January 31, 2009


Landon's game this morning was... interesting! We got to the gym, the game was supposed to start at 11, still at 11:15 they hadn't started, which would have caused a real problem for us as we had decided to take one vehicle, which would give us just enough time to grab McDonalds before Bailey's soccer game and get her there on time. I was getting concerned b/c 11:15 just wasn't going to work with my schedule! Finally the game got started though, probably 11:20. At this point I've noticed it's a bit cold in the gym, but nothing terrible by any means. I did put my coat on though. Second quarter starts... starts off fine (oh, did I mention yet that there was NO scoreboard, therfore we couldn't see the clock either, kind of annoying, but I guess they had had problems with it in the previous games), then the power goes out... lights out. Good thing there were large windows in the gym, but I swear it dropped 10 degrees in 3 minutes... BRRRRRR! The boys continued playing, it wasn't like you couldn't see, it was just very dim. After the second quarter was done, they did call the game though, saying it was to much of a hazard w/o lights. Whatever... that got us out on time to grab lunch and still make it to Bailey's game with plenty of time to spare! Yeah!

So, anyway, his game for next Saturday is being rescheduled (due to lack of players) to Thursday at 7pm, same place!

January 28, 2009

It should be easy...

I have been looking for cute sleepers for this little girl online (I find it's easier to NOT buy if I'm home on the computer than if I'm at the store). I always thought girls clothes were sooooo much easier, but I am struggling. Half of it could be b/c I can't think of any great stores besides Gap/Old Navy, Gymboree (and I've been looking at that same stuff for to long now so it's not even great anymore). I'm feeling really practical. I just want soft stuff, no extra stuff that will make it uncomfortable, nothing stiff. I want a simple sleeper to bring her home in, I don't ask for much... soooooooo give me your best stores for shopping in (oh, and I am aware of Carters, just haven't been there yet), so anything besides Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree and Carters is game...

January 24, 2009


I am so blessed to have some wonderful friends in my life that care about me, listen to me and are always there for me! If your one of them, thank you!

But, not only do I have some great friends, so do my kids... here is Elliot and one of his friends... Mayci!

You wouldn't even know that minutes later they were probably hitting each other, pushing each other or just screaming at each other!

January 22, 2009


I was hanging out in the basement with Elliot and he was running back and forth, each time wanting me to say "on your mark... get set... GO". He continuously was asking me to "say it louder mama". but, I had a migraine and that wasn't going to happen. So I told him I had a headache and couldn't say it louder. He understood... yup, my 2 year old understands the headaches.

Were in the basement running back and forth with cars again. Elliot says "Say mark set go mama". So I start saying it in a normal voice. He interrups me... "Got headache mama?". "No Elliot, it's all gone". "SAY IT LOUDER MAMA!".

He knew to ask me if I had a headache before askimg me to say it louder. I was laughing quite hard!

January 19, 2009

Baby Girl...

Baby is growing great, had another ultrasound again today. She is one pound nine ounces, exactly in the 50th percentile adn everything looked great! My appointment was for 10 but being who I am I arrived QUITE a bit early (9:35 to be exact) and decided rather than sit in the car and listen to the radio, I would go inside and listen to my i-pod and read a magazine. I barely sat down when they called me back, sent me right back to a room (normally they get vitals and then send you back to the waiting room), did a 15 minute ultrasound, waited 5 minutes for a doctor, talked to her (a good doctor) for about 7 minutes and was out of there! It was the quickest appt ever, I think I may have to be early again next month!

My friend Becky came over today to talk a little business and while she was here I thought I wanted her to take a few belly pics for me... after looking at them I WILL not be showing most of them off... 3 kids and constant injections have made it look interesting to say the least. This one was cute though (I thought at least)!

and there was this one...

4:30am... wide awake... again!

Pregnancy is not being good to be as far as sleep goes. Pretty much I just don't sleep, or at least I don't sleep all night long. I've been awake since 3:30, finally decided at 4 to get up and do something, b/c watching Brady Bunch wasn't putting me to sleep either. I have to go to Grand Rapids for a doctor appt in the morning (in a few hours) and hate that I'm not sleeping good before driving. (Me driving and not sleeping is just not a good mix).

So, I thought I would share a few scrap layouts that I did last night. They are NOTHING special. I decided to try Project 365 again this year, with much less pressure than last year. Like Project 300 something instead. I started late, so the first one is of just misc dates.

Off to TRY to get some sleep now I guess! We'll see!

January 16, 2009

Let the games begin...

Putting schedules on here... if you are planning to come to a game and need to know a location, please contact me using email or phone...

Landon's Basketball Schedule
January 17 11am
January 24 9:45am
January 31 11am
February 7 8:30am
February 14 11am
February 21 9:45am

Bailey's Soccer Schedule
January 17 1pm
January 24 9am
January 31 1pm
February 7 12pm
February 14 12pm
February 21 1pm

January 14, 2009

Slap in the face...

Conviction is like a slap in the face! I have to say that everywhere I turn lately I feel like I'm being convicted regarding SOMETHING in my life!

