June 30, 2008


I ahve realized that my email isn't working properly, I don't always receive emails and the ones that I send are not always delivered, so if I was supposed to email you or you emailed me and didn't get a response, I'm sorry!

June 29, 2008

The eve of double digits...

Warning: Picture heavy

My Boys...
As if turning 30 wasn't enough, we are on the eve of celebrating the 10th birthday of my oldest!
We had a very small family party for him tonight with a Coldstone Cake and 10 candles!
The kiddo's!
A short game of Pin the Tail on the donkey!
Elliot some how thought he could will the tail from his forhead to the donkey! (In case your wondering, it didn't work)
And now we are having an impromptu slumber party! Not sure how much slumbering will be happening though!

June 28, 2008

Is it really Saturday..

where did the week go? We have been super busy as usual (do you get sick of me saying that...)

The kids were going to VBS at Faith this week from 9-11:45, Landon wasn't going to go, but he saw one of his friends from his class there and decided it would be ok... SWEET! That meant almost three hours with just E and I! Not that the older two are difficult or anything, it's just easier with only one!

Thursday we went to a cottage with some friends from Landon's school and had a great time! The kids got to tube (a LOT), we all (ok, not me really) swam in the lake and just enjoyed the sun and the company! We were all exausted when we returned home but that didn't mean we could slow down. We pulled in the driveway, Landon jumped out, put on baseball clothes and I dropped him off late to practice! I took some pictures for a friend after practice and then we all crashed!

Up again Friday morning for the last day of VBS. In the evening I decided to take the kids swimming where they also got an unexpected pre-dinner ice cream treat! (Thanks Carol, they loved it!!) We then stopped to pick up a pizza (close to 8:00) for dinner. Just as we were pulling up to the drive through window it started pouring! I was drenched just from opening the window! On the way home I ended up pulling into a parking lot it was raining so hard! But that didn't last long, I got impatient and started going again. Slowly but surely we made it home, only to get drenched on our way into the house. Good thing we all had bathing suits on still.

Today was a lazy day. Bailey and I were in our pj's until about 1:00. We did some cleaning around the house and some laying around. It was so nice! I do feel guilty though, with all the work Matt has been doing!

I went out this evening to look for a birthday present for Landon (nothing like waiting til the last minute) but had NO luck, so tomorow we HAVE to find something! It may require a trip to Grandville unfortunately! Just what Matt wants to do on his day off!

House stuff: we got cabinets delivered on Friday, love them! We decided on a laminate floor (Bamboo, just like I wanted)! Matt is priming everything right now, hoping to paint trim on Monday! Paint colors are decided on, EJ is going to help me with a mural on the living room wall before she moves away! The mantal is put together! The basement is taking shape! I got a bedspread for our room! Hopefully soon I will have some pictures that I can share!

Ta! Ta! for now!

June 23, 2008

Hockey Puck anyone?

And this is why I DO not grill! Of oourse they were already ruined so while the flames were burning high I ran to get my camera, bummer though, the flames were almost gone when I got back. And, we ate them anyway! With the corn on the cob and some potato chips. The chips were the BEST part of the entire meal! I also sauteed some mushrooms for my burger... burned those too! What a night! Anyone want to come for dinner tomorow, I'll make something on the grill! Tempting isn't it?


I need help. I truly have cooked twice in about 2 or more months. Once was taco's and the other was chicken, broccoli & a bottle of General Tso's sauce with rice. Nothing special, just what we had. So, I think I've lost all memory of how and what to cook. I'm trying to make a grocery list and can come up with NOTHIGN! I'm SUPER crabby right now too so that isn't helping, nothing sounds good to me at all. So anyway, give me your dinner ideas, recipes, whatever! I've already tried my trusty All Recipes.com and can't find anything there either. I really need help!

June 22, 2008

Some pics...

We went for a walk tonight and snapped a few pics on the way!

Poor me...

not really, I'm just feeling a bit sorry for myself right now. I just figured it out and I've seen Matt for about 9 hours this week (That's Monday thru Sunday) and that's being generous and includes the passing hi/bye things! He's gone again right now, so once again it's another day without him! Yup, we did sign up for this and it normally isn't that bad, it just starts to wear on you day after day, as I'm sure working 18 hour days wears on him too!

