October 31, 2007

Trick Or Treat!

I LOVE this picture... it's from when we were watching Landon's costume parade... it shows so much truth!

Bailey is very proud that she can make it across this thing... not sure what to call it!

Bailey & her teacher
Elliot watching the costume parade at Bailey's school...

Bailey, Angela, Elliot, Dimitri & Landon
Elliot was WALKING! A LOT! I THINK WE MAY FINALLY HAVE FIGURED IT ALL OUT! Of course it was while I was trying to take a picture, so I think I may have figured out the benefit to not walking...

Bailey, Elliot & Landon
Right before we started to trick-or-treat it started to rain, we were going to go anyway as it was just a light rain (although we had a back up plan, sorry we didn't make it Sarah), but then the rain quit and we got a beautiful view. Look how the tops of the trees are just glowing!
Elliot didn't make it far before he fell asleep! He was wiped out from all the activities of the day and may just sleep in tomorow morning!
Hope you all had a wonderful halloween!

October 29, 2007

What a day...

I've had a really good day... I was asked (unsolicited I should add) to be on two different creative teams today! (Digi scrapping stuff in case you aren't following...) One I've been a guest for in the past and the other I don't know much about, but am so pumped! Matt thought I was a little wierd when I got one of the messages b/c I was so giddy!

BSF tonight was good again. Good in a painful way though, I have been so convicted regarding one issue in my life for the past few weeks and know that God is telling me I need to do something. I love to know that God is giving me clear direction, but sometimes it's hard to do what he wants. This is no exception. Hard not because it hurts necesarily, but because it's something that I'm just not good at. I have to trust that the Holy Spirit is working in me and will give me what I need.

Flu shots tomorow morning for Matt, Landon & I, then Bailey & Elliot are this weekend (two different doctors). Landon is excited, he likes to get shots... WIERD-O! (Love him dearly though!)

Just a quickie post, I had to share my good news, but I have another early morning tomorow so I need to get to bed soon!

October 28, 2007

Nothing new, just a few pics...

We carved pumpkins tonight... or I should say "I" carved pumpkins tonight. The kids scraped them out and Matt helped a little with that, but the carving was my job this time. Normally, this is Matt's job, but I did it w/o to much trouble this year. This all makes me SOOOO thankful for the things Matt does every day for our family!

And, I worked on Baileys halloween costume for quite a while today and am happy with it so far... there will also be more "ice cream" on top of her head with a cherry on top too! (Thanks to the Family Fun magazine that I found at the dr's office for the great idea)

Hope all had a good weekend!

October 27, 2007

Very Image Heavy Post

So... it's not crying... but it's Elliot being silly! Maybe Sadie can find some joy in this! (I still do have the other one of him throwing a tantrum, and will try to upload it soon, but not yet... this one took long enough)!

Elliot was being such a goof tonight. He was making silly faces all the time! He has is yes and no's down and can tell you what he wants! He all of a sudden seems so much older to us! Maybe it's the teeth!
Look at these BIG eyes!
Here is a pic of Matt's arm... it spends much time above his head like this, to keep swelling down and to prevent the throbbing (not that it helps much). I think it's bothering him pretty bad, but he's still being super helpful (as much as expected with one arm).

A HUGE thank you to Sarah for taking the kids this afternoon. I was soooo grumpy, I was ready to bite someone's head off and she saved the day. She took the kids for about 4 hours and I took a GREAT nap! I'm not really quick to ask for help, or accept help that is offered, but I'm so glad she offered today, I'm sure my kids are too, I'm not much fun when I'm crabby!

Church tomorow, then dinner at my dad and Mary's, then home for the rest of the longest weekend EVER! It feels like I've done nothing all weekend, which makes the weekends DRAG!!! Oh well, I don't know to many people who complain about a LONG weekend!

October 26, 2007

Great day...

So Matt is doing ok, lot's of pain, but pain killers are wonderful little things! Now he just needs to get some sleep! That didn't come so easy last night. I ended up with a migraine too (definately a raw onion thing) so he was in charge of kiddies too. What a man! I did feel guilty, but what can I do, I can't open my eyes and all noises really hurt! He came home from work early and is trying to sleep, or at least rest right now!

