March 1, 2008


I shopped yesterday, and boy did I shop! I got some great stuff from Gap and Children's Place for the kids, all thier easter stuff is ready, tried to prepare better this year for the snow that is inevitable! I got myself 4 shirts at Gap too, the style of most of thier shirts was perfect for my "problem" areas so I lucked out and actually found stuff that fit and didn't accentuate the bad stuff! Normally I just settle! I also purchased 2 pairs of jeans for Matt, something I NEVER do and really I just assumed we would be returning them this weekend, but suprisingly they fit him and he liked them, I liked them too, they aren't the typical carpenter jeans tha the normally wears (out of necesity really) and they look good on him!

Last night Bailey went to a school carnival with a friend and the other four of us just hung out at home. Elliot never got a real nap so he went to bed early (BIG mistake), Landon & I played Webkinz for a while then when Bailey got home her and I went to bed early! Matt was so kind to sleep on the couch with Landon so her and I could sleep in our bed together. I don't like to sleep with her though, she kicked me in the head multiple times througout the night! Oh well, she enjoyed it!

This morning Elliot woke up at 6:30 am, I promply brought him downstiars to Matt and headed right back to bed! Matt left for St Joe around 10, Landon went to play soccer with Cobe and Dimitri and some other friends at 9:40 and Sadie came over to play! We had fun building forts, putting bows in her hair, playing in the laundry baskets and eating snacks. She didn't really like the thought of the vacuume though, but that was ok, we got through it, I just needed to vacuume up some dog food QUICK! Bailey covered her ears for her!

Matt got home just in time for dinner and then proceeded to finally finish our bathroom floor. Finally! Not his fault, I'm just so thankful to have a floor finished, the linoleum has been peeling up in there for years adn we've just dealt with it, but it's embarassing, it looks gross and best of all... it's GONE!!!! Bailey and I had to go to Lowe's to get some more screws for the toilet and use the bathroom (b/c the toilet was removed to put the flooring in for several hours) and we decided to go get dessert together too. It was fun to just hang out with her and I know she loved it! She told me mutliple times!

Cobe is here overnight, everyone stayed up late waiting for the toilet to be working again so they could use it before bed, now it's 10:30 and all are in bed, sleeping I'm sure! :) Church tomorow then lunch at my dad's, class in the evening and coffee with a friend after that! Busy ~ Busy ~ Busy... as usual!

Hopefully your weekend was/is good!

**** After posting I'm re-reading and realizing how bad I really do need another bathroom... which only will come with a new house!


S Huiz said...

Too funny that everyone had to wait to go potty before bed. I never thought about that either. You DO NEED to move- next to me if possible. :-) Thanks for having Sadie and Cobe over all in one day. You'll be sick of the Huizengas after this weekend. Good job on the HAUL of clothes- inspires me to want to shop...again!

Beck said...

Oooh, I'm jealous of your shopping! Soon I'll be able to shop for myself again... at this point I might as well wear a Hefty bag! Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Congrats on the bathroom... ours will be getting an overhaul once the snow thaws...