Good news... I think I've decided on some paint colors, I should post a picture of the three greens that are on my wall right now for a little extra input though, although I'm not sure that is ever good either, sometimes to much is a bad thing! I keep seeing this green/white/black combo on clothing that I want to reproduce in my living room, but I CAN NOT find the right green. I don't want a "predictable" green and I don't want old style green, no sage or forest here. We are doing tan & orange in the dining room, tan and blue in the family room, ocean blue in the bathrooms, yellow, green, red or orange in our bedroom, brown & turquoise in E's room, BRIGHT yellow in the office, black trim throughout, we ordered DARK cabinets, I'm thinking charcoal countertop, stainless appliances and very light wood floor (laminate), although I have yet to find a floor that I like the color of... so many choices, I wish someone would narrow them down to like 3 option, "Here, you HAVE to pick one of these". but that will NEVER happen, and even if it did I'm sure they would all be out of our price range!

Today was the finale for VBS at our church. The kids all had a great time, but it definately wears a person out, that's for sure! Landon was to old to attend this year, but he helped out with games, after baseball practice 3 nights this week. Thanks to Grandma Bell for picking him up from practice and getting him to church each night! Were not going to know what to do with ourselves this week w/o so much going on... oh, yeah, we have a LOT going on still. It will never stop and in some ways that's ok, I can't imagine sitting home every night while Matt is gone either!

I picked up a bedding set for Bailey at the Linens & Things in Grandville yesterday, they are going out of business, thier sales aren't that great yet though, thier sale must have just started. I've been on the hunt for my own set, but have yet to find SOMETHING I like. I want bright not dark. The only one I like so far is in a Pottery Barn Catalog... adn it's NOT on Sale so I'm on the hunt for something cheaper. I checked TJ Maxx last night and came out almsot empty handed, just a few odds & ends.

OK, off to attend to my hungry children! Fun Times! We need groceries!

June 18, 2008

that boy...

After a busy busy morning I came home and made Elliot a plate for lunch, not literally a plate, but a plate with food on it! I no more than set it down on the table and he was right behind me throwing it on the floor. all the food fell off the plate and onto the floor, therefore ruining lunch! Gotta love him though!

June 17, 2008

Scrap Stuff...

{Image is clickable}
Here are a few of the deals...

and there's much much more and all for only $2.00!

June 16, 2008


I'm sure as time goes on more pics from camping will show up here, but right now I'm to lazy/busy to resize etc so instead I'm showing you the layout that I did with pics of camping and some flooding pictures...

If you look at the picnic table in the bacgroudn you can see that the water was literally just inches away from the bench that you would sit on, Landon didn't want to walk to that one though, this was deep enough for him! I don't think anyone was staying on these lots when they flooded, but there were plenty of others that people were staying on, including people staying in tents... I can't even imagein!

June 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

And it's not even raining or storming here! We had storms again Saturday night before we left, nothing like Thursday night though!

all in all, we had a great time, besides the hours we spent in the bathroom with sleepy babe's! I hope to have some pics prepared for uploading tomorow sometime, the floods were CRAZY I tell ya, you just have to see pictures to believe it!

So, although I hate to divulge this information, I see that Sarah did it for me... I had a birthday on Saturday... a BIG birthday too... 30 years old. Yup, I said it and will NOT say it again! I feel so old! I logically know that that number is not old, but it's not 20's anymore, ya know? Oh well, life goes on... and we all get older!

Today was all about cleaning up and putting away... great times! Great fathers day too... poor Matt! We did go out for dinner together, all freshly showered (much to the enjoyment I'm sure of our fellow diners), and then to my dad's house for birthday cake and fathers day celebrations. It was just our family and them so nothing really big! Matt's mom had left me a gift on the counter which included a patio umbrella, something I've never had... can't wait to use it at the new house!

Tomorow is back to real life! Carson is actually coming in the morning while his mom goes to the hospital to feed her baby (who is in the nursery still, but hopefully coming home tomorow). We miss the little guy and I hear that he misses us too! At some point I need to go pay for All-Stars for Landon at the Rec office and then our church's VBS starts at night, so it will definately be an exausting week! But fun!

