March 19, 2008

More Big News

If you haven't read the previous post please read that too (it will explain the ticker above)!

I just got an email from our realtor in St Joe. My grandpas house officially went on the market on Monday, she said that immediately after putting the lock box on the house there were several people through it and today we received 2 offers already!!!!! Did you read that? TWO offers on day 3!!!!!!

Update: So, it's 10:00pm and I haven't received offer #2 yet, still a possibility though. I think we will probably decline the other offer (which makes me nervous, but it's just not enough money and I don't think it will even fully be approved b/c of the type of loan it is), but we have to talk more about that in the morning. The realtor had a realtor's open house today too and 30 realtors went through the house, so even if only 5 of them have a client go through that would be excellent!


Jennifer said...

Yeah! That is so awesome! Now it will be worth all the work that you and Matt put into it! Now your luck needs to rub off on Sarah. Is Bailey playing coach pitch this year? I am coaching Katie's team. Is Matt coaching at all?

S Huiz said...

Yay! I know you will be glad to have that behind you- all of your hard work is paying off! Do you know what the 2nd offer is yet?????

Nina_VK said...

Holy Moly!! Thats awesome!!! That would be sweet to have that off your hands. :)
God is good!!