March 27, 2009

Believe it or not I do have 3 (almost 4) children, I know it doesn't always show on here by the pictures, but they are still here, just gone a lot... school, friends, sports, everything!

So, with that intro, I have another picture of E! He got new sunglasses today, with basketballs on them!
Obviously he thinks they are very very cool!

We have also been working on going potty today! He stayed dry all morning, and again after nap time. He doesn't exactly tell me when he has to go though, which kind of defeats the purpose, I can't put him on the potty all the time (at the right time at least). Oh well, we are making just enough progress, and I know that in 3-4 weeks we will take a major leap backwards and this will all have been a waste! Whatever!

Off to find some Tums for this unbearable, ever present heart burn, just in case you wanted to know! Have a great weekend!

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Tara Follett said...

Have you tried Prevacid? I got it from my doctor and it is the MIRACLE drug! I only have to take one and it lasts a couple days.