OK, I NEED to go to bed! I barely ate any of my dinner b/c I was just to exausted and here I am still on the computer! Hopefully I'll be back with pictures tomorow!

June 14, 2008

The Storm...

The storm did NOT miss us, in fact we sat in the bathroom showers for 2 hours during the tornado warnings and then I spent the rest of the night awake listening to the camper vibrate and tremble! It was seriously the WORST storm of my entire life, I coudl hear the thunder just ROLLING across the lake and the lightening DID NOT stop! It was constantly light! But we survived! Our campsite is dry which is much more than I can say for the remainder of the campground, most or at least half of the lots are FLOODED! Like feet of water!

But we are safe and all is well, the camper was not damaged at all (good thing cuz it's not ours), and we are dry! And now we get to enjoy sunshine! Pics tomorow when I get home!

June 12, 2008

third time is a charm... right?

I have tried posting three times now but lost connection as I hit post each time, this WILL work though!

Keeping this short...
We are in Cadillac camping
Bailey has had a fever for two days (she feels better today luckily and even tubed!)
Elliot has been sleeping in a big bed for naps! May need to purchase one for him when we move!
Landon's baseball team lost thier final game today w/o Landon there! we were planning on going for Tomorow and Saturday's game b/c they were FOR SURE going to win tonight... so now we are not heading home tomorow. Bummer!
Looks like a violent storm is heading our way, but hopefully will just barely miss us!
The only reason I have internet at all is because we are next door to BK! (Smells "great")
Off to watch the storm again adn get this posted!

June 10, 2008

Exciting News

If you aren't a digiscrapper just move right on, you will not understand!

I just recently found out that I made the creative team at We Are Storytellers I've known for a few days and wanted to scream it because I was so excited but needed to keep quiet until today! Now I can yell it for you all to hear! Very excited about this new gig!

Oh, and did I tell you that I signed up for an awsome photography workshop in November with this amazing couple who I have already learned SOOOO much from through thier DVD's (as I know some of you have too)? I'm even more excited about this, but have to be patient as I don't want to rush summer, but truly can't wait to go to Chicago in November with Becky!

All things DISGUSTING... take two

Last night was GREAT! Bailey and I were BOTH sick, first it started with her, and as I was cleaning all that up it progressed to me! I have a weak stomach and really don't like cleaning up things like that but I know that I was truly and violently ill! I'm feeling better this morning but not completely, still achy and yuck! Best part of it all is that we leave for camping tomorow and SOMEONE has to pack! Lovely!

And... in asnwer to a few comments that were left! And to clear a few things up... yup, there currently are 2 HUGE MASSIVE GIGUNDOUS trees at our new house... that will hopefully be removed, not just to cure my irrational fear, but to let some more sunlight into the house! And I don't REALLY want a cat, but in my head I have pictures of the perfect family with the perfect little girl, who owns the "purr"fect little kitten! But since we have none of those, it will stay just a thought!

June 8, 2008


Matt was able to get all the water out of the basement. There was actually only about an inch or so in there which is great considering there are two giant holes in the cement walls and our sump pump doesn't work. He had to go dig the window wells out a bit more (which he had help with from our new neighbor, he's already made a friend over there!) so all the dirt didn't flow in too. I think he actually worked through the storm this afternoon, but it wasnt' as bad as last night at least so I didn't feel like I needed him home quite as bad. (I'm kinda wierd like that, I like to know he's here to "protect" me, although I don't know how he could protect me from that giant tree falling into my house! ;)

So we are all good, unlike some other people that I've heard from/read blogs of! So sorry that so many people had so much flooding, it's not fun!

On another note completely... a GIANT thanks goes out to Tonya for introducing my daughter to your kittens, a day has not yet gone by where I don't hear about how bad she wants one! I wish I could give my little girl a kitten, but my dog would eat it for a snack I fear!

All things DISGUSTING..

