May 12, 2010


Things are starting to come together.  As I mentioned yesterday, I got my drains out!  And I couldn't be more happy about that, sleeping last night was so wonderful (although spotty).  Taking a shower yesterday was even better, this morning is going to be wonderful again!  And maybe again this afternoon! 

I got a little saline fill up yesterday as well and I can tell, the muscles are a little tight, but bareable.

Today E get's to go to school and I get to drive him there!!!!  Yay!  My driving priveleges have been very very limited, more by my husband and friends than my doctor, but just because they care!  Then I get to go to a doctor appointment with Dr Hoberman.

Tomorrow I get to have my port put in around 6:00pm, I have to do my pretesting before then too.

Friday I have to get my MUGA test in the the afternoon, my PET scan has yet to be scheduled, hopefully I will find out what time that is tomorrow.  I have called the endocronologist twice and left messages and have yet to hear anything, but there is nothing I can do (long story), so I guess I'll just proceed without him, I do have an appoinment set up in about a month with him so that will have to be good enough.

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Stacey said...

Thank God for husbands. I hope this morning went well for you and you can take a NICE warm nap this afternoon.