OK, so on to the GOOD stuff... I was at Target this morning and the girl was stocking the candy shelves, but not just any candy, the GOOD candy. The Christmas candy. She was putting the Cherry Cordial kisses on the shelf and I asked if she had Candy cane ones... I spotted them, in a box, down the aisle, and I proceeded to grab 2 bags, I'm sure I'll be back soon for many many more though! I need to stock up this year so they last me a while! Oh how I love Candy Cane Kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think we are going to watch Meet the Robinsons tonight with the kids and have a low key night. I know matt and I are both exhausted. I'll let you know what I think of it!

October 25, 2007

It's over...

They did what they thought they were going to be able to do. Screw is in, bones are set. should last him at least another 5+ years til we have to do it again, or something again at least! I should be able to see him in about 30 minutes now... time is going relatively fast. i got my BSF done and luckily I have this great contraption to waste time on!

Live from St Mary's...

Matt just headed back to surgery, could be a few hours til I see him again. I was able to meet the doctor and he seemed very nice, he said he would show me some x-rays when he comes out after surgery. He also said that if arthritis has set in to much they will not be able to fix it the way they thought and will do a temporary fix in that case. One thing I didn't think about that the doctor brought up was he won't be able to shovel snow. One thing I've always depended on him doing, now he can't. YUCK! I was half tempted to make him get up out of that bed and come back in the spring... but that would be selfish. So anyway, I'll update later, before anyone really probably even gets a chance to read this I'm sure!

October 24, 2007

I hate when things get messed up...

We were planning on taking the kids to school and then heading up to the hospital as the surgury was scheduled for 11 or so, we didn't need to be there til 9 so that was perfect. But the call from the hospital today (at 4:30) changed all that. We now need to be there at 7 to prepare for the 8:15 surgery. Lovely so as I'm cooking dinner, I also need to make phone calls to make arrangements for the kids, get all homework done and backpacks ready, and the kids packed, plus I was watching another girl for a friend. All chaos broke out! Plus we had to be at church at 6:30! But alas, God is good and everything worked out, the kids are now at Mary's house, Matt stayed home from church (not that he normally goes on Wednesday nights) got Elliot packed, the kids were able to pack themselves before leaving and Sharon is picking the kids up for school for me!

So, quick post, and I will probably head to bed so that I can get a little sleep, waking up during the five o'clock hour just isn't my thing, so I'm sure I will need to recover a bit tomorow. Hopefully all goes well with surgery and he is able to heal it correctly. The doctor told him there were no guarantees, and if it doesn't work they will have to fuse it... pray for success please!

Elliot was so fun today... he is so close to walking. He took multiple steps multiple times today, but the only way he can do it is if he isn't thinking about doing it! If he knows what he's doing, he absolutely won't do it! But were close! Very very close!

October 23, 2007

These lyrics...

’Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just to take Him at His Word;
Just to rest upon His promise,
And to know, “Thus saith the Lord!”

Refrain:Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him!
How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er;
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!
Oh, for grace to trust Him more!

Oh, how sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just to trust His cleansing blood;
And in simple faith to plunge me’
Neath the healing, cleansing flood!

Yes, ’tis sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just from sin and self to cease;
Just from Jesus simply taking
Life and rest, and joy and peace.

I’m so glad I learned to trust Thee,
Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend;
And I know that Thou art with me,
Wilt be with me to the end.

These are the lyrics to a song that was included when I purchased the new Casting Crowns CD off itunes, it is sung by Casting Crowns and almsot has a lullaby sound to it! It's actually an old hymn, written in the 1800's I think, but they gave it a good upadte! I LOVE it! There is so many good songs on this cd, we've been listening to it NON-STOP, alternating between that, Toby and Jonah!

Last night at BSF we talked about the eight character traits of God's people. I have to say that I have been VERY convicted lately, in so many ways and places. It seems everything I hear, read or see has some way of convicting me! This was no exception. The traits are... Poor in Spirit, Mourn, Meek, Hunger and thirst for righteousness, Merciful, Pure in heart, Peacemakers, andPersecuted because of righteousness. I was really convicted by the definition we were given for: Meekness: Humility and submission to Gods will. Not being defensive, let God defend us. Don't exalt ourselves above God or others, submission to where God placed us in our lives. If we submit God gives us contentment and we inherit joy. I've been stuggling a bit with being at home and doing NOTHING. Not that I really do nothing, but in the eyes of the world, my job is not all that valued. I am confident that I'm where he wants me, just not fully ok with it yet. Merciful: There is NO EXCEPTION to who we show mercy to, no matter what the action was. Peacemakers: Take the peace we have with God and act it out in our lives. Not demanding we are right. We may have to compromise on our preferences. Without compromising God's word or truths though. So, yeah, these are a few of the things I need to work on right now. Just a few, really the list is just to long to enter here. But know that I'm working on it, all of it, one thing at a time.

