June 15, 2010

Little Mexico

I was really really excited to go out to eat at Little Mexico and even more excited to go out with Matt, alone, no kids!  I hadn't been to Little Mexico before the fire and remodel so I didn't know what to expect, although I still had a picture in my head of the last building.

While waiting at the light across the street prior to parking Matt and I commented on how half of the building is very obviously brand new and spanish looking, while the other half is old and swedish style.  Odd, but whatever.

We parked and walked in and were thouroughly disappointed.  We were brought into a big room with LOTS of tables and chairs, very little to no atmosphere like the previous building had.  There were paintings on the walls which were good, but didn't do muich for me.  It felt more like we were eating at a McDonalds than Little Mexico. 

It had been so long since we were there that we forgot what it was that we really really liked from there, so we ordered "blind".  I got #18, a combination plate with an enchilada, tamale, and chimi, along with the standard beans and rice.  The food in general was good, but I've definately had better.  I didn't leave thinking about when the next time I would go back would be as I had done in the past. 

The chips and salsa were so-so, I remember the chips being warm before, but this time they weren't. 

All in all, I don't need to go back, there are many places closer and easier to get to that I enjoy more.  Disappointing because I remember LOVING going there, but I'll move on!

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