March 20, 2009

More Pictures...

Landon finished one of his projects for school yesterday with a Wax Museum/Theatre. He was a nervous wreck the night before, right on through 5:30 when it was done, but he did a great job and as far as I could tell didn't miss any lines! The costume... oh that was fun! We sewed coffee filters on a white t-shirt, black football pants, black baseball socks and black shoes. To bad about the hair not being accurate, but whatever! (He was the person that wrote the Star Spangled Banner)
Matt is still coming home for lunch much of the time and Elliot still loves it as much as he has for the past 2 years! (So do I, it breaks up my day a little) Yesterday he was a bit more cuddly than normal with Matt... so sweet
You don't even know how this makes me cringe! NO ONE can touch my belly button, it is disgusting to me, the thought disgusts me and Elliot thinks it's so funny that I think it's sooooo gross!

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