So... on to other things. I got my pictures today from Winkflash. Love them. OK, so I love Landon & Elliots, I may have to redo Bailey's. not fully happy with the color of hers, but I'm thrilled with the rest. True fall pictures! I can't believe how many pictures I got for $18. Seriously great deal!

I have the day off tomorow! Good stuff, really it just means I dont have to get up before the sun even thinks about getting up. Not much else is different though really. Just one kid instead of two, and more mobile.

Class tonight was good. Better than last week. I'm actually learning something. walking around with Selena helps a lot, hopfully she doesn't mind me tagging along so much! we walked downtown and took pictures tonight. Looking for letters. Not just signs, but other things that make letters. I would post an example, but I'm to lazy, maybe later!

So, hope you are all having a wonderful week!

October 21, 2007

Soooo bummed!

We went to Crane's this afternoon, Landon brought a friend and we headed out with big intentions of getting some wonderful fresh apples, cider donuts, hayride etc only to have those plans quickly ruined by the news that they quit apple picking last weekend. The warm weather made the apples ready quicker this year so the picking season was shorter. So instead we picked up some donuts and headed home! The kids didn't quite understand what we were driving for so long for!

So, this is a pretty lame post... nothing new going on here!

This week has lot's more in store for us... lot's of busyness, but the nice part is my wonderful husband will be home to help! Monday - BSF; Tuesday - class; Wednesday - church; Thursday - surgury; Friday - Garage Sale! Fun fun fun!

October 20, 2007

Just a quick one...

Landon lost his last football game today. Those West Ottawa refs are difficult to say the least! Bummer that they lost and I will miss parts of football, but on the bright side I have my husband home nights now for a month or so (til b-ball starts at least!).

We headed to St Joe with Mary & my dad and a slew of kids right after the games were over (D had a soccer game too which I hear they won!!!), to fill up the dumpster yet again and to set up for the garage sale which we will be having next weekend. We had to get all the heavy lifting stuff done b/c Matt will be wearing a beautiful new accessory next weekend and won't be able to do as much (a cast). I think we got the majority done though, the boys were INCREDIBLE! Matt said he couldn't imagine doing everything we did without them. They made so many trips up the steps with frood from the freezer, boxes from storage and junk from the work room. They were GREAT!!!!!!

Tomorow is Cranes at some point, because football is on to ya know and we can't miss that!! :)

October 18, 2007

I'm back...

sooner than i thought too! Just had to share quick, Elliot just took his first steps! About two at a time and he was soooo excited about it, so much so that he could hardly stand up afterward! Soon he may be walking, but who knows, my stubborn little guy will probably hold out for quite a while!

October 17, 2007

Me again...

did you expect anyone else?

Concert was good. Really good! The type of music that I could sit in a restaraunt and listen to, but I will settle for in my car! It was fun, we didnt' get to stay for the whole thing, just the beginning and the end, I helped with Landon's class tonight and will be continuing to do so... now I just need to talk Matt into it too! Landon is pumped that he got an autograph too, although he was a little discouraged that he couldn't read what it said! :) I'm going to get him a t-shirt too!

I ordered pics of the kids today after playing around with some actions a bit more... here are the ones I ordered!

Yeah, and Elliot's pic is from a different day, obviously you can tell by the clothes! I picked up this great shirt/sweater combo from Steve & Barry's for only $10... that's total, both pieces, what a deal huh?

Twice in one day... now I probably won't be around for a while!

Not going to work...

Sorry, I've tried to upload that video three times now and it just won't work, I will work extra hard tonight to get it up for Sadie's birthday though! :)

Last night was the first photo class, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. We were walking around taking pics of stuff in the gallery for about an hour of the class and I'm just not a still life photo type person, I really love to take pics of the kids, we'll see though, if I can at least try to understand it should help!

