March 15, 2008

First things first... and then a tag...

I'm very upset with the rec dept today! As I said before, Matt and I (along with josh & Bobbie) went to St Joe to finish my grandpas house. Sarah so graciously wached my children for me and not only that they were going to pick Landon up from baseball too... at 11:45 when my papers said it got done. So we dropped him off at 8:15 and found out there was a parent meeting (which we didn't know about), we obviously weren't going to attend, we needed to leave adn I'm sorry, but if you are going to require someone to be at a meeting, tell them about it ahead of time! So, while we were there WAITING for Landon to start (so we didn't leave him in the hallway with a bunch of kids and adults) they announced that there MAY have been a mix up and that thier practice went from 8:15 (by now it was 8:25) until 10:45. OK, no big deal, I just let Sarah & Ryan know. And we were on our way, off to St Joe. I called and talked to Ryan around 11:30 and found out that Landon's practice actually got done at 10, so obviously there was no one there for him (along with plenty of other kids I found out later). Thankfully another mom took him to Sarah's house (and thankfully Landon knew how to get there), but in the meantime Ryan and Cobe had left to go get Landon... no big deal really, it all worked out but WHAT A MESS! Seriously how hard is it to get organized, especially when there are kids involved? I know they have done this before so you would have thought they could have figured it out by now!

So, we got the house all cleaned up and ready to SELL!!! So we now have two houses for sale (although ours needs a for sale sign), let's home that one or the other sells... and soon!

And, I've seen this floating around, but I've avoided it until tonight when i decided to check a few blogs... thanks Ange!

10 years ago:
I was pregnant and huge! I lived at home with my parents, not yet married, but planning on it eventually. I worked at Town & Country as a receptionist full time. (I was even boring that long ago)!

Things on my to do list today:
1. Landon to Baseball
2. Clean Grandpas house
3. Pick up kids from Sarah's
4. Fold & Put away laundry

Three bad habits:
Spending to much time on the computer
I'm very impatient
Biting my nails

If I suddenly become a billionare:
Buy a new camera/lens that I SOOOOOO want, take my kids (and a huge group of friends/family) to Disney for a month, buy a bigger house (I don't even need HUGE, I just need another bedroom and another bathroom and a pool), donate to lot's of worthy causes, invest and just spend some fun money!

Five Jobs I've had (I'm taking this one further, just b/c I'm thinking about it):
Abby's Ally (waitress) Some may know that as Bosch's, those 6:30am Saturday mornings were killers
Dairy Queen
Big Dutchman
Janie's Cookies
Mommy & Me
Town & Country
Nichols (very short time)
Distinctive Group
Creative Memories (for about a week)
PartyLite (for about 6 months) (Home business' are NOT my thing)
Mom/Wife and everything that goes along with that one
I feel like there was one more I'm missing

Five things people don't know about me (maybe you do know, but I can't think right now)
1)I have a TERRIBLE gag reflex, dental x-rays are terrible for me
2)I'm still (9 years later) scared of my basement
3)I have a lot of irrational fears (fires, ax murderer's breaking into my house, remember the railroad killer, well I was conviced that he was riding the train that runs in my backyard and he WAS MOST DEFINATELY going to hop out in my yard next)
4)I used to be skinny (w/o ever working at it)
5)I have a cupboard FULL of alcohol that I NEVER drink! Seriously, I rarely have a drink at home, but when I do want one I have to buy all the liquor that it would take to make that fruity drink, which leads to quite a stash!

Whew... done! Now I tag... Sarah and Kate!


Beck said...

How ANNOYING that you had to deal with all that crap from the rec dept, albeit indirectly... it drives me crazy when people don't have their shiz together. Oh and by the way... my gag reflex is downright suggestive... I totally know what you mean with those dang dental x-rays. :)

S Huiz said...

Haha Your irrational fears don't seem so irrational to me- I worry about the SAME things!!!!! And I could add a few more (car jackers, child molesters taking your kids, bank robbers) And I hope I would be on my way to Disney with you if you should ever get a billion dollars! :-)

Nina_VK said...

ugh, how frustrating!! At least
landon knew where to go, and how to get there!! What a smart guy he is!!!

Loved reading your tag!! I hear ya about the irrational fears too!! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Dino thinks I am crazy. lol :)

Josh and Bobbie said...

I just wanted to add a little ARE still skinny!!!!