March 20, 2008

Oh yeah...

We countered the offer! The offer probably won't go through unless the house get's painted and get this... the people placing the offer are willing to paint it themselves! And his dad is a professional house painter, so worst case scenario the loan doesn't go through and we have a feshly painted house! Certain loans (AFA I think) I guess are hard to get with chipped paint and in the price range we are in we are going to get a lot of those types of offers (or at least any offer we get is likely to be AFA), so we will always run into the paint problem and I am just not willing to paint the house right now! So anyway, this is a little less than I wanted to get in the end, but working it all out it is worth it!

E got his first haircut today (see 365 blog for pictures). I can't believe that he is 18 months old already adn that we waited this long for his first haircut. It's quite short and eventually I want to grow it out, but we had to get rid of the "yucky" stuff first. He's so darn cute!

Bailey's bruise is improving, it's now green so that is color number three. First purple, then yellow, now green! Perfect Easter colors!

Tomorow is Good Friday. My mom passed away on good friday, in 1991, I don't remember the exact date, just that it was good friday. I don't ever really get upset on a certain day, especially now with three kids and easter upon us (and a few other things on my plate), I think I'm just to busy to think about what this day represents as far as my mom goes. I do miss her every day and I do think about her every day, in little ways at least!


Beck said...

I still think of your mom every Good Friday. I hardly knew you guys then and yet I remember that year very clearly. Your mom was a beautiful lady!

I have to go check out those haircut pictures now... :)

S Huiz said...

LOVED E's haircut in person- I could have eaten him up today!!!!! Thinking about you today missing your mom- I know she is looking down from heaven PROUDLY of the woman and mother that you are!