This afternoon while listening to E cry himself to sleep I got a little crafty! There are a few things I like about actually using paper, glue and scissors, I like to be able to feel and touch and have a finished product in front of me, but there is one big thing I hate about these things too and that is the MESS! My hands are covered in glue and I"m sure I will be picking up tiny scraps of paper for a while! It was fun though... here is what I made...

Tonight at church we have this concert... should be fun, we've been listening to the cd's for a while and Landon really likes him! Then I'm meeting a friend for coffee!

Adios for now!

October 15, 2007

So, how was your weekend?

Mine was ok for the most part! Yesterday was a L-A-Z-Y day! I was able to sleep in a little bit thankfully! Elliot has been fighting a cold, therefore waking up in the middle of the night quite a bit and for some ODD reason insisting on sleeping with us, kepe in mind that this is the child that will not cuddle and has NEVER slept with us a day in his life. He used to take naps while being held... when he was 2 weeks old, but really ever since about 6 weeks he much more prefers to be in his bed. Not lately though, he wants to sleep with me! I didn't mind the first night, I kinda liked the extra cuddle times, but really it is disruptive to both of our sleeping patterns and I NEED NEED NEED my sleep, so now it's getting old!

Matt took Landon to Sunday school (Bailey was at a friends house) and ended up staying with him, so the didn't get home til after noon. We opted not to take Elliot to church for a few different reasons, but mostly the cold, so he and I just hung out all morning!

I rested for a while in the afternoon while Matt dealt with the child that didn't want to sleep. Once Bailey got home we decided to venture out for dinner. I love to sit home and be lazy, but I need to get out too. Matt's truck had a terrible onion smell in it from Wendy's the day before (which was thrown away the day before too), which gave me a headache, which turned into a migraine at night. YUCK! So I was pretty much out of it for the evening. I didn't even finish Desperate Housewives, so you know it's bad then!

This morning I headed out to Woodland to return some things finally! I am not exagerating when I tell you this... I was checking out for almost a full hour. All I wanted to do was return some shirts, exchange a shirt and purchase a different shirt. That took 3 transactions and a LOT of confusion. If I didn't love the store so much I would say that I was never going back. It was terrible. I also left a pair of pants there to be hemmed and shipped to me, so we'll see how long that will take! Elliot was a trooper though, he slept most of the time we were there and woke up in time to have a pretzel with me!

On the way out there I stopped at a good friends house to visit, too. She lives in Grand Rapids and I don't see her very often anymore, definately need to do something about that!

Tonight is BSF, I was going to skip, but Elliot is taking a nap and I got my lesson done, I think my headache is gone (praise the Lord) and every week the devil tempts me to skip, but I'm not letting him win AGAIN this week! Getting Bailey there may be a little harder though!

October 13, 2007

We have a winner...

This is a picture of a winner! They won thier game today... record 2 wins 3 losses! How great is that? They were sooooo pumped! I took over 200 pictures so I will definately share more soon! Oh, did I mention the score was 31-0! One boy had 3 touchdowns and another boy had 2! I love football though because it truly is a TEAM sport, not one person could do it by themselves! Sooooo fun! For some reason I was a little emotional today (cried multiple times) and I almost was tearing up at the game at one point... lame huh? Oh, and thanks to Grandma Bell, Rose, Grandpa Bell, Josh & Bobbie, Sarah, Cobe, Brooks & Sadie for coming to watch!

We are back from grandpas, we got a TON done in the 4 hours we were there. The 10 yard dumpster that we ordered is FULL so we can't even go back to finish tomorow, we will need to wait until we get the dumpster emptied! It feels so good to have everything so clean!!!!! (Or at least cleaned up, the cleaning part is yet to be done!)

I think we will hit Cranes tomorow, we haven't been in a while and want some more apples, donuts and maybe a hayride! Enjoy your Sunday!

October 11, 2007


Totally Boy
Elliot lately for his baths has a little tradition that he started on his own. When I set him in the tub, he won't sit right down. I always wait as long as possible to put him in hoping he will pee in his diaper before I take it off, but lately he WAITS until he is in the tub, he will stand on the side and look at me... and pee! It's quite funny actually and now I just expect it!


