March 12, 2008

Recipe Alert...

First of all thanks for everyone's suggestions, we will have to do some research, there is definately a LOT we want to do, in only two days but I ahve some great resources and ideas thanks to everyone's comments and emails!

Here is a recipe I tried last night that was pretty good, I would definately add some seasoning for a little extra flavor, I added the onion onion from Tastefully simple instead of cutting onions too!

Broccoli Pie

And this highly scientific measurements of the meatloaf that I made tonight... I have enough for a small army so you may want to half the recipe if you decide to try it!

3lbs hamburger
1/6 bag of spinach (fresh)
1 c or so of mozz cheese (shredded)
Onion Onion (Tastefully Simple)... not sure how much
1 1/2 - 2 cups of stuffing mix (unprepared)
2 eggs
A little A1
Chopped mushrooms

Mix well and form to a meatloaf or put in small amounts in a cupcake pan and bake at 350 til done. Told you it was scientific, but it is delicious! (Use ground turkey maybe for a healthier version, I'm just not a fan of ground turkey)


S Huiz said...

That meatloaf seems quite different from the one I emailed you- I like the added spinach- I'll have to try it. And I will be making the broccoli pie this weekend. Did your kids like it? I could make it for Saturday. :-) Is everyone well at your house today?

Chase & Logan said...

Since I am a Tastefully Simple consultant, I am glad to see you are using it in your recipes!!! Let me know if you ever need anything =-)