March 13, 2009


I just made this salad for lunch... Asian Noodle Salad (from Pioneer Womans blog again) and boy oh boy, was it DELICIOUS!!! Lot's of chopping, but sooooo worth it! We'll probably have it for a quick dinner tonight too. I think the boys are headed to the Zeeland basketball game, I can only hope they take E along too and then I would be all alone! (What's that like I wonder?). B is staying the night at a friends house!

Tomorow is the St Patricks day parade downtown Holland that, as long as it's decent out, we will be checking out (never anything to special, but still fun). Then at night we are going to see a comedian, Jeff Alan, at our church. Sounds like it's going to be super busy, but should be a good time.

Another pretty uneventful weekend, but hey, I'm not complaining! Uneventful is what I do best these days!

The restless leg stuff has gotten much much worse in the past few days, I find myself constantly flexing my muscles to bring a bit of relief, which in turn causes cramps. It's a vicous cycle. The last few days I've had a can of pop (caffinated), so I'm trying to do without (not that it's hard really, I've all but cut caffine out of my diet) to see if that brings any relief. It really is enough to drive a person absolutely CRAZY, certifiably CRAZY. Only 51 days and 18 hours...

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Beck said...

Have you tried iron supplements? I had a rough time with RLS with both pregnancies, and iron caplets helped a lot. And yes, it went away completely after giving birth!