That's what I dealt with this weekend. Vomit, sweat, blood and more (which I just won't go into on here). And it's all been poor little E (except the sweat of course which has gotten us all). After being with Sarah most of the day on Friday (and many other people) Elliot threw up about 3 minutes after I put him to bed, not thrilled that it was in his bed, but at least all I had to do was throw the sheets in the washer, if it was anywhere else I would have had to actually clean it up. He continued to throw up 2 more times, until he fell asleep on his bedroom floor. Hopefully no one else was infected. Saturday morning we had a game for Bailey at 9am and E seemed to be better, aside from being very tired, so we headed to the game (Matt was working during ALL of this), immediately following we headed to Landon's game. It was very hot and we all got some sun lines and had a little sweat. Lucky for us there was a little breeze which kept us a little cool at least! After the game Bailey went home wiht Grandma Bell and Elliot and I took a nap while Landon played Wii! We were supposed to go to my cousins open house in the afternoon but with the way E was acting we decided to skip so we didn't anyone else sick, and we all needed some rest. We did attempt to eat dinner at the beach last night, but E was cranky and didn't eat much and then when we tried to walk down to the water it was freezing cold and Elliot wanted NOTHING to do with the sand or water, so our trip was VERY short! We could see the storm rolling in off the lake as well, so it was probably good that we didn't stay long! When we got home we all curled up together in the living room and listened to/watched the storm come in! The irrational fears were flowing, that's for sure! Remember that tree that is going to fall on my house, well, once again it didn't! Sometime during the night E woke up with a bloody nose, what a mess! Pretty sure we probably have a foot or two of water in the basement of our other house though! Matt went to check on that this morning before heading to church, which E and I are missing because of ongoing issues with his stomach (not throwing up anymore luckily though)! Not sure what the rest of our day includes, probably not much though, we dont' really want to stray far from the diapers! Hoping your weekend was MUCH better than mine! Looks like we have another storm rolling in tonight... stay safe!

June 5, 2008


Look at him look at her... funny!
"Smile Seee"!
Getting a little drink!
This is the BEST pool I've ever bought (besides my NEW BIG pool which is not yet at my new house), it is only about 2" deep and it has sprinklers all around it and different activities and things to do! Best part is when you shut the hose off it deflates and we just hang it over the clothes line, the rest drains overnight and there is no big pool to empty! Elliot LOVES it too!
I'm exausted and I'm a terrible mother! I have had a rough time keeping my eyes open today. I think I actually napped for about 10 minutes, but then Matt started talking on the phoen and that was over. Half of it could be that I haven't eaten anything of substance today (unless of coures you count the whipped cream and raspberries). I have been a terrible mom today, I yelled at Landon for not singing me a song (there's a few more details that I won't go into right now, but that's the jest of the story) ... what is that about? I think I just got fed up with a lot of stuff going on at the time and took it out on him... poor guy. I did apologize, but that doesn't erase what happened.

So anyway, pool plans got ruined today due to the downpours and lightening. Tennis was cancelled this morning for Bailey (that's 2 days in a row). I got a few groceris this morning, but obviously not enough as we have NO food for dinner right now. The day has gotten better though. Sadie came over the play tonight while Sarah was at Cobe's game and we got the pool out (pics to come later), now we (i.e. Sadie) are watching Dora and resting! Because we all (i.e. ME) need it!

June 4, 2008

Heat wave coming?

Tomorow is supposed to be HOT! HOT HOT HOT! Finally, I think I'm ready for that, but I may be singing a different song tomorow!

Today was my last day babysitting, kind of bittersweet. I will definately miss C, we have really come to think of him as a part of our family (I don't think I could have twins though, it's a lot of work to have two so close in age). Elliot LOVES him just like he loves a brother, best friends one minute, worst enemies the next. E will definately miss his buddy! Landon loves to play with him too, he couldn't wait to get home from school to see him. Bailey is indifferent, but I know she loves him too! Matt even knows him quite well and has become quite fond of him! I will surely miss having the little guy around, probably more so when the older kids are gone to school this fall again, for E's sake, but I love C too! We do plan to have him over a few times this summer yet, his mom is having a baby SOON so she will need a few breaks!

To celebrate the last day I was hoping to get the pool out and have a party or go to the park at least, but we ended up at McDonalds b/c of the terrible weather! It was so yuck out all day! The boys LOVED it though, they loved to go down that slide, and I just dont think about all the germs that are in that thing. Matt met us there and then took Landon to a party afterwards, we hung out a bit longer, then it was naptime for the boys!

