July 3, 2008

Updates - House and other

A few pics of our house update... only a few though!

First of all, I don't have a picture that I can share, but the black trim looks AWSOME! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
This is the color of the kitchen/laundry room/bathroom cabinets that sit in our garage right now... it's called "Cherry Bordeux" and we LOVE it!
This is the color of the bamboo laminate that will go in the front living room, kitchen/entryway hallway/dining room, hallway and office! We love it too!
This is the paint that will hopefully get on the walls this weekend (aka Friday)! There is orange, green, a BIG bucket of tan, blue, whirlpool blue and light blue! We like COLOR! I still need to pick a color for the office/spare room and Elliot's room!
The green samples I purchased (I LOVE that Lowes has $4 can's of paint that you can buy and test out b/c as you can see I don't made color decisions easily! We are going with the one on the far right, the first one that I tested!

Other updates... E is talking in sentances as of today! Like 3-4 word's at a time, consistently! It's crazy! We spent about an hour on the trampoline together just the two of us this evening and had so much fun! Up-Mommy-Peeeese...Bounce! ~or~ Rosy... Rosy... DOWN! (Translation would be... Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies, ashes ashes we all fall DOWN)!

And, another one for E... he is sleeping in a BIG bed... sometimes! We put Bailey's old toddler bed in his room and he wants to sleep in it for naps mostly, he still likes his crib for bedtime! We figure with both kids getting new beds for thier new rooms we will just put the bunk beds in his room right away so we don't have to store them and the mattresses anywhere, we will put his crib in thier too until he is ready for big beds all the time... I'm in NO hurry though, no crib means no more baby!


Beck said...

Wow, things are really coming together! Have you set a move in date?

I like the greens...

Sarah said...

Yay for E! He does seem to have grown/changed a lot since summer started. You can actually see the black trim in the picture with paint cans. (I could tell in person that it looked great!!!!!) I'm super impressed with how much you two have done all YOURSELVES!!!!!!