March 24, 2008

How was your weekend?

How was your Easter more specifically? Did you love celebrating in the snow (again?)? No outdoor Easter Egg hunts, that's for sure! We woke up early and did our little easter egg hunt, the bunny hid some pre-filled plastic eggs (courtesy of my 7pm Saturday night trip to Target) adn some of the eggs we colored. Elliot even shared in the fun of hiding those things. We almost thought that the bunny didn't bring an easter basket for the kids this year, but then I caught a glimpse of one basket (which looked to belong to Elliot b/c of one of the toys on top) and led the kids to it, they pulled it out and it was a FULL one, quite large too... all for Elliot???? No way, that bunny was tricky this year, he only left one basket with small gifts for each kid inside. Lots' of jellybeans, HSM2 for bailey, a bubble blower for E and a football adn word search for landon! What a great bunny!

After that we dropped the kids off at Sunday school and Matt adn I went looking for houses, it's kind of our sunday ritual if the kids have sunday school and we don't! And, like every other time we didn't find a thing! That's ok though, we have time!

Church was great, although I shed a few tears. I hate crying in public! During the announcements they were talking about a man that died while his daughter was singing hymns with him (this happened easter morning), and that just struck to close to home for me. When my mom passed away I was reading a Psalm to her, I saw her take her last breath while I was reading! Once I recovered from that I was able to enjoy the sermon and the thought that my mom is in heaven with Jesus all becasue he died on that cross for us! I was struck by the wonder that God actually gave up his son for us, so that we could go to heaven and how hard that would be. I often think of it as a removed thing, it couldn't have bothered him to let his son die because he knew that he would be alive again in three days, but to watch his son suffer like taht must have been absolutely miserable. Dann also talked about Abraham giving his son Isaac as an offering, but God stopped him before he actually killed him. I can't imagine getting even that far. I DO love God and I do trust him with most things, but that may be a bit much for me to wrap my mind and heart around. I guess that just means that I still have some work to do in my life!

After church we headed up north to my grandparents house for lunch. Ham, potatoes, veggies and some yummy desserts! Then it was home again for a little bit and then off to Matt's dads for dinner (hamburgers). We didn't get home until about 8:30 so it was a long day and another messed up nap day for E. Two of those in a row, it makes me a little worried!

Not a whole lot going on this week. BSF tonight. Bailey has sharing night at her school on Tuesday night from 5-5:30 where she can show us all that she has been doing and working on (have to find a babysitter for that yet)! Church Wednesday. Thursday is fun night at Landon's school. Nothing on the books for Friday yet (Matt and I may have to go out for his birthday though). Saturday Landon might have baseball practice (it's a rumor we heard)! All in all it feels pretty tame right now, I'm sure it will fill up though, it always does!!

I didn't even take a whole lot of pictures yesterday for easter, I am SOOOO sick of taking the same pictures over and over and over. I'm so sick of being inside, I just want to go outside and play in the yard (not the mud though), enjoy the sunshine, be able to take my coat off, mow the yard (yup, I'm even ready to mow again), draw with chalk, blow bubbles, put a for sale sign in our yard again... you name it I'm ready for it! Come on spring... come quick!


Beck said...

I hear ya on the spring thing... and feeling like I'm taking the same pictures over and over again! Here's a challenge for the two of us I've been developing in my head lately... a photo study of the mundane aspects of life... the things we look at every day but would never THINK to take a photo of... the laundry basket with dirty laundry spilling out, the dirty window with a snowbank outside, the carseat (with or without cheerios and raisins... but who are we kidding; when is the carseat withOUT crumbs and nasties?!) I've taken a few but need a project to keep me occupied this week... you down?

Beck said...

I have to leave a separate comment to say how much your sentiments on your mom touched me. It sounds like God really showed you some things in a profound way... even though it required crying in public. (I hate that too.)

S Huiz said...

Sarah to the rescue- I got you covered tomorrow night and Friday night for a sitter. Feel free- we are free both nights. :-) And I promise, we'll keep the golf clubs far, far away.

You might want to get that sign in your yard sooner than later- the housing market is really hopping right now.

Very nice tribute to your mom- must bring some peace to know you were with her as she journeyed to a better place (even as hard as it was). I am right with you on your thoughts on the sermon- I have a long way to go as well.