May 21, 2010

Manna in the desert

I know I posted already today, but I just had to add something!  God is SOOO good.  He gives us no more than we need, but he gives us no less than we need either.  He gives us exactly what we need.  Just when we need it too.  I have received gifts at the perfect time, the exact time that we need them, and each time it brings me to tears. 

I can't explain it any other way than that God knows.  He just knows.  Just like when God provided manna in the desert for the Isrealites, he provided everything they needed, each day, just what they needed, not more, not less.  He is so amazing, isn't He?  Isn't He?


Beck said...

Lynette, I am so moved by the amazing work God is so obviously doing in your life. Thank you for faithfully sharing it! He IS amazing, hallelujah!

Sara said...

He IS!!

Denise said...