March 10, 2009


Yesterday we took a very last minute, unplanned trip to the Frederick Meijer Gardens to see the butteflies! The kids were off from school and it just worked out! We all had a great time, there were a ton of butterflies to see, some got a bit friendly with me which I wasn't to fond of, but other than that it was fun!
We even got to go outside to the childrens garden for a little while...

Landon has been an amazing big brother lately... ok, he always has been, but he's been extra helpful lately! Bailey has actually taken a lot more interest in her brother now that he is older and can play too, she really didn't care all that much when he was little! I'm so blessed!

Cheesy little grin!
Look at that face, isn't it cute??

Doing some kind of dance... not sure what that was all about!

And a conversation I'm having with Elliot right now... at 9:30 in the morning!
E: Mom, I want cake.
Me: We don't have cake Elliot.
E: Oh. What kind of cake?
Me: We don't have cake.
E: What kind of cake?
What is he talking about???
Me: We don't have cake Elliot.
E: Show me?
I give up... I can't show you something we don't have child...
and this is a typical conversation that we have multiple times in a day!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Maybe he meant the pretend cake from our house???? He was obsessed with that thing.

Great pictures- what a fun way to spend the day off of school!