June 10, 2010


WOW.  Yesterday was just the beginning.  Today my scalp started to feel tender and sure enough, clumps of hair were coming out.  Now, realize that I had to pull these clumps out, but anytime I grabbed a few pieces (hard b/c it was so short) and pulled they all came out.  I did this multiple times on the way home from the baseball game this evening adn when I got home I realized how dumb and spotty I looked.  So, I tried rubbing it to see if it would come out better.  Nope.  Next was a comb.  That didn't work either.  Next came the clippers, Matt shaved my head again.  But that just made the long ones shorter and the spots were still there.  Then I got in the shower and rubbed it with a washcloth.  Nothing.  It only seems to come out when it's pulled and now that it's so short I can't pull it very well.  I just put a bandana on so as not to scare visitors (that's you Laurie) and realized as I was tying it that it kind of hurt to have on.  My scalp actually hurts.  Very wierd.  I'm praying that it all just comes out soon and this part is over.  I'm not grieving over lost hair anymore, what I had was doing me no good anyway, I just want it GONE.

Now, when the eyebrows fall out, then I may grieve a bit more.  But until then, I'm good.  Nothing to complain about. 

I saw Dr Dodde today and got a little fill up.  I'm starting to see progress, but feel like there's a LONG way to go until I'm content (were not talking out of control here, just something natural).

I also started physical therapy today for my arm.  Wow, didn't realize I would hurt so bad afterwards.  It's not a terrible pain, it's just that I can tell I worked that muscle, along with the other muscles that are being stretched it's just a lot of upper body muscle pain!  Oh well, nothing a few pain pills won't help tonight.

Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the one who makes me who I am. 
Philippians 4:13


Marlene MacPherson said...

Hi. Wow what an inspiration blog I love your positive attitude. I am a stage three breast cancer survivor and a mother and remember just over a year ago when my hair came out. Out of treatment I have launched a new cooking show Marlene's Meal Makeovers and I would really appreciate any feedback that you may have my website is www.marlenesmealmakeovers.com and my blog is marlenemacpherson.blogspot.com. Best health to you and keep fighting like a girl!

Anonymous said...

Lynette~ No need to cover, girl. I think you're beautiful, and you can't scare me. I've had enough friends (and a student, unfortunately) with cancer. Thank you so much for having Toby. We told him that next time the Bells need at least a day notice. ;) Toby had a thank you for Matt. I hope he got it last night. Laurie