February 27, 2009

Me again...

not sure what my deal is right now... oh well, I'm sure it will wear off REALLY soon!

Another hilarious video...

With all of my bookmarked blogs/sites (and yes I've built up quite a collection already) I've come across some great videos lately, this one cracked me up, just as much as the facebook one!

February 26, 2009

Posting like crazy...

Lots and lots of posts from me lately... this is a quick one though, just one picture and caption to share!

His kind of fun...

This was last night... it's so very obvious that he has older siblings. The things he says just make me laugh so much, mostly b/c they aren't things most two year olds would say... like here he is "Rockin' Out" with his "Awsome" guitar... (he loves his rock-band and sissy's Hannah Montana guitar)
Footprint painting... oh what fun. Thank goodness for woodfloors that are easy to clean up!

February 25, 2009

365 and Facebook

Some 365 pictures:
These paints are the BEST! Much less mess than normal paints. They are made by Crayola, the paint is in the brush... Elliot loves them too!
Landon's class periodically has "Charecter Assignments" for homework, the most recent of which was to write a "love" letter to your mom and dad... this is mine! I'm keeping the inside private b/c it was oh so sweet! Matt's kind of made me laugh!
And, from today, the best snack EVER! French Vanilla Cool-Whip with Blackberries (or raspberries, depending what's on sale or looks better!)

You have to watch this... hilarious stuff! (Caution, the language isn't exactly desireable, so be prepared when you hit play, make sure there are no kids or sensitive ears around)

February 24, 2009


Just online looking for haircut ideas for Bailey... and these are some of the great ideas I came across (in case you too are in the market for a new style)...
Sarah, I see you pulling this next one off... I think it would look fabulous!
Kari, you could kind of copy Sarah, but with your own twist by going with this next one!
And I of course was thinking this for myself, what do you think?

**Update** Wouldn't you know it... the girl (Bailey) likes this last one! Were off to get the haircut in a little bit, and I promise she won't look like this!

February 23, 2009


I am just feeling miserable right now! I started getting a cold last Wednesday and it has progressively got worse every day. Last night I slept sitting up on the couch so that I could breathe, and I pretty much have been on the couch for 18+ hours now! E was a trooper today, although I had multiple offers to watch him, he seemed to be ok with watching cartoons all morning and eating ice cream for breakfast with mommy!

We have recently implemented a new chore/point system with the older kids. They earn points for everything they do (including simple things like brush thier teeth, which hold a much lesser value than taking out the garbage since it's something they need to be doing anyway). They can then use thier points for things like watching tv, playing wii, having friends over, and some of the points can even be exchanged for money. They also get points deducted for leaving a mess... coats/shoes out, backpacks in the middle of the floor, bathroom counter all cluttered, crumbs on the table etc. These are things that they are fully capable of doing, I'm not asking anyhthing of them that is to much for them. We actually started the points part way through last week, but the points that they earned last week could be used this week... Bailey already watched the one half hour of tv that she earned and has no points left for the rest of the week, so far she seems unfazed, but when she realizes that she can't watch i-Carly the rest of the week I'm sure she will kick in and actually do something! We'll see how long this all lasts and how it goes, I have a feeling it will be difficult for one of the two children!

I have been failing miserably at taking pictures for 365... but once I'm better I'll start again. I lost all of my pics from January and February on my other computer, including favs like New Years Eve, saying goodbye to Dexter, Great Wolff Lodge... it's been a little depressing, but a great reminder to BACK UP THE PICTURES! I really need to get another external hard drive as I have one filled up, and the other is 3/4 of the way there, I did see they were on sale this week at Target, but with no money to spare it will have to wait!

Well, I'm going to resume my position of resting on the couch and looking like I'm in a vegetative state! It's really bugging me that I don't have a picture to share though... so

isn't this cute? Found it at Crazy8, they also have a cute froggy shirt or sweatshirt for a boy... or check out this monkey... sooooo sweet!

February 21, 2009

Another season is over...