Well, I told her yesterday that we were going to Chuck E Cheeses once Matt got home. She was so excited (if you are totally lost on where this story is going let me catch you up quick... I am struggling with a lying 6 year old, petty little lies, but very annoying lies... here was Amanda's solution (per her boss I think) Funny story actually. My boss had his child go thru a lying phase a while back. He was a bit younger than Bailey if I remember right so you may need to change the method a little if you choose to do this. It is kind of cruel though - LOL. He told his son to get ready to go to that restaurant that used to be in the Grandville Mall - the one with the two sides and the arcade. He got all ready and then the dad told him to get in the car and he would be there in a minute. Basically the kid sat in the car for about 20 minutes all buckled in when he finally came back in the house to check where Dad was. Then Dad explained to him that he lied and that they weren't going to that place after all. So kind of the whole "bite and I'll bite you" type of punishment - but then he explained WHY it is not nice to lie - even small lies b/c it may end up hurting someone's feelings or stuff like that. ) So, back on track. I heard her go tell Landon that her and mom were going to do something together, b/c she doesn't get to spend time with just mom ever (that one went straight to the heart and I felt terrible) so Matt got home and Bailey got on shoes and coat and headed straight out to the car. I explained to Matt what was going on so he would be aware when she came back in looking for me. It only took her about 5 minutes to get sick of waiting (imagine that, I wait for her ALL THE TIME). I told her that we really weren't going and she fell down on the floor crying! (another pain, straight to the heart) I explained the lesson to her and I think I may have gotten through to her. I noticed last night her typical lies were absent from our nightly routine! I did promise her too that if she quit lying (for a while at least) I really would take just her to Chuck E Cheeses, so I'm not that terrible!

Matt is almost done coaching football (thankfully), but really basketball starts in just two short months so it will be short lived, we will enjoy a break though. He has to have surgury to repair a broken hand (from over a year and a half ago) not next Thursday, but the next one. After the surgury he will have a cast for a while and then physical therapy too. It will be interesting to see what our insurance will cover.

He's almost done with football too, not sure how excited he is about that though! But with it getting colder it will be a blessing. He is really doing well at school too. It sounds like he is having a lot of fun, and with MEAP testing going right now there isn't much if any homework. Gotta love that!

Well, as usual, nothing really to update here. I'm still just a mom and trying to embrace that job more. I'm quite confident that this is where God wants me, but everywhere I look everyone around me has jobs in some form or another and I'm kinda jealous, although I can't imagine leaving Elliot. So, I'm trying to get past the wole "inadaquacy" thing and just embrace this place! Next week I get to start a photography class which I'm excited about! I'm excited to learn more and be able to apply it!

ETA: After posting this I hopped over to the Nitty Gritty blog (link on right) and look what I read...
God is not calling any of us to be superheroes. I think He wants us to recognize our weaknesses sometimes. I have felt Him showing me that He wants me to just be my best and to respond to the things that come my way- not by doing it all on my own but- by handing my fears, my worries and my inabilities to Him. He is showing me that I am nothing on my own...but that is the very place I find the greatest sense of peace and accomplishment. By recognizing it is God in me- God through me, I see that I CAN be my best me and that doesn't mean my life will be perfect, but that it will be lined up according to His purpose and design.

I feel like that was written for me!

This weekend we have Landon's second to last football game at noon then we will head to my grandpas to start cleaning and pitching and sorting etc. Sounds fun huh??? Sunday may be another day of cleaning adn pitching and sorting, depending how far we get on Saturday. I really need to get back to Woodland one of these days, I've planned this trip multiple times, but have yet to make it! Maybe next week if I get a day off!

October 9, 2007

You girls are great...

I am lauging out loud litterally here! (and I litterally don't know how to spell that!) Thanks for the kind and funny comments!

(FYI I didn't know what a Leek was either til I went to the grocery store and asked the produce worker to help me... it was right in front of me!! :) and it's like a giant green onion, it has a definate onion smell and similar taste, if you read the reviews at all it says that some people substituted onions for the leeks!)

And Bailey & I may be heading to Chuck E Cheeses soon! I'm laughing just thinking about it, am I a CRUEL mom??????

Perfect day...

Now, THIS is October!!!!!! This is the weather one would expect in Michigan in October!!!!!! Football tonight was CHILLY if not downright COLD!!!! Not complaining, just stating the truth! I have been craving soup lately, not brothy soup, but fattening creamy or cheesy soup! (I highly recommend Panera's Fiesta con Queso) So tonight I made this soup for dinner! I highly recommend it, although I think it needs a little more salt and pepper than the recipe calls for! And next time I may blend the potatoes (or mash as one of the reviews suggested) to make it a little thicker/creamier! I have lunch left for tomorow now too! Yum Yum, soup on a chilly fall day!

