July 18, 2008


That's the number of pictures that are in this post... an INSANE number! We had a super busy day... last night Landon had two friends spend the night and Bailey spent the night at her friend Riley's house (they got to see a High School Musical Play and go out for dinner and dessert, lucky little girls). The boys didn't go to bed until after 2am and I hear the girls fell asleep reading books around midnight, so we had a few tired kids today, but that didn't slow down the action at all. I picked up Bailey & Riley this morning, we were going to go to the beach or swimming or something, but it was sprinkling this morning and didn't look all that nice out so we decided to stay home (not to mention the fact that I thought there was going to be a baseball game tonight, but I guess I should have known better and assumed that is was going to be delayed until tomorow... that's another story for another day). We had water fights and did obstacle courses and just played in the water, the kids all had a great time adn I had a great time snapping some GREAT pictures (if I do say so myself). I caught some GREAT expressions on thier faces... those are following, but first...
My favorite ALL STAR...
More House colors...
Looking from front living room (lime green) into the dining room (orange)
The family room, three of the walls are tan/cream, the fireplace will be tiled and the top of it will have our tv adn will be painted blue
The office
Our bedroom (picture black furniture, silver bedspread), it's a super light blue, almost white
ETA:***Oops... I was looking at this closer and I think this is actually the laundry room/half bath, the blue is SOOO not accurate, it's more of a turquoise/spa type blue... does that make sense?***
Water fight pictures... Dimitri had the BEST expressions and he wanted to be sprayed with the hose...

Elliot slept through most of the fun, but as soon as he woke up he was like a magnet to the water and the girls couldn't help themselves and had to style his hair
The girls filled up a tub with warm water (which I noticed later came from many many dripping wet trips to my kitchen sink... oh well they had fun doing it)

The Obstacle Course
The boys team
The girl team
The second time around we made it a bit harder and had the kids lock arms/hold hands for half of the race
First obstacle: Shoot one basket
Second Obstacle: Dunk head in tub of water
(the girls were still shooting after the boys dunked heads)
Third obstacle: (not pictured) bounce ball on tennis racket ten times w/o dropping it
Fourth obstacle: go down the slide (oops, Bailey had a little fall)
Fifth obstacle: run around the chairs three times
Sixth obstacle: get all four beanbags in the hole, one shot at a time, all taking turns and throwing
Seventh obstacle: hit croquet ball (taking turns hitting the ball with all people on your team) through three "pins"
First person through all three "pins" is the WINNER! (I love Landon's expression here)


Sarah said...

How fun!!! That was worth missing the beach and pool for!

Anonymous said...

What a great Mom. I want to play over at your house sometime :D

Beck said...

What a fun day! Kids must love being at your house! And what exciting house progress.

My favorite picture is the second of Dimitri. Perfect capture.

Missy said...

Wow! You are very creative! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

Ange said...

The obstacle course is such a cool idea!