April 30, 2009

Back with more!

Yup, her feet really are that blue...

I love peeling baby feet (much more visible at full size)

Puttin' on a show...
She loves her mama
Look at those eyes

April 28, 2009

More Pictures

Sick of pictures yet? To bad!

This is Lila burping... looks quite productive huh? (it's not, never has been)

Matt took a few pics for me last night... (have I mentioned yet how amazing he has been and how much I love him?)

April 27, 2009

end of school year and doctor appts

Miss Lila had a doctor appt yesterday, she is past her birth weight (barely, only by 1/2 an ounce), but they don't typically expect that until 2 weeks old apparently. Oh boy! She looks great otherwise, no concerns or anything! She is still sleeping like a newborn thankfully, so we are both getting some sleep. I have started a terrible habit of sleeping with her, but it's the only way she sleeps and it's therefore the only way I sleep... so whatever! We'll deal with the consequences later!

I'm feeling overwhelmed by all of the end of the school year activities that are quickly filling up my calendar (I know I can't be alone in this). I know we can't possibly all be at everything, but I hate that too. Landon started baseball (although the first game was cancelled due to weather and he will miss his second game due to 5th grade camp). I'm very thankful that they don't have nearly as many practices as some teams, although I'm sure they could use some more! Bailey opted not to do softball this year, which I didn't force the subject at all, we just really don't have time for something that she doesn't really want to do anyway! I am enjoying these last few weeks with the kids in school though, spending time cuddling Lila and Elliot in bed before they are home needing to go places or do things all the time!

Landon leaves for camp tomorow for two nights, he's not all that excited, I honestly thought he would be more, but whatever, he said once he get's there he knows he will have fun. I'm glad it's not something that I have to force him to do at least! Crazy that he will be in middle school next year. CRAZY!

April 25, 2009


Not only is this little girl amazing, but there are other things too...
Its amazing how...
I have had NO restless leg syndrome issues in 4 days... poof, gone!
my puffy feet were gone in just 3 days!
I have no heartburn!
I dont go to the bathroom 6 times a night!
perfect she is!
much the kids love her!
much I love her! How did we ever feel complete w/o her?
much better (think "clean") recovery is with no uterus!!!
wonderful my husband is! Seriously, he is the best!!!! Definately taking wonderful care of me, and this may only be the beginning!

Physically Im experiencing a lot of pain still, the one drug that helped I am apparently allergic to (says the itchy painful rash covering my body) so im back on vicodin which does very little for me. emotionally ive only had a few rough moments. this is the part that worries me the most, but im confident that i can stay one step ahead. did i ever mention i also had a complete hystorectomy too? i have not yet experienced any menapause symptoms, but know they are coming... not sure i can handle all that and a baby (there has to be a reason it doesnt happen naturally like that), but am praying for the best and only mild symptoms...

I wanted to go to landons baseball game 2day, but the weather may force me to stay home and rest... we shall see. he was supposed to pitch, so i would love to be there, we shall see. i think we will run to target after i feed Lila though... unless i fall asleeep...

(sorry about the typing errors (sarah), this is what you get one handed... )

April 23, 2009

My day in pictures...

Wish I could type more, but I'm snuggling my baby in one arm and hate typing one handed... more later! For now enjoy the pics...

April 22, 2009


Thanks to Sarah for posting yesterday! I am feeling better today, as long as the Vicadin is on-time. Definately still tired and in pain, but that's to be expected! Lila is doing great, she's definately a squeaker, and she doesn't like to burp which is causing her some discomfort, so we have to work on that!

April 21, 2009

Lila Kaye Bell

Happy Birthday to Lil' Miss Lila Kaye! Lila was born this morning at 9:38 am. She is 8 lbs. 1 oz. and 19.5 inches long! She is a beautiful little baby...looks like Elliot to me. Please pray for Lynette as she recovers- she is in more pain than with her other c-sections and the meds aren't doing a whole lot for her right now. I'm sure she'll be back soon with more pictures! Sarah

April 20, 2009

The wait is over...

I had an amnio this morning (not as bad as I thought it would be), and then was hooked to a monitor to check the baby for an hour... and then sent home to wait (and nap). Just got a call a little bit ago that yes, her lungs are mature and she will be born tomorow! I was preparing myself for no and waiting another week all afternoon and was quite suprised by the news, but I'll take it! So, tomorow starts a new chapter! Elliot will no longer be the youngest, I'll have continued sleepless nights, not due to pregnancy anymore, but due to a crying and hungry baby, I won't be as mobile as I'm used to, I won't be taking naps every day for an hour or more... ahhhh, all the things I will miss. But I know she will be worth it! So, stay tuned for a baby name and pictures in the near future!

April 17, 2009


I'm home alone while Matt is fishing for some Salmon to re-stock our freezer. So far he only has 2, but apparently one is a big King, so I guess that's good! And hopefully he will get more before heading in! While he's been gone, Landon offered to take Elliot fishing (with my supervision of course, he knows I won't touch anything to do with it). So, we headed down to the pond (which was quite a hike for big ol' me). Elliot loved it! I took an insane number of pictures, but just going through some of them I came across this one and had to share quick... I'm sure I'll be back with more of the other kids later (YUP, I took pictures of the other kids)!

Edited to add...
Self portrait (on accident, but I kind of liked it):
Landon's "BIG" catch:
Elliot taking a late afternoon nap in my bed today:
Oh, and a funny comment from E today... I had the moonroof open in the jeep and my window was open too (to prevent that terrible noise). Elliot looked at my hair and said... "Your hair is Awsome mom"... obviously it was blowing quite a bit! I was laughing, he is always good for a laugh!

Elliot part (tons and tons)

Yup, more Elliot, but in my defense my other kids are gone a LOT and have no real interest in having thier pictures taken when they are home... so whatever!
On the way to the rally on Thursday, 2 cuties in sunglasses!
This morning we made Elliot a tent with his blankets on his bunk bed... he had fun sitting in there reading books for quite a while!

April 14, 2009

Easter Part 2

These pictures are completely backwards...
We did an Easter Egg hunt up in New Era w/ tons and tons of eggs! The kids had a great time!

Before church... there was one w/ me in it too, but no one is seeing it!
Raiding the Easter Basket
Easter Breakfast... Monkey Bread, Cantelope and Pineapple and Hard Boiled Eggs.
Looking for the well hidden egg...
Elliot found his basket...
Elliot's first egg hunt (that he remembers)
Good morning sunshine!

April 13, 2009


We tried to get a good 4d picture, but the cord was in front of her face (not to mention toes and fingers). She looked very similar to an ogre baby (we didn't even get copies of those pictures)! She definately has some chunky cheeks (and in this first picture big lips and nose too...). Very curious to see what she will look like! See update at the top of the page for a prayer reqeust too!

Easter Pics Part 2 (of more)

Coloring Easter Eggs Saturday night...

The "Elliot" egg had an early demise... no one was to sad about it b/c they all like to eat them (I on the other hand find them completely repulsive and stinky)