Tonight and last night I have been going to the house to peel wallpaper. There wasn't a ton left to do b/c Matts mom and Rose pulled most of it down for us, but there was some backer in the bathroom that had to come down and a gorgeous border in the bedroom. We debated keeping the border up for ourselves but didn't think the mauve would go that well with our color scheme! (Please read that last sentance with a LOT of sarcasm). I took landon and Bailey with me tonight and had B clean up wallpaper off the floor and Landon pick up shingles in the yard... they were both in tears at one point, good grief, you would have thought I had asked them to scrub the floors with a toothbrush or something. Lazy children!

So the house... I woudld love to post pictures but I've been forbidden to for various reasons. The water is finally on, and it was quite attractive for the first few minutes, let me tell you! DISGUSTING! Matt is doing some work in the basement, Bailey is excited about her room but I'm confused, I tried getting her the bigger room and she keeps thinking she wants the smaller one... crazy girl! She has at least 4 times as many toys as Landon (he's happy with a basketball and a few books), you would think she would want the big space, we'll see how that goes!

I'm scrapping a little tonight, it's been a LONG time since I've been able to. I start and end up deleting it all I get so frustrated, but I finally have a page done tonight that I like, but can't show it off until Friday, so if you interested at all... stay tuned!

No game tomorow night, that's three in a row for us... it's a record! Bailey was supposed to have a game on Tuesday, but that was cancelled b/c of rain, not sure when the make up will be for that but for now I"m going to enjoy free nights! I just wish Matt was home to enjoy them too!

Oh yeah.. and I was tagged, I was "forgetting" about this, but was just reminded from doing a little blog hopping...
5 random things about me (you may know them, but oh well...)
1. I'm a very hot person, love to sleep in the freezing cold, love the windows open in JANUARY!
2. I am not an early bird or a night owl, I need to go to bed early but love to sleep in too!
3. I hate (read: am petrified of) lakes, especially jumping in when I can't see the bottom.
4. I feel like I just did this...did I?
5. I tend to get obsessed with things for a short amount of time and then move on to something else, there have been a few obsessions that have lasted though!
So... I tag YOU! Yup... YOU! I feel like everyone has already done this that I've seen, so if you do it leave me a link please!

June 2, 2008

Another post... sorry!

Found this on Wendie's blog (see link on right) and tried it myself... wasn't going to post it but it's SOOO far from the truth that I was cracking up and wanted to share! (Maybe because I despise PB&J)!

What Your Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich Means

Your eating style is gluttonous. If you like something, you're going back for seconds... no matter how full you are!

You have an average sweet tooth. While you enjoy desserts, they aren't exactly your downfall.

Your taste in food tends to be quite eclectic and wide. You are an adventurous eater, and you like many types of cuisines.

You're very upper class and eccentric. You have strange habits, but you're too removed from society to notice them.

You are a tough person who isn't afraid to live life fully. There isn't a lot that scares you.

Precise and controlled, you can be a bit anal retentive when it comes to how you like things. You're definitely a perfectionist.

Game time...

This morning required a LOT of running around, but it was good! Landon had basketball camp at 9, then we had to go to his school and pick up all of his stuff that he forgot to take home with him, including his report card. Took D to his school to pick up his things and check out who his teacher is, then Bailey had to go to Tennis camp. Which only lasts for half an hour so it's hard to leave her there when I have to get right back, so anyway, we stuck around for that and then she ahd a freind come over. Landon was lucky enough to go swimming with Cobe and the boys took good naps while the girls played in the sprinkler. AFter nap time Elliot and Carson played in Elliot's new splash pool, the boys had quite a good time splashing around!

Then we had Landon's game. He did great, he really shines at shortstop, which he played for 4 innings with no injuries or incidents. Then he played center the last two innings. He went to catch a ball but it hit his glove and then his face and then the ground... I didn't see it hit his face, but his coach was asking him if he was ok so I knew something happened. His face was getting quite red so I knew he was crying, but I was proud of him for sticking it out out there. Once he came in we saw that it had hit his face twice, but he was tough about it! He won again, 8-5 I think was the final score. It was a good game! Two more and then tournaments start!

Camps again tomorow, but nothing in the evening, which is a HUGE bonus!