July 16, 2008

All Stars and Estates

I can breath easier and I know that sounds very cliche but I can't tell you how true it really is... I've had papers for finalizing my grandfathers estate staring me in the face for days, accounting stuff that I had to balance, but could not for the life of me figure out how in the world to do that... Slowly I was getting it, but after a quick conversation with the lawer today I got it finished, the papers are folded up and ready to be mailed! And then I'm ALMOST done, there are still some estate/house taxes that need to be paid, but for the most part the difficult part is done! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a baseball game tonight, Mary watched the two younger kids for me thankfully, it was an away game and you just don't know what the fields are going to look like... we were right on a road so it would have been a bit much with little E. I was under the false impression that if we lost a game we were done, mid game I found out that that wasn't the case, in reality if you lose a game you play a lot MORE games! We lost. 2-14. Now we get to have another game on Friday! I feel bad though, I've been a BIT negative on this whole experience, and I think I've taken it to far and am making Lanodn feel bad, so I'm trying to be more positive. We got out of there just in time (the game was in GR), the storm rolled in as we were leaving, there is no way the following game even got an inning in. On the way home I was going only 35mph on the highway, and I wasn't alone in that either. I was about to pull off and visit McDonalds (my favorite... read with MUCH sarcasm) to wait out the rain b/c it was SOOOO terrible, but just before I got to the exit it let up, a little at least... so we continued on and made it home safely!

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krissy said...

Love the house stuff. It looks great. Glad you guys got outta there before the storm. That thing came on fast & furious. Happy you made it home safely.