March 10, 2008


Matt is done at the doctor finally... he has a HUGE black cast on his right arm, reaching half way up his upper arm. He did insist on a waterproof cast at least. They kept saying "Well, you know that costs extra, right?" which kind of scared him into thinking it would be like $100 or more, ends up it was only $25 extra, which we are TOTALLY fine with. Showering will be so much easier and he may even be able to go swimming with E in Alabama. Problem though... he can't go on the beach. If he get's sand in it at all it will make him miserable (not that he won't be anyway). So, good thing we are staying on the beach huh? No football, no frisbee, no sand castles, no wave jumping, lot's of sitting on his butt! He has to wear this cast for 4 weeks, then he get's a smaller one for a few more weeks. He get's to go get more x-rays next week to see how/if it's starting to heal at all.


Nina_VK said...

Oh man!! poor guy!!! I will keep him in my prayers!!

MandaKay said...

Oh my word - just catching up now - what a total bummer. I am telling you - those guys playing sports when they get older is always a hard thing - their bodies just can't take it like 12 years ago - LOL! Well, have fun at the butterfly gardens! We had so much fun Sat. night - can't wait to see pics!!!

Beck said...

Ugh! What a DRAG! Hopefully you guys can come up with some creative ways to have family fun anyway... can't he wear a bag over the cast? Not that it would make for the easiest frisbee game... glad you at least know what you're dealing with now, but sorry for the major bummer. (Why am I talking like I'm in a bad early 90's movie?)