March 18, 2009

New Date

I don't want to get my hopes up to much, but I did get a new date for a c-section today! April 21, I believe that is only 34 days away. I have to have an amnio the day before that to check for lung development (which is why I'm hesitant to get my hopes up), the last time I had an amnio was with Landon and his first one came back that his lungs weren't ready yet and we had to wait another week and another amnio. I'm crossing my fingers and saying prayers that Little Girl is as ready to come out as I am to have her out!!! As slow as this seems to go at times, it's starting to feel like it it's coming to an end quickly. I still have a few things to get. Necessary things. I would love to get a new pump if at all possible (my SIL's insurance covered hers, so now I'm wondering if mine would cover one??, one can hope), I need to get a swing and a bathtub, wash some clothes and bottles, but really I could make do as I am right now if I had to!

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Beck said...

Wow! That's coming up so quickly! Why did they change the date? I hope everything's okay? My insurance paid for my pump... I hope yours does, too!