March 22, 2008


The first game of the 3-on-3 tournament that Landon played in was a forfeit by the other team (the game was supposed to be at 7:30), luckily we found out last night at 10 so we were able to sleep in a little, but not to much though b/c then we didn't know when his first game would be, turns out it was at 9:30. They played thier first game with one win under their belt already, how nice is that? They played at 9:30, then not til 1:30, then 4 and 4:30. Unfortunately one of thier players was on day eight of having the flu so they only had three for a three on three which makes three boys very tired by the time the game is half over. They played hard though. They had a really good time too, which is always great. There were tears after the last game was finished unfortunately, they were so disappointed! Matt and I are exausted along with Elliot. I'm realizing how much work it is for me when Matt has a cast. Elliot was a bear for the second game (the 1:30 game, normally he would be sleeping during this time), he wanted to get down and run on the court in back of us (big guys) and then on Landon's court... he was all over the place, so I held him down on my lap, literally had to force him down! Thankfully Matt's mom watched him for the last two games (THANKS MARILYN)!

So that was our day... lot's of plans for Easter tomorow to keep us busy again, I'm ready for another weekend already and this one isn't even over yet! Happy Easter to you!


S Huiz said...

At least that early game was canceled and you knew about it- whew! I got tired just reading about all the games. Happy Easter- have a great day!!!! Should I stop by to pick up my flower? Or do I need to get it from your church?

Beck said...

Hope you guys are having a great (and RELAXING) Easter! Tell you what, you and Sarah both... between basketball and soccer and baseball and everything else, I don't know how you find time to do ANYthing! ;)