Monday's BSF was very convicting for me... we are called to be the best at the job that God calls us to. I know that at this point in my life one of the jobs that he is calling me to is to be a mom. I know that I'm a good mom, but I'm not being the best mom that I can be. If we don't do our job according to his standards we may as well not do the job, there will be no difference on judgement day. Some changes need to be made! But they aren't easy changes for me, I rebel against these changes. But they must be made!

And, yesterday I read this post on MeRa's website... and then today this one... and have been so inspired! I'm going to full on go for it... hopefully today or tomorow I will be able to purchase a website (a REAL one) and get that set up, and I'll be ready to start shooting as soon as I recover from a c-section (or before the c-section too)! I excited for this... I'm excited to finally be able to do it, to feel confident enough to do it (ok, the journey to confidence is a road I'm traveling, but I WILL get there)!

Off to get my teeth brushed, Elliot and I spent a good deal of the morning snuggling/sleeping in bed and now we are getting a very late start on my list of thigns to do (specifically mop the entire wood floor on my hands and knees... want to help???).

Oh, and a quick update... Landon had a rough night Sunday night after returning from Great Wolf w/o Dex, I think it finally hit him, but he's been ok since then! I really thought that elliot wouldn't ever say anything, out of sight out of mind type of thing... no such luck! Yesterday he kept asking where his Dexy was, ALL DAY LONG... broke my heart!

January 11, 2009


This weekend we went up to Great Wolf Lodge with Matt's mom. It was our Christmas present from her! It was a lot of fun! We didn't do much except hang out at the hotel and water park, in fact the only time we actually left the hotel was to go out for dinner on Saturday night! We hit the waterpark right away on Friday for a few hours. I didn't understand what the warning signs about the big bucket of water were for... subsequently Elliot and I immediately got dumped on! Learned that lesson quickly (luckily we weren't right under it...). Bailey went on some of the slides, a little timid at first, but she did it and then continued to do it all weekend long! Elliot quickly found that he LOVED the blue slide in the kids pool. I spent MANY hours there catching him off that slide, every five minutes we would take a break and sit and watch all the fools that stood under the bucket to get splashed! It was our routine! Saturday we went to the pool right after breakfast for a little bit, took a break for lunch and Matt took the older two kids back while Elliot and I took a nap. We went out for dinner, hung out in the room for a bit, and then at 9 we went back to the park until they closed! (Late nights for little E, but he did GREAT, aside from the cold that he got on Friday night). This morning we were up around 8:30, at the waterpark at 9:30, in the room by 10:30 and checked out by 11 and on our way home.
(Just a note about the pictures... the lighting is TERRIBLE in that whole place, so some of the pictures had to be adjusted a lot (I'm learning to LOVE RAW though), some just couldn't me fixed enough (like the first one that I had to make b&w)!)

And, some pics of Dex and the kids on Friday...

January 10, 2009


I had some pictures I wanted to share, but b/c we aren't at home and I didn't bring my cable to connect my camera to computer, I cant. But never fear, I will be uploading as soon as I can at home!

Dexter was indeed put to sleep yesterday. It was tough. For all of us. My heart broke that we were loosing a dog that we had had for 10 years, but mostly it broke for my 10 year old son that was visibly very very upset! I felt soooo terrible for him.

Matt brought him to the vet, the whole way thinking that he wasn't sure he could actually do it. But like a sign from God, when he got to the vet, the dog started to bleed A LOT! More than we had seen in the past... he knew that we didn't have a choice!

We do have a distraction this weekend, which is a blessing for Landon specifically! We are at Great Wolf Lodge enjoying the water park and the magic wands (whatever all that's about) and good food and family. So while he does still say once in a while that he is sad (which I constantly remind him is o.k.), he is distracted enough not to think about it every minute!

God is so good!

January 8, 2009

Pictures... finally

I finally got my camera out again today, for something other than Christmas parties... it was wonderful!

Tomorow Dex has another (probably last) vet appt, the kids don't know quite yet, we'll tell them tonight, I'm torn, I feel really bad and guilty, but know in my heart that there will never be a time when it will be easy and that this is the best choice!
Mayci was here today playing with Elliot... she is all girl (and absolutely sweet I should add)!

Elliot just loves to play with her, and yesterday he had Brecken over to play too, which he also loved! But the downfall to all this playing is that he took only half an hour nap yesterday and NO nap today! He's only 2 and there is NO WAY that naps are going to be over for him. NO WAY!!!! Kinda funny though was when he told me that he slept for "2 hours mom"! (There is no way the child slept for even 2 minutes so I'm not sure where he got his information from...)

January 5, 2009

Notice the color change...

I finally gave in a peeked at the envelope! I really WAS NOT going to do it and I know that I could have made it to the end, but decided today that it really didn't matter if I knew now or in 4 months (that and Sarah REALLY wanted to know... right???) ;) So, before looking I was 99% sure that it was a girl, today at the doctor thought the heartrate was only 135 (lower than the last few times) so i started to question, but just a little, knowing that that isn't completely right anyway. Sure enough... she's a girl! Now to figure out names, go figure, I kind of had a boy name picked out as of last night, but it MAY work for a girl, although it could be a stretch, so I'm going to keep hunting! If you have any great girl names that feel free to share them (only if your willing of course), because I could definately use some help!!!!

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Just a FEW of our New Years pictures... more can be found here on facebook (which you can view even if you don't have an account)!