March 8, 2009


Yesterday I was able to spend a full day with just Matt, with no kids, thanks to Sarah! It started Friday kind of, Bailey went to a birthday party for the night, Landon went to Sarah's and I kept Elliot home b/c he's a little stinker and still up a few times in the night and it drives me nuts, didn't want to drive her nuts. Sure enough, he was up 2 or three times, one of which he wanted nothing more than to tell me he had a loose tooth, or had lost a tooth, can't remember I was soooo annoyed. Pretty sure we have another sleep talker!

Saturday morning bright and early I dropped him off and off we went! We headed to Detroit to go to Ikea to get a few necessities for the baby, like a dresser, and as always ended up with more than we went for. I have to say that I have NEVER had a less enjoyable ikea trip. It was busier than I've ever seen an ikea, we felt like we were walking with the herds, always had to keep walking, weren't really able to look at anything. But that probably saved us quite a bit of money too! I did find a ceiling light that I love for the baby's room. It goes perfectly with the colors that we have in the blanket and makes them look way more girlie! I did enjoy being there with my husband, just didn't enjoy the crowds!

While at Ikea I was perplexed by the return of frosted denim... I saw two girls wearing it, one of which looked like she was quite a trendy dresser in all other aspects besides the jeans.

I have to say that walking through Ikea for hours was probably not a great choice, by the end while Matt was picking up the furniture I found a bed and just sat and waited, it was a bit painful!

After Ikea we headed home, stopping for dinner on the way. All in all, it wasn't an exciting way to spend time away from the kids, but it was time away w/o resposibility or whining or nagging.

After we got home, Matt was ambitious enough to put together the baby's dresser and bookshelves for both kids. I went to bed. On one of my trips to the bathroom in the night though I peeked in the nursery and was very pleased with what I saw. Not only did the dresser get put together, but the crib did too, the rug is down, the clothes are put away and the light is temporarily hung (found out it's supposed to wire into the ceiling, which we aren't going to do, so that will have to be fixed). It definately makes things way more real, we really are going to have a baby... and soon! I will have to post pictures soon, when the lighting is better I will!

We picked up the kids this morning, happy to say there were no visible injuries this time (Ha Ha Ha), and they had a great time! Thanks so much Sarah for taking them for the day, I'm so glad you could pretend to have 6 kids for a day! (Crazy you)!

ETA: Couldn't find it earlier, but I just did... this is the lampshade that we purchased for the baby's room...


S Huiz said...

Just wait until I get to pretend that I have SEVEN kids!!! WooHoo!

Sarah said...

LOVE the lampshade- wow! Couldn't have found a better match!