May 21, 2010

Piece of Cake

No, not the cake you eat, this chemo thing is looking to be a piece of cake compared to what I expected I guess!  I wake up every morning with a headache (tylenol extra strenght to the rescue) and some nausea (some other pill to the rescue).  My NuLasta shot didn't do anything terrible to me so far, I had some bone pain Wednesday night, but nothing unbearable.  I'm DEFINATELY very tired, but that's not that much different than life pre-chemo.  So, if it doesn't get any worse than this, were golden! 

I have been so blessed by all of you, faithfull prayer warriors on my behalf, but today I ask you to pray for some other people that are heavy on my heart.  I know you like specific prayer requests, but I'm leaving out a lot of details here because they aren't my details to give. 
a pregnant friend that is in the hospital w/ an infection
a friend that lost a child yesterday

Situations like these bring me back to reality, this is only temporary, not everyone has temporary pain.  The pain of loosing a child will never go away, some day I will be cured of this disease and it will be a part of my past.  My life is good, praise God for each moment!


Anonymous said...

Yes, we're praying for Stacey and her baby. I'll pray for your friend who lost a child yesterday too. I'm glad the chemo isn't as horrific as planned (and I'll pray it stays that way). Julie S.

Anonymous said...

Lynette~praying for your prayer requests. I have been praying for a family who lost their baby yesterday already, curious as to if it is the same people. Your strength is amazing...praying for you as well. ;o) I love you girl! be strong in HIM! Jen Nyberg

Sluiter Nation said...

Always praying (and celebrating when the answers to those prayers are easy breezy chemo!)

We were already praying for Stacey, but we will add the other friend too.