May 1, 2010

Specific Prayer Requests-posted by Sarah

First, I want to start by saying how amazing my friend Lynette is!  She is still thinking of others above herself...she called Julie last night (yep-last night after coming out of recovery!), and told her she hoped she did well in her 5K run this morning.  And she is calling me to check on those 4 beautiful kids of hers too!   What a heart she has!

Please pray for her today as the anesthesia has worn off, so she is suffering more with the pain.  Please pray for her as they did find cancer in her lymph nodes as well.  She will remain in the hospital until tomorrow (they originally had told her 24-48 hours, so I am grateful they are keeping her the 48!)  Please pray that she can get the rest she needs- they are coming in often to check her vitals and interrupting her sleep.  Please just pray, as God knows her needs and the rest of the family's way more than we do!   Thanks for checking in and being a prayer warrior for the Bells during this time! 


Deb said...

I have been praying throughout the night. May you receive relief from your pain and may the doctors and nurses know beyond a shadow of doubt what the next step is in this battle.
Hang on and look up. Jer. 29:11 is my hook to hang on to. You are loved and prayed for by hundreds of friends and family. I pray you feel the comfort and peace from that, too.


Anonymous said...

Lynette, you were in everyone's prayers at the ball field today as we cheered Landon on. We are happy to hear that you can rest at the hospital until tomorrow. God bless you! The Custers