June 2, 2010

2 down 14 to go

2 treatments down, now we only have 14 to go.  Good grief that sounds like a LOT.  But so far, so good.  I am maybe just a little queasy, but it hasn't stopped me from eating.  I did get a nap today which was so nice.  I am super tired again and will probably head to bed soon, but if tired is the worst of it, that's ok, I'll take it and deal with it with a smile on my face!  I actually slept last night as well, broken sleep but for the most part didn't have a problem falling back to sleep once I was awake!  Praise HIM!

I have another appointment with Dr Dodde tomorrow, I'm hoping to get a little fill up, just to see a little change would be fantastic!

Just wanted to update you all quickly, I'm sure I'll be back with more in a few hours (think 2am). 

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Anonymous said...

Hello and God bless you for your strength, honesty, candor, and geniune reliance on God. I have so wanted to offer my help in some small (or big) way since I first learned of your battle, yet I am oblivious as to what I can offer. I love children, so I would be more than willing to help give you a rest or break if you would ever entertain the idea. Plus, I am a cleanaholic if you ever need help in that area. I'd do just about anything you'd ask. I just want to HELP in any way... I just know that I want you to be able to be strong, positive, and well-rested to FIGHT this cancer and to come out on TOP with God's help! Love, Karen Turner