March 27, 2008

4th grade spelling list & booster seats

I definately don't have a huge vocabulary, but these words are just WAY above me.

Check this out...

Yeah... and if you want to know the definition of any of them go ahead and look them up on dictionary dot com!

Did you hear at all about the new law that kids up to age 8 and 4 foot something have to be in carseats starting in June or July? Bust out that booster again Bailey... she'll love that!


S Huiz said...

I had not heard about that law, but it doesn't surprise me. That is the law already in NC, so when we go home, Cobe has to be in one. But who am I kidding, most of the time, Cobe still sits in one now b/c he is still too little to meet the requirements not to.

Those are some hard words- much harder than the ones the 7th graders get. I have been surprised how hard Cobe's words have been this year and last for his age. Don't get me started on spelling lists though... I don't believe in their effectiveness.

Beck said...

I have to disagree with Sarah... I LOVE spelling lists! (No, for real. I admit my dorkiness.) I am tempted to copy that list and learn it. :)

I think the booster seat thing is inSANE! I probably sound like an old grandma... "When we had OUR kids, they just tumbled around in the backseat, and look, they're all fine!" I think it's a conspiracy involving seatbelt manufacturers and Britax/ Evenflo.

Anonymous said...

OK - they are hard words but when people can't spell correctly it drives me crazy! Although, I do have typos in my posts but that's just b/c I'm going so fast. :)
Sorry your Africa trip has been moved back. but it sounds as though it's something you are passionate about so when you do finally go think of the all the wonderful things you are doing there & what experiences you take from that and pass on. I so hope to do a trip of that sort in a few years...