We had a basketball game BRIGHT AND EARLY this morning... way to early for a Saturday for sure. It was thier last game, and the one that determined the winner for the league. Unfortunately this is the one game that his team lost, my opinion (not that it matters at all) is that they all went into it to seriously, once it didn't matter anymore and they started having fun, they played pretty well, but that doesn't matter, it's over! They had a great season overall! (They came out 2nd in the league)

After the game we had a couple of hours to waste until Bailey's soccer game, so Landon and I went to check out Dimitri & Cobe's soccer game, we didn't stay the whole time so I don't know the results of that, but it was fun to finally see a game, this is the first one we were able to watch b/c of the busy and conflicting schedules.

Then after lunch Bailey had her last soccer game. She played well, I think the game ended in a tie and although they always say that they don't keep track of score and scoring isn't important, somehow they walked away with a 2nd place ribbon! I will post a pic or two of her later once I get them downloaded!
Added... a few pics! The first is Bailey's friend Riley, the second is my dear girl kicking the ball!

My brother and sister-in-law are coming over for burgers tonight, hoepfully they make it safely in this lovely winter storm we are having! YUCK! Tomorow it's been decided that we will be going to church and then out for lunch at El Rancho afterward! If you haven't heard of it or checked it out yet, make sure you do! Very yummy Mexican food! It's on the corner of 31 and Riley, where Bigby/Beaners coffee used to be! The salsa is a bit spicy (my favorite kind), the chips were warm and the entree was delicious! Yummmmm, I can't wait!!!!

February 18, 2009


comparatively at least! I'm still alive, have managed to stay no the road, am thankful for internet access on the dinosaur of a computer while I wait for a new one, the kids are healthy, sugars have been super, got the right prescription after getting the wrong one (without to much hassle), life could be better (like if I won the lottery or something like that), but I can't complain about what I have been given either!

I am bummed b/c I lost all of my bookmarks that I had (would that have happened if I had google reader or something, or would it then all have been online???), let me tell you that I had a LOT! TONS and TONS and TONS! Oh well, could be worse I guess, like I said, I'm alive!

No pictures to add, b/c I'm sure this computer couldn't handle them so just my blabbering for today! Enjoy your day and stay warm in the snowstorm were supposed to get!

February 16, 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very bad Day

Excuse me a minute while I feel sorry for myself and complain...
1. I didn't sleep well at all last night (even worse than normal)
2. Got up, got ready for the doctor, went to print my blood sugar sheet from my computer, and as I plugged the printer into said computer, sparks started flying and computer shut down... GONE, FRIED, IS NO MORE. Most stuff was backed up, except for pictures from January & February. Either way, I have to use this relic of a desktop that we have, can't put any photo editing stuff on it (hopefully I can FIND my photo editing program hard copies, otherwise I don't know what I'll do w/o them), so basically I can use the internet. How in the world does a desktop last FOREVER (what is it Matt, like 7 years now????) and I've gone through 2 laptops already in 3 years?????? It's not fair.
3. On the way to the doctor I got run off the road by an idiot in a truck that couldn't stay in his lane (driving on shoulder)
4. Found out Baby girl is BIG. 3 1/2 pounds big. Which could be for a variety of reasons, one being she's absorbing sugar (my sugars are high). This is definately NOT the end of the world and probably the least of my concerns for the day. It's not like the doc's are overly worried, why should I be at this point.
5. Found out I will all but LIVE at the doctor for the next 11 weeks. Every other week at both doctors (holland and grand rapids), not to mention starting in four weeks we will be doing twice per week non-stress tests. Please pray that most of those can be done in Holland.
6. On the way home from doctor, I got run off the road again, by an even bigger idiot driving like a moron, this time in a car. This time REALLY scared me, I was almost off the shoulder and into the grass to avoid her.

So, needless to say, I'm a bit sulky today... just waiting for something else to go wrong!

February 15, 2009

February 14, 2009

Bowling and other fun...

He can drop kick a ball like no 2 year old I've seen before... future xxxxxx (football, soccer, who knows) Landon's basketball game today!