So, does anyone have any suggestions for combatting the lies in a six year old? My dear sweet six year old lies constantly. Petty little lies. This morning she said that a newer pair of shoes didn't fit her anymore and they hurt her toes (although I could clearly feel her toe and there was plenty of room left) all because she didn't want to wear them, she wanted to wear boots instead. Not really a HUGE deal except that she didn't tell me that, she tried to lie her way around it all! The lies are ENDLESS and I've had it! So... any great ideas to rid her of the lies? Reward systems, punishment, anything, I'm open!

Babysitting is going really well. He really is a sweet kid! He loves to say "Puppy", about 600 times per day! He loves to be outside, as does Elliot, so it works out well! They (both babies) nap every afternoon from about 12:30-3, so i get a nice break to make dinner, clean up, use the computer! Kinda nice!

Ha! Guess what's on t.v. right now? Perfect Strangers? Remember that? Balki? To funy! not sure how long I'll be able to stand watching it, but I may have to try! "Standing taaaaaalllllll on the wings of my dreams... Rise and Faaaaaallllll on the wings of my dreams" "My life... my dreams... nothings gonna stop me now", funny how watching it just once brings it all back!!!! And I'm still watching only the intro!!!!

Ok, have a good evening!

October 7, 2007

October isn't supposed to feel like this...

Air conditioning in October... not normal!
Sweating in october... not normal!
Sunburn in October... not normal!

Friday night the kids had a few friends over and we walked down to Pumpkinfest to walk around. We visited the Critter barn which was Elliot's FAVORITE part. After petting and holding all the animals we walked around a bit, but it was a)sooooo busy and b) sooooooo hot that we just kinda walked toward home!

Yesterday (Saturday) was soooo tiring! The weather really just wore us out!

Landon had a game at noon, meaning he had to be there by 11:15, but he had friends playing on all three fields at 10:30, so we went to field hop and watch everyone early. It definately wasn't football weather, that's for sure. Football weather (if you wonder what my definition is) is crisp, just a little chilly (but definatley not cold), perfect weather for getting a coffee on the way to the game, maybe a blanket over the lap, but intstead we had direct sunlight, humidity and 85 degree weather!

Doesn't he look HOT!?!?

Unfortunately they lost... AGAIN! 26 to 0. That's 3 losses and one win. Regular playing season is done now, but there are two more "playoff" games.

After the game we headed home QUICKLY and got Landon some lunch, then we headed downtown for the parade. We were in the parade. I was already exhausted from being outside for three hours so I ended up riding on the golf cart with a very sleepy Elliot. (Who eventually fell asleep before the parade was half over).

After the parade we were supposed to head to Woodland to return/exchange some shirts, but we were to worn out. We ended up calling some friends and heading to the beach for dinner and then to thier house for a fire. (Not sure how how we thought that would take less energy than the mall, but it went ok!)

Today we headed to St Joe to do some cleaning at my grandpas house and some yardwork. I think we are going to make a weekend of it next weekend, get a dumpster and go to town! We will probably go down on Saturday and again on Sunday if need be. Sounds fun, huh? There is just SOOOO much to do!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

October 4, 2007

Exhaustion has set in...

Today went really well again as far as babysitting goes, but I was exhausted! Worn out I tell ya! I had to go get a coffee before Landon's football scrimmage tonight and either that helped or just being outside helped, not sure which! Betty and Gray's is on tonight so I have to make it 'til 10, not sure I will though! I have tomorow off though so I can sleep in a little (as long as I convice my hubby that he has to get the kids ready for school...hmmmmmm???)

I think that I may head to Woodland again tomorow so that I can be reimbursed my $15 that I'm owed. Wonder if they'll throw in gas money too??? (Yeah right!!!!)

Hmmmmm, I started this post thinking I had more to say, but... I don't... so, here are two layouts! Oh, did I mention I got a guest spot this month (digiscrapping stuff) for Traci Reed???
Here are two of my layouts that I've done with her stuff so far...

Images should be clickable if you want/need to see credits at all!

October 3, 2007


Lot's of successes acutally...

