March 9, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday night Matt was in St Joe and Landon was at a late nighter at church so we rented a few movies... Mr. Magoriums wonder Emporium for Bailey & I and American Gangster for Matt and I to watch later! MMWE was soooo cute! I was LOL quite a few times! We have yet to watch the other one. Matt made it home in time to pick the boys up from the late nighter saving me from waking the other two up to venture out!

Saturday morning I talked Matt out of going back to St Joe and spending time with us instead. Sarah is going to watch the kids next Saturday so that we can go then instead, although right this moment I'm wishing Matt had gone yesterday, more on that later though! We picked up one of Baileys friends and took her, Landon, his friend and Elliot to Crazy Bounce for an hour! It was soooo busy that an hour was MORE than enough! Elliot just loves it there though, he wanders around like he owns the place, it doesn't matter that he walks right in front of people or right at the bottom of a slide... He also LOVES to go down the slides, a LOT! After CB we went to Mc Donalds. If you know me you know I HATE McD's. There is nothing besides French fries on thier menu that I can/will eat! The one time I tried something different I had such terrible heart burn that I will NEVER again! After lunch we returned to our house to nap/play for a while.

At 5 Matt and I left to go to a suprise party for Julie in Grand Rapids. We had a good time and we got home early! A perfect night!

Church this morning (we didn't make it for sunday school, some confusion with time change stuff caused us to start getting ready late), then home for lunch. After lunch B & I took a nap together and Matt & Landon went to blay b-ball at church. Shortly after falling asleep he woke me up by saying... "Your going to be mad at me but I think I broke my wrist". Took me a second to absorb that, but YEAH, not really thrilled! It has been a joke almost that he would get hurt again, remember he just had surgery on his left wrist in November and he's been having some problems with his knee. So, I got up quick, put on real clothes (not sweats) and called his mom to see if she coudl watch the kids so I coudl go with him. He handles pain really well normally but I could tell he was in a LOT of pain (his answer to the 1-10 questions was 10). We got to prime care at 2:50ish and arrived back at home around 4 with a nice big splint on Matt's right arm. He has to see an orthopedic doctor tomrow for something more long term. He fractured it in two places and shattered a little of the bone from impact when he fell. It's not the same bone that was broken on his other arm luckily but it's still not a good break (is there such a thing as a good break?). Now fishing season is in jeapordy and I'm having issues with the fact that he won't be able to swim with Elliot on spring break. I'm not going to catch him EVERY TIME he wants to jump in... and he LOVES to JUMP! Oh well, what do you do? (If he had gone to St Joe yesterday we would have been totally done down there, now he's is pretty incapable of doing to much so we will have to do more, which I don't mind, it's just that he is so much more motivated and productive than me)

I had another health class at church tonight and then I hit Walmart with Sarah (I really don't like that store STILL, sorry Sarah!). Thier produce is just not nearly as attractive as Meijers. And the store is much dirtier than Meijers!

When I got home I noticed that Matt had done a ton of cleaning/organizing. I couldn't convice him to SIT DOWN, he HAD to keep going! He's on vicadin so I'm thinking he needs to do something to stay awake!

Hope you all had a great weekend! The kids are off tomorow so we are goign to go see the butterflies, I'm excited, it will be nice and warm in the gardens!

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S Huiz said...

I had not thought of everything that is connected to Matt's arm- Spring Break and St. Joe specifically! Oh no! Hopefully you can get everything done that you need to. Glad last night was fun for you- we'll have to hit there together one night SOON! :-)

I saw that Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium is on sale somewhere this week- released on DVD, so maybe I'll have to buy it, just maybe. ;-)