June 23, 2010


I never knew what BMX was, until this week.  Not the bike either. 

Sunday night it started and then Monday it got worse and by Tuesday it was unbearable.  Canker sores on the tip of my tongue.  Seriously.  Lot's of them.  I couldn't eat very well (except ice cream and popsicles), I drank more ice water on Monday than I have drank in my entire life I think. 

Tuesday I went in for my weekly blood draw and they weren't able to get anything from my arm, so instead of letting them use my hand (b/c that hurts) I went back for a port draw in the afternoon after applying Emla cream.  Which also meant I got to see my nurse (didn't realize that the nurses and not the lab had to do the port draw, until I went back).  Lucky for me because she was able to look at my mouth and prescribe some BMX mouthwash.  Basically it's  nasty, thick pink stuff that numbs my tongue that I can "swish" every hour.  I put swish in quotes because it's so thick that swishing is nearly impossible because of how thick it is.  But it does a FABULOUS job of numbing my sores, so I'll take it!

Other than that everything is going great!  We have a super busy week this week.  Elliot has swimming lessons in the afternoon and Elliot, Bailey and I have VBS every night, Landon has 2 baseball games  this week and he's helping with VBS the other nights.  Elliot is going to be one very tired little boy by Friday, but he's having a GREAT time doing it all!

I am happy to report that I have NO appointments today!  NONE!  Prior to cancer I never realized how excited I would be for an appointment free day!  They are rare, but I will enjoy them when they come!


Beck said...

I know I speak for lots of readers when I tell you how inspiring and encouraging it is to hear about all the hurdles you're clearing so gracefully. I hope the sores are better SOON and that you have a great week with the kids and all those activities!

Sluiter Nation said...

I love how you find something joyful to put at the end of every post. you are truly amazing!

Anonymous said...

UGH. The mouth sores are bad news. I am glad you got the rinse, and I will be praying that they subside soon. You sound great, Lynette. You continue to inspire! Wow.

MandaKay said...

Glad the nurse gave you something for the sores (albeit nasty stuff), and I pray they subside soon!

Anonymous said...

You are such a trooper! Glad to hear you're taking each day as it comes and making the best of a tough situation. You're past several blogs are so cute, funny, sweet, inspiring, and "real". We're praying for you sweetheart and hope you keep drawing on God's strength to overcome those hurdles one by one. Hugs, Karen Turner

Anonymous said...

Lynette, missed you at the game last night (I cheered loud for Landon!), but I knew you were busy at VBS. Hope you can make it on Saturday. Keep smilin' and "swishin'".

Laurie :)