May 2, 2010

What a difference...

What a difference a few days makes.  Last week I was having a hard time accepting all the offers of help, now I'm willing to take any and all help offered.  In some ways this surgery went easier than I expected, but in others it is much harder.  I have a lot of movement in my left arm, a lot more than I originally thought I would have.  Putting my hair in a ponytail is quite difficult/painful, but do-able.  I'm on quite a few pain meds (trying to balance all of that has been interesting, all I can say is I'm so very thankful for my husband).  While the meds take away most of the pain they also make me very very sleepy and probably a little loopy as well.  I have been blessed to have people offer to wash my hair for me, something I would have never thought of.  The hospital had a sink to wash my hair in yesterday, and while I can't take a real shower, getting my hair washed was an amazing feeling (and Sarah fulfilled her dream of being a hairdresser)!  Amazing how the little things do so much to lift my spirits!

Specific prayer requests:
The pathology report comes back showing only a few lymph nodes with cancer and that the cancer hasn't spread further than the lymph nodes
Relief from pain
Patience for Matt while he has to do so much for me
Patience for all the caretakers of my children
Peace for my children as there are so many changes in thier schedules right now
We would have peace and continued reliance on God during this difficult time

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Mary said...

We love you so much Lynette. We are going fight this with you in every way we know how. Sending lots of hugs this morning....