May 25, 2009

She smiles!

A REAL smile! Not super easy to capture, but it was there!

Memorial Weekend...

No, he doesnt have a strange disease, all my kids just happen to be extra sensitive to mosquito bites... he was helping Matt burn wood in the back yard Friday & Saturday...
The older 2 went camping with Grandma all weekend, we went to visit on Sunday!
This morning E went to the parade w/ grandpa & grandma and daddy & Lila just hung out on the couch while I scrubbed bathrooms! Exciting!

May 19, 2009

Funny stuff

Conversation with Elliot:

Me: Elliot, should we cut your hair short?
Matt: Short like mine Elliot?
Elliot: Don't be wierd...

and today... not nearly as funny, in fact it gave me a scare, because he sounded way to much like a defient teenager and I already have one child that is totally defient... definately can not handle another one.
Me: Elliot, if you don't listen to me we aren't going to go to the park today.
(it's hard w/o letting you hear the tone it was said in, but just imagine a teenager saying it)

We did go to the park this morning, we opted for an oldie but goodie, one near our old house so we would be out of the wind. While there I saw a classroom from the local school walking over, it was little kids, but I wanted to get out of there... didn't sound fun at all. But, at the back of the line I spotted Angela (my sister), so we stayed and let E play with her for a little while! He loved it and I suspect she enjoyed seeing us there too! What a coincidence that was! (written 5/19, Tuesday, posted later)

We went back to the park today (Wednesday), this time we went to Helder! Elliot loved it and I loved to get out of the house! This weather is gorgeous, I just wish I coudl sit outside and get some sun, but the little girl won't have me leaving her in her crib or anything like that and she probably shouldn't get a sun tan yet, so I guess I just stay pasty white all summer long! Fun stuff huh?
And, look at my "little" girl in her "Baby Legs", I love that they aren't pants (b/c I can't stand babies in pants over a onsie when the pants ride up to thier armpits... and there is no way around it really), and this pair seemed to fit her really well, we tried a different pair this morning and they weren't quite as snug, I'm thinking we will have to be brand loyal with these, the pair from this morning was an off brand.

May 18, 2009


So, this is what we've been working on... baby sleeping in crib. "We" is me, matt, Lila and this woman (make sure to preview the song, so cute, and if you can handle it, imagine us me using singing the word Lila instead of Liza).

Anyway... today I got a 45 minute nap out of her IN THE CRIB! We'll work on naps first, and then we'll work on nightime! (I dread that)

May 17, 2009

Look at her grow... and summertime favs

She's getting big! I was remembering this morning when I had to take Bailey for frequent doctor trips just to make sure she was gaining weight, miss Lila won't be having that problem!

We jumped the gun on summer this week by purchasing watermelon! A summertime favorite! It wasn't as good as they are in the summertime, but the kids didn't seem to mind all that much!

May 14, 2009

Pictures of me (and you 2)

Are you a Pioneer Woman Blog reader yet? Did you read this?
Here's a small portion of the post that hit me (regarding taking pictures with me in them)...
1. In five years you will look five years older….you WILL look young in the pictures you take today!
2. Ten years ago I thought I was fat. Oh my goodness….I should have taken pictures THEN.
3. Your children look at you all day long. THEY know what you look like. They won’t care how you look in the picture.
I really don’t like how I look in pictures. It pains me. I still want to look like I did when I was 25 years old. And really I’m shocked that I don’t.
But seriously. My children love me just the way I am. Chins and all.
Consider this your call to action!
You can do it. I know you can. If I can, you can!
Let your light shine. You will never regret it!

This is something that hits me hard. I have ONE (Yup, 1) picture of my mom framed in my house. She hated having her picture taken... I do too, but Im vowing to be in more... for my kids!

Here's what E and I did after reading that... (and I'm even showing of my post preggo body...)
Not perfect... the couch is actually the focus point...

Ummm, not sure what happened here...

Ummm, do I need to tell you whats big wrong with this picture?

The point is, they are not perfect, but I'm in them and thats what matters!

May 13, 2009

Game Time

I love how blogger uploads pictures in whatever order it feels like...
Landon & Dimitri (and the rest of the Rays) played Cobe (and the rest of the Mets) last night... Cobe's team pulled off the win in the last inning unfortunately for Landon's team, but a big CONGRATULATIONS to Cobe... who did some great pitching and some great hitting!
Sadie had come over to play before the game for a little while (which is the other pictures)!

May 4, 2009


Miss Lila had a doc appt today (2 week). She weighs 8lbs 12 ounces (11 ounce gain in one week... healthy little girl) and grew one inch (20 1/2 inches)!

She's doing great!!

May 3, 2009

A VERY special picture...

Any ideas why this picture would be so special to me in this moment? Not just because it's my beautiful baby. More so because her eyes are closed (she's sleeping) and my arms are not wrapped around her! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to hold her tight and cuddle her, but 24 hours a day is getting old already. (And I do mean 24 full hours). So, after feeding her this afternoon I laid her down on the couch and voila... she's still sleeping there! I have had to cough for the last half hour but am supressing the urge so I don't startle her and wake her up.

I have to say that one of my favorite moments with her (which happens many times in a day) is when she is getting fussy (b/c I do try to lay her on the floor awake) and I pick her up and hold her tight and her breathing goes from heavy and quick to a sigh of relief followed by soft even breath's. It's like she's saying "I love you mommy" in her own little way!

Yesterday I told Matt he should go fishing this afternoon, thinking I could handle it without him, I do it every day, and we are handling things just fine, it's just going to be a long night. Elliot is currently napping, but as soon as he wakes up we are going to head to get some ice cream at Captain Sundae (probably will call it supper too, call me a bad mom if you want to, I don't really care), and then we will probably spend hours outside playing basketball, blowing bubbles, playing baseball and jumping on the trampoline (while I sit in a chair snuggling Lila watching all the activities).

Lila's starting to squirm... I'm sure she'll be in my arms again shortly... goodbye for now!