April 20, 2008

Can't even think of a title... I can not wait to get the jeep fixed, we are a one vehicle family right now and ugh, that's not fun! We are so blessed to live in an age when we can have two cars. The window on the jeep is about to crash in, if we open the door one more time it will probably fall. It's like a suction in thier, when you open the door you can just see it droop more and more!

Those black things you see... those are feathers! Lovely huh?

We had such a busy day today... my own doing of course and once I got past my extremely tired slump I was good!
After church Cobe came over to play baseball with landon, sounds like they got some pitching practice in! When Sarah dropped him off we left to go look at the house and get a second opinion on some flooring stuff at Lowes. (Thanks Sarah!). Then we went to Sams Club and then went to look at her house. We stopped by another house to to check things out, I really liked the house we saw and got some good ideas.

After that I went to take some engagement pictures of Matt & Gabrielle. They are so cute! Here is one of my fav's so far, I had to take a break so I'm done for the night and probably not even half way through!

After that we all went on a little mini private parade of homes with Sarah & Ryan. Saw some really nice houses and got some good ideas! I'm still lovin' the black & white floor, trying to convice Matt on that one though!

Now I'm off to bed... I'm exausted!


S Huiz said...

I had fun hanging out with you today- it had been awhile! Loved seeing your house and the potential it has- brick wall and all! :-) We should go to the "real" parade of homes as much fun as we had today. When we were driving off, Ryan said, "I love that little guy" in reference to Baby Elliot.

That picture of the Jeep window tells it like it is- wow! Crushed to PIECES!!!!!!! Great shot of Matt and Gabrielle- so artistic! I'd love to see the rest. Post them somewhere.

Mary said...

Awesome picture of Matt and Gabrielle. I can't wait to see the rest of them. They said they had so much fun doing them with you.....

Beck said...

What a beautiful day for pictures! Nice work. And wow... feathers in the windshield. I happen to believe that Jeeps enjoy such rugged dramatic events in their lives, but that doesn't make it any fun for you while Jeepie gets repaired!

Black and white floor sounds SWEET! Like tiles? I've always been a sucker for that...