March 13, 2008

Time Flies

This week has just flown right by. The kids were off from school on Monday so we headed up the Frederick Meijer Gardens to see the butterfly's with Julie and her kids. It was interesting taking both Elliot and Carson, but Landon (and Julie) was such a help! It was 80+ degrees in the garden and humid, what a taste of summer! The butterfly's were out in full force, I don't think I've ever seen that many when I've gone in the past. They were fluttering all over the place, so pretty!

Tuesday and Wednesday Bailey was home sick. She had a fever both days but it broke by mid morning on Wednesday so it was back to school for her today, and just in time too I might add. E has it today and I think I have a touch of something. No fever for me though. Elliot was CRANKY all day, quite a mommy's boy, which isn't abnormal for him, but it was intensified by 100 for sure today.

Angela came over this morning to get some pictures taken (see photo blog for that). We had fun doing that, changing clothes numerous times and trying to get her to stand just the right way (all while E was sitting on my lap or climbing my leg).

Gave him a little motrin though and life was back to normal. We spent a good part of the afternoon outside, we walked to school (for the first time in a long time), we played basketball, we picked up dog poop (aren't you glad you know that?), we just hung out! It was gorgeous out today, absolutely SPRINGY!!!!!

We decided to go out for dinner to Grandville... On The Border. YUMMY!!! It was nice to get out as a family, it's been a little while! We stopped at Target to get a birthday present and some bubbles on the way home too! Now I sit here watching "Dan in Real Life" all alone while Matt works (as best he can with his left hand instead of right!)!


MandaKay said...

Ooooh - do tell how Dan in Real Life is - tomorrow!!!

S Huiz said...

I think we may follow your lead and go out as a family tomorrow night- maybe to Buffalo Wild Wings with the kids. Is E any better? I hope it stops with him and doesn't make its way to Landon too. I haven't seen the weather, but I am hoping we have many more days like today- GORGEOUS!!!

Nina_VK said...

OK, weren't the butterflies crazy amazing?!?! I have never seen so many---and that active!! LOVED IT!!

Cute pics you got! Lovin that "Dick Tracy" one lol---too cute!

I hope everyone is feeling better--or soon atleast!!

have a great weekend!