March 17, 2011

Praying for our kids

I came across this site through Cornerstone Community Church yesterday.  There are some great rescources here to tap into.  One thing I printed off and was looking through was the "Praying for Childen/Grandchildren" rescource.  Amazing.  Things we should ALL be praying for our children!  I'm pasting it here, but would really encourage you to go to the site and check out the other rescources as well.

Just kidding, I just spent about 10 minutes trying to cut and paste and couldn't figure it out, thinking that that may not be allowed, so instead, I'm going to encourage you to check out the link!

Prayer request:  I've been having some pain related to the removal of lymph nodes in my left arem.  Basically it hurts from my rib cage, up my arm and down to my thumb.  Not always, but much of the time.  I also have limited movement of the arm.  I can't straighten it out all the way, this too fluctuates, somedays are better than others, and it seems to steadily be getting a bit better.  Anyway, I'm having an MRI tomorrow night to check things out a bit and to hopefully figure out what is causing the pain, although it's been said by a doctor that it may just be something I have to deal with for the rest of my life, which would be a pain, but other things would be much worse.  So... anyway, please pray that they can figure out what is causing the pain.