Sarah celebrating a strike maybe????? Or maybe she just got A pin down... who knows!
Bailey's soccer game
Cobe bowling...
Elliot enjoying the fan blowing on his head.
Landon bowling.
Sadie looking cute as ever in her spring gear!
Ryan bowling E down the lane (E really did love it... he was sooooo excited to go "skating" with Ryan, apparently skating and bowling get confused sometimes)
Look at this sweetness.
Happy Valentines Day!


Dates are totally screwed up... starts on February 9 and I think there is a picture for every day...only not in the right order... maybe I'll fix it later, after basketball, soccer and everything else!

February 12, 2009

No cable, not internet, no phone... what to do!!!

Last night it was obviously a bit windy b/c at about 9:30 our cable went out. We have a bundle deal, so that means the internet, tv and phone were all out! Whoa! That was a shock, what do you do w/o those things???? Talk, read, take pictures, edit pictures (w/o the constant interruption of having to look at another website), laugh, start BSF lesson... the possibilities are endless (just not every night please)! Matt just LOVES it when I take his picture, can't you tell!!!!

Matt was the one reading a book, I won't even tell you how long it's been since he's read a book, but let's just say there is a reason this picture may end up framed on my shelf!
Here we are discussing shutter speed (I was quite impressed with his knowledge... he does listen to me!!!)
I've been told that readers of my blog may never even know I had a husband if they didn't know me... well here is the proof people! He's alive, well and my dear sweet husband!
(Told you I would post these hun, not that you could really doubt me!)

**Oh, and Becky these were all taken at 3200 ISO, not to bad I guess**

February 9, 2009

Our weekend in words..

Friday morning Landon left for Chicago with his class, the other fifth grade classes at his school and the fifth grade classes at one other school (yup, that's a LOT of 5th graders, 4 charter busses full). They went to the Field museum and then spent the night at the museum of science and industry. Sounds like there wasn't much sleeping going on, but he had a GREAT time!

Matt took Bailey out while he was gone, they went to see the movie Hotel for Dogs. Bailey thrives on one on one time, her attitude get's so much better when she get's it, so this was a great time for her! WHile they were gone E and I played with the viewfinders, magna-doodle, and played a lot of kick and basketball and football!

Saturday we slept in late and then took Bailey to her soccer game. They tied thier game 2-2, Bailey has definately improved this year as far as actually going after the ball and trying to kick it. It's getting to be fun to watch! While there we got a phone call that Landon's class was back at school, it was time to pick him up! So, right after the game we rushed over to get him, and insisted that he take a nap when we got home. He insisted that he wasn't tired, and then proceeded to sleep for over an hour, or maybe it was two, who knows!

We took the kids to my dad and Mary's house around 4:45 so they could spend the night. We had no big plans for the evening, which was a very wierd feeling. We didn't have to rush off to go anywhere, we didn't have to rush home to get kids... it was in some ways wonderful!

We ended up going to Grandville, shopping a little bit (looking for a cute little outfit for miss xxxxx, we had a little luck, but it's not what I was looking for). We ate dinner at Fridays (Yummy). Both the mall and the restaurant were SUPER busy, it's hard to believe the economy is as bad as it is with how many people were there!

Yesterday after church we ate a yummy dinner that had been preparing itself in the crockpot all night (so nice not to have to cook)! I went out to look for some material all by myself and ended up at Old Navy (Great baby/kids sales right now). Then later Matt, Elliot and I went for a walk. It was a little chilly, but E was soooo excited to get out of the house! After church we had noticed that Bailey had a fever, so she was in bed for the day, she never threw up or anything, just had a headache. She is home again today, no fever and quite honestly I think she is 100% recovered, but I figured she could use a day of rest (we'll see how much resting she get's though).

Nothing big going on this week, Matt is excited to watch a movie on Friday (right dear????), Bailey is going skating with Maddie and then Landon has 1 1/2 basketball games on Saturday and Bailey has a soccer game (not til noon). Church is offering babysitting at night to raise money for a mission trip for the middle schoolers, so we may take advantage of that, not for sure yet though, we aren't big Valentines Day celebraters, and I actually don't like going out on the holiday b/c it's soooooo darn busy. We'll see!