April 22, 2008

Time for a REAL post

Matt and I were just laughing at ourselves. My Granpas house in St Joe is being sided right now by the buyers and I also heard that they replaced a door. I told Matt this and he rolled his eyes and said "Do you know how long it took me to paint that door?". But in order to get it ready to sell we needed to get it "prepped". Make it appealing to the potential buyers eyes. Because you know not everyone can walk into a house and see potential like we can. Now if you have seen our "future" home you know why we say this. It really is a PIT. Very ugly and needing LOTS of work. And this isn't the first house we've seen like this... our current home was a pit too! What is it with us? Are we the only ones in the world that see potential, no matter the amount of work it will take? (B/c let me tell you, this house will take a LOT of work)! Why do we see potential? Why can't we find a house just as it is that we like? (Trust me, we've looked!)

Life is getting super busy again. Baseball has begun for both kids. Two nights per week of practice this week and last and then games begin. 3 games per week between the two of them, and most of them do not overlap. Matt's going to have a hard time finding time to work on the houses and fish that's for sure! Pretty much planning on him being gone every night besides baseball nights. Let the fun begin! Oh well, it will all be worth it! Right? Tell me it will be worth it please!

This week I've been at or will be at Bailey's school every day helping with different things. Keeps me on my toes. Thankfully the Jeep is fixed for the most part. There are still pieces of glass everywhere. The dash is dusted with a sparkle of glass pieces. I had to vacume this morning before I could let the kids get in and there are still little pieces that the vacume didn't get this time around. I have a feeling we will be picking up pieces of glass for quite a while. Oh well, were all safe, right? (Arghhhhh!!!)

OK, off to bed! But what would a post be w/o a picture? Yup, it's similar to another one I posted earlier, but it's different, you know?!?

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S Huiz said...

Love the pictures and love the design of the Lynette Bell you came up with to put on your pictures. Too funny that they replaced the door. At least Matt knows his hard work is what sold the house!