March 27, 2008

Crazy Bounce Fun

Look at those lips going after my boy! Aren't they cute despite my blurry picture?
We had a great time at CB yesterday, it not only wore out the boys but it wore me out too! I've been so tired lately, I've even been hitting snooze or just flat our resetting my alarm clock, so unlike me!
We were even able to play outside again yesterday, me without a coat! The boys blew bubbles, Elliot ran into the road, they pushed the lawn mowers around, it was GREAT! I'm so ready for all out spring! Today is dreary and gray, not a favorite kind of day for sure!

Tonight we get to go to Fun Night at Landon's school, Matt has to help the kids with games b/c I get to work so that should be interesting! We'll see how that goes!


Jennifer said...

What a great picture. Sadie is so cool! No coach pitch roster yet. The meeting is next Tuesday and since they haven't sent it to me, I"m assuming I'll probably just get it at the meeting. I hope Bailey is on my team! Are you getting excited for your trip? I'm so excited for you!

krissy said...

Yes we had fun yesterday at CB. Eliott is so cute! Glad you got to get some fresh air outside. Can't wait for spring/summer. I love the heat!

S Huiz said...

Too bad Sadie isn't that sweet all the time. Wasn't it a different story today? haha My younger 2 rode their bikes yesterday and I was enjoying the fresh air as well. Today's weather more fits my mood though. :-) Let me know if you want to leave Baby E with me tonight- we have nothing.

Nina_VK said...

Ugh, we so wanted to go!! I had a Dr. appoitment and Eva has an eye infection in both eyes, so we couldn't make it. :(
So happy to hear it was fun!!! Someday, I gotta get on on this fun stuff. :)

have a great day!

Missy said...

It was nice to meet you at CB yesterday! I've seen this blog but never met you! That is a great pic of Saide and Baby E. Hope to get to chat with you more in the future!