1. Shopping last night. I found a few shirts that will get me through for a while! Very excited about this I tell ya! My most exciting find was at New York & Company, I tried on a shirt and was all set to pay $29.95 for it, but it rang up for... $8.95! How great is that?????? Plus, because I used my card and it was Tuesday and it was the first tuesday of the month I got an extra 15% off!!!! What a deal huh?? I found some shirts at Limited too, unfortunately they rang up wrong and I'm owed $15, but talking to them on the phone was terrible and I'm half tempted to return everything! (Only half though b/c really where else am I going to find shirts????)
Sarah and I had a great time too, lot's of laughing for sure! Neither of us was in a huge hurry to get home, which was a good thing since Sarah was trying to drive and talk at the same time, which means no one get's anywhere fast!!

2. Babysitting. Today went great, for getting up at 6:30 (about 45 minutes earlier than normal) I actually had quite a bit of energy. The little boy I'm watching was perfect! Things went really well! He is coming back tomorow, so hopefully tomorow goes just as well!

Because I got up so early I had time to do by BSF this morning before he got here. What a way to start the day, it went so smooth and I had no problems with the questions, which isn't always the case when I wait until the day before we have to go. I hope to do the same tomorow!

I am planning on going to bed shortly though so I have some energy tomorow!

October 1, 2007


Look what I logged on to find this morning... *click here*! I was quite excited, I actually WON something!!!! This may mean nothing to most of you, but I was excited!
I really wanted to skip BSF tonight. But i knew that it was just the devil trying to keep me from it and with good reason too. I was SOOO convicted tonight! Our study for tonight was on Matthew 2. Some things that really struck me were...

Which of my own interests am I putting ahead of knowing God?
True worship always leads to surrender. When we surrender we can not give him something that costs us nothing. Our time is valuable to God. There is a cost involved in giving him our time in order to worship Him.
We can fill our days with lot's of good things, but what about the BEST things?
What in my schedule do I need to surrender?
Well, something I know and tend to push to the back of my mind so that I don't have to acknowledge it is... I have an addiction. And it's this terrible piece of equipment that I'm addicted to. I let it consume me. If I have a free minute I will check my e-mail. Now understand, I'm not an important person (did I really need to tell you that?), but I feel this urge to see if I received an e-mail. I know I'm not the only person that does this, but I know it is detrimental to me and my everyday life. Or, while Elliot is napping (or even playing quietly) I will get on my computer, while I could be doing much more productive things, like laundry, mopping, my BSF, really anything.
I have been aware of my addiction for quite a while, but have not wanted to confront it. But tonight I was convicted. And I'm going to try to confront this head on. I can't say I will never be on my computer again, because we all know that that isn't possible. But I need to drastically cut down on time. Not sure how I will implement that yet.
Another thing from tonight...
Obedience is a natural reaction of a person surrendered to God's authority.
Will I obey even if I despise the result?
So, while I don't like the idea of not being on my computer and not having it accessible at all hours of the day and night, I know that God wants this for me.
Whew... that is out there now... now I have YOU to hold me accountable.
Now for the "fluffy" stuff. This week I think I mentioned that i have a lot of extra kids here... but I didn't mention it's because I am going to start babysitting again. I used to babysit for a friend a few years back. It was a little boy about Bailey's age and although sometimes tiring and trying it was fun. Nice for Bailey to have someone to play with (and they are still friends). I quit after almost 2 years though b/c I had just had enough. I was worn out. But after trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do with my life for quite a few months now, this just randomly fell into my lap (thanks to Sarah). I think it will be a great opportunity, the little boy is just a few months older than Elliot, so once they get a little older it will be nice for them to have each other to play with! So that starts this Wednesday and Thursday for sure, possibly Friday too. Pray for me that the transition to another child in our home goes smoothly for not just myself but for Elliot too. (Oh, and it's EARLY mornings, so pray for me to be up on time!)
Tomorow evening Sarah & I are headed up to Woodland. I NEED to find just a few shirts (I'd be happy with one or two at this point) to wear for fall/winter and I think we will be doing some Christmas shopping too for Sarah, oh and birthday too??? I'm excited to go, it's been forever since I've been to Woodland, so unless there is a major catastrophe or something my plans won't be changing!!!!
All right, I need to sign off now, although I'm not sure I will turn this beast off quite yet... soon though!