn’t recognize these eyes. They pierce the invisible world with fire and darken the visible sky. And Jesus feels dirty. He hangs between earth and heaven filthy with human discharge on the outside and, now, filthy with human wickedness on the inside.
The Father speaks:
Son of Man! Why have you sinned against me and heaped scorn on my great glory?
You are self-sufficient and self-righteous — consumed with yourself and puffed up and selfishly ambitious.
You rob me of my glory and worship what’s inside of you instead of looking out to the One who created you.
You are a greedy, lazy, gluttonous slanderer and gossip.
You are a lying, conceited, ungrateful, cruel adulterer.
You practice sexual immorality; you make pornography, and fill you mind with vulgarity.
You exchange my truth for a lie and worship the creature instead of the Creator. And so you are given up to your homosexual passions, dressing immodestly, and lusting after what is forbidden.
With all your heart you love perverse pleasure.
You hate your brother and murder him with the bullets of anger fired from your own heart.
You kill babies for your convenience.
You oppress the poor and deal slaves and ignore the needy.
You persecute my people.
You love money and prestige and honor.
You put on a cloak of outward piety, but inside you are filled with dead men’s bones — you hypocrite!
You are lukewarm and easily enticed by the world.
You covet and can’t have so you murder.
You are filled with envy and rage and bitterness and unforgiveness.
You blame others for your sin and are too proud to even call it sin.
You are never slow to speak.
And you have a razor tongue that lashes and cuts with its criticism and sinful judgment.
Your words do not impart grace. Instead your mouth is a fountain of condemnation and guilt and obscene talk.
You are a false prophet leading people astray.
You mock your parents.
You have no self-control.
You are a betrayer who stirs up division and factions.
You’re a drunkard and a thief.
You’re an anxious coward.
You do not trust me.
You blaspheme against me.
You are an un-submissive wife.
And you are a lazy, disengaged husband.
You file for divorce and crush the parable of my love for the church.
You’re a pimp and a drug dealer.
You practice divination and worship demons.
The list of your sins goes on and on and on and on. And I hate these things inside of you. I’m filled with disgust, and indignation for your sin consumes me.
Now, drink my cup!
And Jesus does. He drinks for hours. He downs every drop of the scalding liquid of God’s own hatred of sin mingled with his white-hot wrath against that sin. This is the Father’s cup: omnipotent hatred and anger for the sins of every generation past, present, and future — omnipotent wrath directed at one naked man hanging on a cross.
The Father can no longer look at his beloved Son, his heart’s treasure, the mirror-image of himself. He looks away.
Jesus pushes himself upward and howls to heaven, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
Jesus whispers, “I’m thirsty,” and he sags.
The merciful centurion soaks a sponge in sour wine and lifts it on a reed to Jesus’ lips. And the sour wine is the sweetest drink he ever tasted.
Jesus pushes himself up again and cries, “It is finished.” And it is. Every sin of every child of God has been laid on Jesus and he drank the cup of God’s wrath dry.

April 5, 2012


A few numbers to know...

1 - The number of hours I typically watch tv in bed before finally falling asleep
2 - The number of years ago I was told there was a tumor found on my MRI, starting the journey that was
3 - The number of days until the kids go back to school (of course, now that were in a routine)
4 - The number of things planted in our garden right now (Snap peas and three varieties of lettuce)
5 - The number of times in a day I wonder why my kids want to eat so much (Seriously, whose great idea was it to have 3-6 meals a day?)
6 - The number of days until my next appointment with my oncologist
8-9 - The number of hours of sleep I need in a night to feel completely refreshed
12 - The number of loads of laundry I've done this week, just to get caught up.  
20 - The number of years it's been since I hugged my mom (Good Friday, 1992)
67 (billion) - The number of times I have to tell my dear small daughter to GO TO SLEEP
1,518 - Number of days (approximate) until my oldest child graduates from High School
5,535 - Number of days (approximate) until my youngest child graduates from High School (that's approximately 132,840 hours in case you wondered)