March 7, 2008

Starving Jesus

Wednesday night Crag Gross spoke at our church to the 4-12 graders about Starving Jesus and what we are doing to starve him. The concept was (as I took it at least) that we have our hands so full with other things that we aren't doing anything for Jesus. I also picked up a book and although I've only read a few pages I'm enjoying it! (Now just to finish it, I've started numerous books in the last year but haven't finished one in over a year, hopefully that will be remedied over spring break)

Last night we "fed" Jesus. Our family volunteered (through our church) for a mobile food pantry in a nearby neighborhood. We had NO idea what to expect or what we would be doing. NO IDEA WHATSOEVER! But both Matt and I thought it would be good for the kids (and ourselves also) to do some sort of volunteer work. So we arrived at 5 and were totally unsure if we would be inside or outside, ended up we were outside so luckily we wore our winter coats, hats and some of us (Bailey & I) wore mittens/gloves, it still wasn't warm enough, but we recovered ok! We unloaded all of the food from a huge truck, there was so much stuff that was donated. More potatoes than I've seen in my entire life, a huge box from Panera bread filled with bags and bags of baked goodies, 400 loaves of bread, lettuce, yogurt, broccoli, cauliflower, and so much more. Once it was all unloaded and put in "stations" the families that wanted food (approximately 118) walked through and were able to take a specified number of each item (the numbers were specified so that the first person in line and the last person in line each got the same amount, except for on items that there weren't enough of, like there were only 40 or so broccoli's so only the first 40 families got those). I was at the end of the line and helped with the bread. What an amazing gift that I was given to be able to do this, the people that came through were so appreciative. The kids said when we left that they actually had fun (it took Bailey a while to say this as she was soooooo freezing cold, cold to tears actually, but eventually she got there). I am excited to do it again, unfortunately next month it is over spring break so we will have to wait two months. I would love to find more opportunities to volunteer with my kids doing things for others so if you have any ideas please let me know!

Unfortunately through all of this I had a terrible migraine, I think the cold helped to make it bearable, but as we were walking to our car someone was smoking and that smell put me over the edge. Smells seem to be intensified by 100x when I have a migraine. As soon as we got home I took a shower and went right to bed! I'm still a little woozy today, but it's better!

Landon has a late nighter at church tonight and he is taking two friends, then tomroow afternoon I'm taking Bailey & a friend to Crazy Bounce for a while, then Matt & I get to go out Saturday night together! Should be a fun weekend.


S Huiz said...

Have fun Sat. night- wish I could go the same night! Glad your food distribution experience was a positive one- hopefully next time it won't be so cold since it will be May (it BETTER not still be cold then!)

Chase & Logan said...

Very cool that you did this, what a great experience for your kids(even though they froze!)

Kate said...

Hey, I am glad you had a good time at the food pantry. Just wanted to let you know if you are looking for something to do inside with the kids...they are always looking for people to help serve and clean up dinner at City On a Hill...they server dinner Tues. Wed. and Thurs. let me know if you ever want to and I will talk to the people in charge over there for you!