June 3, 2010

A yuck day

It doesn't take much to get my spirits down.  After yesterday I was all happy-go-lucky, feeling great, but then this morning hit me like a ton of bricks.  Nausea like I haven't known in a LONG time, extremely tired, headache.  Just rough.  I'm trying not to let this feeling get me down, because so easily I could start feeling sorry for myself, but a reminder that it could be so much worse brings me back to reality (part way at least).  I was blessed enough to be able to nap for about 4 hours (yup, 4 hours) this afternoon and then again for another hour after dinner (did I mention how much I love my husband and friends for allowing me that time?)  Yet, after all of that rest, I'm still tired.  How could that be?  A good reminder would be this post, this is why I feel this way, and this is just how life is going to be for the next 5ish months.  Accept it and move on, deal with it day by day.  Lucky for me I have more good days than bad!

Psalm 29:11 says God makes his people strong.  God gives his people peace.

And, on a completely unrelated note: Whale Wars starts tomorrow on Animal Planet at 9pm.  I'm excited!  :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the yuck day, but glad that you're able to still have a great attitude . . . and be excited for the whales!! So glad Landon stopped by tonight. Love and prayers from the Custers. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynette, I hope you had a better day today than yesterday. Abi would LOVE to have Elliot over to play sometime, so just give a shout sometime and I can gladly pick him up. I'm off work until July 5. Take care, Kerri